Poison Ivy

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Glowing Vexation


I make my way downtown to meet with my new client, I look around as I pull up into the coffeehouse and bakery. Pulling into an open parking space, I park and step out of my car. I gather up my portfolio full of my different designs and pitches. I pause taking a deep breath, collecting all of my thoughts before I make my way inside. Come on Kelly you got this. I think to myself as I let out another deep breath and head towards the door.

When I make my way inside I scan the room looking for my client. A meek and timid looking fellow notices me, and raises his hand ushering for me to come forward. I approach him hesitantly. This is my new client? I think to myself shaking the thought from my head, as I take my seat. His entire demeanor is disheveled, I manage to force a smile out.

“Thank you for coming on such short notice.” He says crossing his hands, he begins to fidget with his thumbs.

“No, not at all. I’m sorry what did you say your name was? Forgive me I have so many clients sometimes it is hard to remember who is who.” I say as I begin to open my portfolio.

“No, that’s quite alright, the name is Dmitri, I saw your advertisement for freelance art and I called.” As he finished he smiled revealing his crooked and rotted teeth.

“Okay what is it that you would like done?” I ask trying not to seem snobby, as I avoid looking at his teeth.

“I have been wanting someone to make me a few statues to have out in my front yard.” He says nonchalantly, downing his cup of coffee. He gestures to the waitress and she fills his cup.

“Okay what kind of statues do you have in mind? I will also need money up front to buy materials.” I say taking a sip of my water.

He smiles again wickedly, as he takes a sip of his coffee. “I just want a few bucks to stand up in my yard is all, and the money won’t be necessary, I have a workshop and all the materials you will need.” He finishes his coffee, waiting for my answer.

“I don’t normally work anywhere else to do projects but being that you already have them, It would be unnecessary for me to travel back and forth. You got yourself a deal, how does 1000 bucks for the lawn ornaments themselves?” I say trying to shrug off the weird feeling I feel creeping on me.

“You got yourself a deal then!” He says standing up, he hands me a card with an address on it. “Meet me here, say around seven tomorrow night?” My gut twists up.

“That’s pretty late, what about 5?” I ask, trying to negotiate.

“You want the job or not?” He says a little to forcefully.

“Y-yeah, 7 is fine.” I sputter.

“Good.” He said putting on his hat, his lips pursed. “Don’t be late.” He throws his coat on and walks away rudely without saying goodbye.

Well that was fucking weird. I think to myself as I walk towards my car. “Fucking Texans.” I mumble to myself as I start my car up. I make my way back towards home, and pull into the driveway. I toss my shoes off, and put my keys on the counter.

“Ivy?” I say as I make my way down the hallway. There is no reply, and worry begins to wash throughout my body.

“Ivy? are you in here?” As I round the corner to the bathroom, my calls become shrieks as I find Ivy unconscious on the bathroom floor.

“Ivy! Oh my god, Ivy please wake up?” I scream, as I lift her head off the floor. Her eyes suddenly flutter open and her bright green eyes meet mine. “What happened, are you okay?” I manage to slip out.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine I must have just gotten dizzy and feinted.” She says nonchalantly. “It’s nothing you need to be worried about.” She says getting up. “I’m fine really!” She says without hesitation, and leans in to kiss me.

An overwhelming sense of relief washes over me, as she breaks the kiss. “I think we both need some of your tea!” I say as a smile spreads across my lips.

Her gaze meets mine and her head jerks back as laughter consumes her body. “Tea heals all!” She says waggling her finger in the air as we make out way to the kitchen.

When we are finished making tea, we both make our way out onto the porch. Taking deep breaths of my tea we stand side by side leaning on the railing. Remembering my freelance gig, I turn towards Ivy. “Oh I almost forgot to tell you, that new client I met with today wants me to come to his workshop and make some deer sculptures for his yard.”

I could almost feel Ivy clench up, as she turned towards me she narrows her eyes. “Who is this client?” she asks her voice thick and heavy.

“His name is Dmitri, I didn’t catch his last name.” When I finish I look into Ivy’s eyes, I can almost swear that they are glowing.

“You need to be very careful, Dmitri is not a kind man.” She says, as she finishes I swear I can see the fire in her eyes dies down.

“Ivy just because someone is a mean person, does not mean that they are like Bane.” I say it before I can stop myself.

Her head snaps towards me, her eyes are definitely glowing. “You really have no idea do you?” she says with a deep growl. “This entire town has been mean to me this entire time! Bane is fucked up now, but he wasn’t then. He was my best friend believe it or not!” Her skin is turning green, and she is glowing. “That is until you showed up, so you have no right to tell me who to be careful about!” She was standing toe to toe with me, I shuddered in her shadow. Turning in fright I ran towards my car.

“Wait Kelly, I’m sorry! Please come back-” The sound of my car engine cut out her screams, I drove away. Holding back my falling tears, my apartment feeling the safest place.

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