Poison Ivy

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Damsel in Distress


It’s the middle of the night and I am in my apartment, my cell phone rings. The caller ID says Ivy. A loud banging on my door sends the phone dropping from my hand in fright. The phone continues to ring as I make my way towards the door. I cover my ears as the banging and ringing become louder and louder. As I reach the door vines begin coming under the door, twisting and twining as it reaches my feet. I turn to run, and trip as the vines slowly snake up my body, holding me down. I fight them as I kick and scream, reaching for the phone, I manage to flip it open. I hear Ivy screaming at the top of her lungs.

Jerking upright my screams match Ivy’s as I awake from my nightmare. My body shakes as I try to sob the nightmare away. When I finally compose myself, I sit up and reach for my phone. 50 miscalls from Ivy. I shake my head, covering my mouth, I remember how terrified I was of her the night before. I find some clothes and slink to my bathroom. A nice bath will do me good. I think to myself as I begin running myself a bath.

My phone rings sending me into a fright, I glance at the caller ID, it’s Ivy. I pause contemplating on what to do. I will have to face her eventually. I think to myself as I climb into the tub, slinking down my body shivers from the hot water. I dunk my head into the bath water, jerking out instantly as images of my nightmares haunt my mind. I gasp for air as I try to soothe my head. After sitting in the tub for an hour, I make my way to my coffee maker. The thought of having coffee instead of tea crosses my mind, and I wince at the thought. I make myself some toast and sit at my kitchen counter, drinking my coffee and eating my toast.

My cellphone rings again once more, and this time when I pick it up I answer it. “Yes, Ivy?”

At first all I hear is silence, then I hear her take a breath. “Kelly, look yesterday I lost control. I should have never said the things I said to you.” She pauses waiting for my response.

“You scared the hell out of me Ivy. I have never been afraid of you, not until last night. What the hell happened to you Ivy?” I paused biting my lip. “You were glowing green last night!”

“I know and I am not exactly sure what happened. I got angry because of Bane, and I took it out on you. You should have never had to deal with that, I was out of control. I can at least acknowledge that much.” When she finished she let out a long mournful cry. “Please don’t leave me.”

“I won’t, I love you Ivy. Just don’t do that again please!”

“No, no I wont, I love you too.” She paused, and we both let out a sigh of release. “When are you coming home?”

“Later tonight, I have a few different projects to work on today, before I go do those sculptures for Dmitri.” I say as I finish my toast and coffee up. “Then I will be home, lets say 9?”

“Okay but please, be careful. Dmitri is not to be trusted.” she says warning me once more.

“I will, I promise. You will see me in no time. If you want to see me sooner then I better get to work now. I love you!”

“I love you too, I’ll see you then.” She said and then hung up the phone.

I started cleaning up my dishes, and started on my first project. The client was a woman who asked for a statue of her late bulldog Humphrey. I spend about an hour, sculpting the final touches to his face. My next project will take a little bit longer, this client wants a lifelike carving of a native American with a headpiece on it. I finish carving the face out of the wood, and I start painting the face, and headpiece. Once, I am satisfied with my work I begin moving onto the next project. This client in particular wants a bear carved and polished in wood, and it has to be standing with its arms outstretched. I almost have it completely carved, I spend the rest of my time finalizing the little details.

I look at my clock and its almost time to leave. I clean up any mess left over and load Humphrey up into my car. I stop at her house quickly and drop off her precious Humphrey, with arms outstretched she took him in her arms and thanked me as she paid me the 100 dollars I charged her. I left her driveway with a smirk of satisfaction.

I quickly call Ivy’s phone to check in but get no answer. “Hey, just checking in before my last job of the day. I’ll see you soon. love you.” I hang up as I pull into the drive.

It’s a large factory. It wouldn’t be out of the norm for freelance artists to do their work in a empty factory. I got out and called out for Dmitri, and got no answer. I make my way into the factory.

Its dark and dusty, squinting my eyes I look around for a light switch of any kind. Before I can even find a light switch a huge light overhead turns on. I turn expecting to find Dmitri with his crooked grin, only to find Mike, Reese, and Tom standing in front of me. A loud roar of laughter from behind me. I turn to see Bane standing behind me. I try to run but Bane is faster, he sweeps me up into his arms effortlessly.

“Now where do you think your going you little bitch?” Bane cackles as the others close in, my legs sweep up and kick Tom in the nuts.

“Oh you little bitch!” Tom raises his fist up in the air.

“No! We need her alive!” He says. Bane grabs my phone and begins dialing.

They hog tie me and lay me on my back. All I see is the ceiling, and all I hear is Bane as he cackles away calling Ivy.

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