Poison Ivy

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Days have flown by since Ivy’s greenhouse was burnt to the ground. I can tell she is grieving by the way she acts and speaks. The bright green glow in her eyes have seemed to fade out, dark bags forming under her puffy eyes. I can’t take seeing her like this! She’s so full of LIFE! I think to myself. Making up my mind quickly on what I should to to help Ivy, I turn towards Rainbow Gardens instead of Ivy’s trailer. When I get there I quickly shuffle in, grabbing one of each of every single flower and plant I can possible. I purchase them and dash out towards my car.

When I make my way into the driveway I get out picking up all of the seed packets. I rush past the porch and make my way into the greenhouse. I cough as I peer around the greenhouse, the fire burnt up all of the plants. Which is unfortunate and sad, but also gives me more to work with. I kneel down getting ready to put the packets on the ground, when I hear Ivy open the greenhouse door. She lets it slam behind her hard before she speaks.

“What are you doing in here?” She asks me, eyeing the seed packets.

I stand taking her in, she is still wearing her bathrobe and slippers. Yet still you manage to look absolutely beautiful, even if you look a little rough. I smile at the thought as I step closer towards her I grab her hands, ushering her towards the packets. “Ivy, I know that you are upset about what happened, and you have every right to be. I want you to remember though Ivy, and please believe me when I say this.” I grab a couple of packets and rip them open, pouring into her palm. “You and I both know that whoever did this, doesn’t know who you are and what you can do.”
Closing her hand in my palm, I lock eyes with her as serious as I can. “You know what you can do!”

She closes her eyes for a long moment, and a tear falls down her cheek. She takes a long, and deep breath. She shudders slightly as she as she exhales, and a bleak smile spreads across her lips. “Your, absolutely right, they don’t know.” and with that she whips her hands into the air, twisting and jerking her wrist as she does, all of the flowers and plants rise from the ground growing. When she’s done she turns towards me, looking me in the eyes. “Thank you, you always know what to do!” She holds her hand out palm up for more seeds.

My head jerks up and laughter escapes my mouth. “Good, because you were starting to scare me a bit.” I say handing her more seed packets.

For the remainder of the day we finish planting more flowers and plants together. When finished we stand side by side in the door frame taking in our handy work. “Not half bad!” I say as a smile spreads across my lips. “It’s a lot quicker when you have mother nature on our side.” With that comment I hear Ivy chortle.

“Yeah, lucky for you!” She says, laughter playing on her lips as she elbows me in the side.

I wrap my arm around her side and bring her in closely, we stand there for a good while just taking in the beauty of creation itself. “Oh I almost forgot!” I say turning and running for my car. I open my trunk and grab out some brushes and a few cans of paint, a bright slime green. “Can’t have a greenhouse without a fresh coat of paint!” I say gesturing at the fire smoldered greenhouse frame.

A twinkle sparked in Ivy’s eyes, and I knew right then and there that I had brought her back to me. “Shall we?” I say holding the paintbrushes out towards Ivy, she grabs the paint brush reluctantly. We both quickly get to work, painting the greenhouse with good time. I hear Ivy beginning to hum a queer tune, one I have never heard before. I stop and turn to look at her, she is enveloped in her work, humming away and a root is out of the ground beneath her holding a paint brush stroking away. “Hey now that’s so not fair!” I say stifling a giggle.

She jumps when she realizes what she is doing. “Sorry, it’s a force of habit. Almost like a second nature. I am still learning on how to control it.” When she finishes she stares at her feet uncomfortably, as she reaches for the paintbrush from the root.

“No, you are fine. I just found it funny.” With that she smiles and drops her hand from the brush and continues with her work. “What were you humming just now?”

She raises her head in thought. “Actually to be quite honest with you, I have no idea. I heard it in a dream and its stuck with me since.”

“Crazy how that works huh? With our minds?” I say as I begin painting once more.

As we are coming to a finish with the greenhouse I feel a cold wet wipe go up my back. Cringing as I realize what is happening, I peak around the corner of the greenhouse towards Ivy. She is snickering, and a devilish grin spreads across her face.

“Oh I know you, didn’t just do that!” I say eyeing her suspiciously.

“Do what? This?” she says as I turn around to a tree branch reaching out, It wipes the bright green wet paint across my belly. I turn slowly towards Ivy, readying my feet for take off. “Oh you little shit get back here! That’s not fair, I don’t have supernatural woman powers!” I bolt after her as fast as my feet can carry me, both of us erupting into giggles. When I finally close in on Ivy I think I have her cornered. I leap forward painting her butt, as she flies up into the air onto a branch. “Okay now that’s just cheating!” With that she erupts into giggles and lands gently behind me.

“Okay fine no powers I promise.” She says with her hands behind her back, She leaps forward with the paintbrush in hand and we both lose ourselves in a paint war. When we finally come back down to earth, we lay on our backs next to her greenhouse. Staring up at the clouds.

“Thank you, Kelly, I mean it. You brought me back from a very dark place.” She says as she lays her green paint filled head on my chest.

“That’s what I am here for.” I say as I pull her into me kissing her forehead. We lay there like that for a long time before cleaning up and calling it a day.

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