Poison Ivy

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Poison Ivy


Ever since the other day I have been on edge, every little sound in the wind, or snap of a twig outside has had me on guard. I have been waiting for them, watching for any signs that Bane and his little band of followers might try to ambush us at any moment. I am sitting Indian style on the kitchen counter, meditating, searching the surrounding area for anything that might pose as a threat. When I feel a soft palm on my leg, gently shaking me from my trance like state.

“Anything out of the ordinary today?” Kelly asks sweetly as she puts my kettle on.

“Nope, just a very confused and startled deer.” I say hopping off from the counter to the floor.

“Maybe they gave up, they know you are onto them now. You probably scared them into hiding.” She says as she pours a cup of chamomile tea for the both of us.

“Yeah but if I don’t keep vigilant, and catch them.” I pause staring down into my tea. “Then they will get away with it completely.” I say my lips pursed, my eyes narrowing in anger. And I cannot have that! I think to myself angrily. I finish my tea quickly and to put my cup down in the sink, taking a quick glance at my hand. It’s turning green, I jump startled dropping my cup sending it shattering into the sink.

“Ivy, oh my god are you okay?” Kelly shrieks as she runs towards me.

I instinctively put my hand behind my back. “Yeah I am fine, just a little jumpy today I guess. Don’t worry about me though, you need to get to work.” I say without hesitation.

She stares at me for a moment before setting her cup down on the counter, she turns to go down the hallway to get ready for work. I sigh as she walks away, pulling my hand out from behind me. It’s definitely not green, I shake the image from my head. Great now I am seeing things too? I think to myself. Gathering the pieces of shattered glass from my cup out of the sink I toss them into the garbage bin. By the time I am finished cleaning everything up, Kelly walks into the kitchen.

“How do I look?” She asks, as she spins around slowly admiring her new suite.

“On a professional level you will knock them dead!” I say.

“Good, I have a new client that I am seeing today and I want to make a good impression.” She says flipping her hair out, she grabs her keys and heads for the door.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” I ask her.

Her head jerks up, as she turns around quickly grabbing her purse. “Oh yeah I almost forgot! Thanks!” She says smiling from ear to ear. “Don’t worry I didn’t forget about you, love you babe!” She exclaims as she leans in to kiss me.

“Thanks, I love you too! Have a good day today and good luck!” I say to her, as we walk out the door together. I stand there watching her as she gets in her car and backs out of my driveway.

Once she is out of sight, I dive off from my porch and land easily on the nearest branch. From there I make my way to the top of the treetop. As I find my perch I lay back into the tree, thanking it for supporting my weight. My eyes become easily heavy, and I begin to drift away again once more.

“Show them to me!” I ask my beautiful children, as my mind begins to flip through the scenery making its way to Bane’s home. I can see them all through is kitchen window.

“I’m telling you man, that bitch is gonna talk.” Reese’s voice is full of fear.

Bane turns around his face is contorted so much I can barely recognize him. He turns and charges towards Reese. “And I am telling you she isn’t going to do shit!” He spits.

“Bane is right, Reese.” Mike says as he steps in between them. “If she was going to squeal we wouldn’t be having this conversation at all.”

“You’re right, we’d all be dead instead!” Tom says taking a drink of his beer.

Bane spins around at his comment. “What the fuck did you just say?” He arches his fist back and swings at Tom, knocking him back off his seat. “You afraid of that bitch, you scared?” He snarls as he walks around his kitchen Island, picking up Tom by his t-shirt. I can smell tom’s blood, thick and coppery as Bane uncontrollably bashes him with his fists. “I’ll give you something to be afraid of!”

By this point Reese and Mike make their way around the Island and try to pry Tom from Bane’s grip.

“C’mon Bane, he didn’t mean nothing by it. He was just referring to what happened to Jeff. How she killed him so effortlessly, in the blink of an eye.” Reese pleads, and Bane releases Tom. Who is now bloodied and badgered.

“Well that bitch doesn’t scare me, and we will have to see about that. Jeff was weak, If he would have listened when I told him to take care of that bitch, we wouldn’t be having this conversation at all!” Bane roars!

I gasp for air as I come back to my body, clutching my chest I free fall through the branches landing on my feet. The realization of what I just heard seeps out of me as I let out a sob I fall to my knees! “It was him all along, Bane told them to take care of me.” My sobs quickly turn to anger, as my sobs turn to screams of fury are released from by body. I look at my hands and I can see my hands are once again turning green but this time, foliage begins to grow, covering my body completely in vines and moss. As quickly as they appear even quicker do they seem to seep into my body, becoming one completely with me. I rise from the ground staggering to the bathroom, as I make my way to the mirror I watch in horror. My eyes are so bright they are glowing, and my veins are dark green.

“What the hell?” I ask as the room begins to spin. The last thing I remember before everything goes black, is my glowing eyes looking back at me.

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