Poison Ivy

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Looking for Trouble


The last couple of weeks since Ivy and I fixed her greenhouse, she has acted like a totally different person. She is always smiling, and humming that song, constantly obsessing over perfecting not just her greenhouse plants. She managed to cover her entire front lawn in big oak trees, which almost perfectly hides her home. You wouldn’t even know anyone even lived here, unless you can spot her driveway which is completely covered in carefully grown moss. I left work early today just to surprise Ivy, try to get her out of the house. When I pull up to the house my eyes widen in shock at the sight. Ivy is sitting on her roof dancing with the branches of one of the big oaks. I watch her for a minute, taking in her beauty and elegance as she dips, bows and spins around in the old oaks arms. How did I ever get this lucky? I say thinking to myself as a smile plays on the corners of my lips.

“You’ve never danced like that with me before!” I say teasingly.

I must have caught her off guard because she jumped startled and lost her balance, slipping off the edge of the trailer roof. My scream quickly matched hers as she began to plummet towards the ground. Her scream quickly turning into fits of giggles as the oak sweeps her up into its branches and gently sets her on the ground in front of me.

“Ivy, every time you do something like that, it scares the life out of me!” I say clutching my chest still trying to calm my heart.

“Sorry love, If you let me I will make it up to you!” She says tracing my jawline with her fingertip. “Why don’t you take me out dancing.” She says her green eyes, drawing me in taunting me even.

“Only if you dance like that.” I say pointing to the roof. “Just not on any rooftops okay?” I say with a chuckle.

“Okay deal!” Ivy says as she sprints for her trailer.

“Hey wait for me! I have to work a lot harder to look halfway decent!” I manage to get out before she opens her trailer door.

“Well then you better hurry up!” She says as she disappears into her trailer ahead of me.

I chase after her, both of us erupting into giggles as we make our way inside to get ready.

By the time I am finally ready, I take one last glance in the mirror. I brush through my hair once more, spraying my curls with some hairspray to keep them in place. Satisfied, I head down the hallway towards Ivy. I stop in my tracks once I enter the kitchen and stopping abruptly. Ivy is standing in the living room, gently swaying back and forth admiring her sundress. It is green and wispy, put together with Ivy vines and leaves. She looks completely serene, completely oblivious that I am watching her.

“Is that dress new?” I say breaking the silence.

Her head jerks up at my comment and she smiles gently, her cheeks turning slightly red. “Yeah do you like it?” she asks.

“Yes of course!” I proclaim.

“Good, my plants helped me make it, just now.” She says, spinning around. As she spins the leaves accent her body, perfectly as she sways her hips.

“How could I not you look absolutely gorgeous!” I say watching her intently.

“Thank you, my plants just made it for me.” She pauses taking in my outfit. “You don’t look too bad yourself!” she says as she walks towards me. She leans in and giving me a loving kiss.

“I certainly try!” I say with a giggle. “Are you ready then?”

“Where have you been? I’ve been ready!” She says teasingly.

“Okay! Let’s go then.” I say putting my hands up, I usher her towards the door. “After you my dancing queen.” With that her head jerks back and laughter erupts from her as she walks out with me to my car.

We make our way into San Antonio, looking for a good spot to go dancing. As we near the bar, ‘Howl at the Moon’ Ivy stops me.

“Let’s go there!” She points and waves me to pull into the parking lot.

“Here, are you sure? Isn’t that where Bane and the Jackson brothers hang out?” I ask my voice wavering.

“Yes, but they won’t do anything to us in public.” As she finished speaking chills run up my spine.

Ivy, What are you doing? Not in public? What would they do if we aren’t in public. I think to myself, the thought sending me into heart palpitations.

“Alright then, if you say so.” I say ignoring the gut feeling in the pit of my stomach. I take the keys out of the ignition and place them in my purse. We step out and make our way into the bar. Every single head turns as we enter the bar, a few in particular I noticed, making me swallow my fear hard. Bane and his boys were in the corner of the room burning holes into my skull. Ivy didn’t seem to notice and if she did she had a really good way of hiding it.

“Ivy, you know they are here watching us, right?” I say as we take a seat at the bar.

“Yeah I know, let them stare!” She says matter of factly.

“Okay.” I say trying to ignore the growing pain in my stomach. ” Can I get a bud light, and a-.” I turn towards Ivy.

“Just a water.” Ivy says finishing my sentence.

“Okay, I don’t want any funny business out of you two.” the bartender says as he peers over the bar at us disapprovingly to both of us.

“Yes sir, bartender sir!” Ivy says mockingly, with a salute.

He shakes his head as he turns away from us to pour Ivy’s water. When he comes back to us he hands me my bud light, and Ivy her water.

We sit there for a bit chatting amongst ourselves, then after a bit Ivy gets up to go play some music on the jukebox. I hear the jukebox kick on and the first song that starts playing is Evil Woman by the Troggs. I glanced over at bane, I could tell by how red his face was that he could explode at any moment. Is this what you wanted Ivy? To toy with them? I think to myself, as I try my best to hold in a giggle as Ivy comes dancing over to me, pulling me out we begin to dance and sway to the music. When the song ends another begins, When a woman is around, by unloved. We began to intertwine, our bodies moving to and fro in time to the music.

“You have some really great taste in music!” I yell a little to hard over the jukebox, I can feel everyone’s eyes on me.

Ivy notices the stares. “Thanks that’s why everyone keeps staring! They don’t know what good music really is!” She laughs loudly and cold.

What are you up to ivy? I think to myself trying to shake the thought from my head. “Okay, if you say so.” I say with a breathing heavily.

We keep dancing ignoring the stares, and the song Goodbye Earl by the Dixie Chicks started playing. I noticed out of the corner of my eye Bane and The Jackson brothers slam their beers down, I could hear them as they left the bar. Not thinking of it, I tried to ignore it. However when my eyes make eye contact with Ivy I knew right then and there something was wrong. She was just standing there, almost as if in a trance. Not saying anything, and her eyes were darting back and forth like she was watching something only she could see.

“Ivy, are you okay?” I say snapping my fingers in front of her face, to no avail. I grab her by her shoulders and give her a good shake. “Ivy! Snap out of it!”

Her head jerks back and she finally starts blinking, the cloudiness in her eyes clearing. “Oh sorry, listen I have to go do something, you need to go home right now. I will be home later. I’ll explain more later just please go home.” She says worry in her eyes, she hands me my purse.” GO!” she commands. I take my purse from her reluctantly, and she spins towards the door in the direction Bane and the Jackson brothers had just exited.

“Ivy wait!” I yelled but she was already gone by the time I reached the door. I hesitated getting into my car, looking to see if she would come back. I wearily made my way back to her trailer house. Pacing back and forth on her porch, waiting for her.

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