Poison Ivy

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Super Hero


Evil Woman by the Troggs comes on the jukebox and I stifle a giggle, as I watch Bane and the Jackson brothers in amusement. They seem to be disgruntled by not only our appearance but also my choice of music. Banes face is as red as a tomato, and I cannot help but stare in amusement, giggling, as they shift in their seats uncomfortably. I can feel Kelly’s eyes on me and from the look on her face she doesn’t seem to sure of my behavior. Almost as if she can sense me catching her gaze she breaks the silence.

“You have some really great taste in music!” She leans in trying to talk over the music.

I scan the crowd. “Thanks that’s why everyone keeps staring! They don’t know what good music really is!” and with that I laugh loud, and cold.

She stares at me for a while, eyeing me. “Okay if you say so!” she says with a roll of her eye.

We continue dancing and the song Goodbye Earl by the Dixie Chicks. I watch Bane, Mike, Tom and Reese as they become increasingly irritated. A wicked smile comes across my face as they all slam their beers down, as they all storm out of the bar. My amusement quickly shifts to horror as a trance like state takes a hold of my body.

I am alone everything is completely pitch black. I focus letting my mind open to my forces of nature as they take hold. As my mind relaxes a blurred image in my mind begins to appear. I smell him before I hear him, and when he speaks I know exactly who I am seeing.

“Ain’t you a pretty little thing? You wanna party?” Bane says with a twisted sneer.

The woman stumbles back, terror is written all over her entire face. She opens her mouth to let out a scream but Bane is to quick. He grabs her by her long red hair, and forces a cloth over her mouth as he wraps his arm around her head. She struggles for a few minutes but then her eyes roll back, her body going limp in Bane’s arms. He signals for the Jackson’s and they drive their truck towards Bane.

“Ivy, snap out of it!” My head jerks back at her words, as she breaks me from my trance.

“Oh sorry, listen I have to go do something, you need to go home right now. I will be home later. I’ll explain more later just please go home.” I grab her purse and hand it to her. Trying not to show her any emotion, raising my voice a bit. “GO!” Spinning her around I push her towards the exit, and I follow quickly off in the direction I saw them.

“Ivy, wait.” I hear Kelly yell but she is too late I am gone before she can even reach me. I don’t have any time to waste and I make good time. As I vault over a fence I come down elegantly with a roll I pop up onto my feet. I let out a fearless battle cry as I make myself known to them all. All of their heads jerk up. Bane is trying to hoist the woman’s body up into the back of the truck.

“Oh fuck!” I hear mike scream, as he makes eye contact with Reese who is in the driver seat.

“Ditch the bitch, Bane, we gotta get out of here man.” Reese yells fear filling his voice.

“Awe come on now don’t you want to party?” I say mockingly, as I begin to close the distance between Bane and myself.

Irritated he whips the woman through the air effortlessly at my body, and jumps quickly into the tailgate of the truck. I whip my arms out instinctively and catch the poor woman in mid air with a nearby elm tree root, I lay her down gently to the ground. Bane smiles sadistically waving as he flips his hand around giving me the bird.

“See you later you fucking freak!” He yells, his voice booming and reverberating off from the buildings.

“Not if I see you first!” I yell back at him, instantly killing his smile.

“Now what will I do with you?” I say eyeing the poor woman on the ground. I pick her up flipping her over my shoulder. I begin running and flipping my way home through the tree tops, towards my trailer.

I can see Kelly pacing back and forth on my porch waiting for me. When I land with a thud behind her she jumps, but when she turns around and see’s the woman in my arms she lets out a gasp.

“Oh my god Ivy, What the hell happened.” She says opening my front door.

“Bane and the Jackson brothers happened, is what!” I explain, as I lay the woman down on the couch.

“They did this?” She asks her eyes wide in horror.

“They sure did and with recent events, I’d say this isn’t the first time. I’ve had my suspicions that they could have been behind the recent attacks. Tonight just cements that theory.” I proclaim.

Kelly walks into the kitchen grabbing a rag and a bowl of water. She doesn’t say anything for a long while, as she dabs the rag across the woman’s face. Finally after a long while she speaks. “Ivy if not for you this woman could have been seriously hurt, or worse!” She says with a sob shaking her head.

“Well when she wakes up she is probably going to be confused and very, very frightened.” I say, gesturing towards her. “Let me handle things when she wakes up.” When I finish Kelly nods in agreement, and we wait.

When the woman finally begins to stir, she jumps as her brain begins to register. Almost as if remembering she was in danger. As she slowly opens her eyes her body begins to relax as her brain registered that she was safe.

“It’s okay, your safe now. My friend and I here saw the creeps assaulting you. We frightened them away and brought you here to my home to make sure you were safe.”

“Oh thank you, thank you so much. I thought I was a goner. My name is Emma, how can I ever repay you?” she asks as she sits up she catches her head.

“No need to repay us, we are just glad we were there when we were. Would you like some tea for your head, Emma?” I ask politely.

“Yes, I would like that very much please. My head is killing me.” She exclaims still holding her head.

I spin on my heels and head to the kitchen. When I come back I hand her the tea and she takes it reluctantly.

As she slowly sips her tea, we wait patiently. The more Emma drinks the more she seems to perk up. When she finishes, you can see her clouded eyes finally clear up.

“Wow I don’t know what you put in that tea but it really helped.” She exclaimed.

“It’s definitely my specialty. So where can we take you Emma?” I ask curiously.

“Back to my car would be nice?” She asks, restlessly.

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