Poison Ivy

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Thunder and Lightning


“Hurry up and get ready!” I scream frustration rising in my throat, I spit in anger and wipe my mouth with my sleeve. “Whatever happens do not underestimate her, you know what she is capable of!” I say gleaming down at the trap we made for her. Simultaneously we all shudder at the thought. Tom and Reese climb out of the hole we dug, Mike joins them in laying down loose chicken wire. Fastening it to thick iron wire, they fasten it to the wall with bolts. Checking it’s buoyancy and strength. I take a big swig of whiskey from my flask in satisfaction as they all make eye contact with me. “Well what the hell are you waiting for don’t look at me! Cover it with that hay over there! You guys stoned or just stupid?” I glower at them, watching them flinch and cower. “Bunch of dumb dickheads!” I growl under my breath as I make my way towards the little bitches bitch, she squirms in her binds as my footsteps near.

I grab her and hoist her up and over my shoulder as she screams, she spits out her gag. “Ivy is going to find me!” Her threat sends a loud cackle up my spine.

“That’s what I’m counting on darlin’.” I say as I tie her to a column in the warehouse. “And that’s what your for!” I say sneering as I waggle my finger in her face.

she leans forward quicker then I can stop her, taking a bite out of my finger. “You stupid fucking bitch!” I scream which is echoed by a hard slap.

“Serves you right, you fucking creep.” She spits my own blood back in my face.

“You are lucky I need you alive!” I lean in grabbing, her by her hair before she can move. “So she can hear you scream.” I grab her pinky and snap it like a twig, she lets out a piercing scream. “That will do just fine.” Putting her gag back, my cackle is met by a loud rumbling. “Get ready you pussies, and try to be a man. Just like we’ve planned!” We take our places and wait.



The painful numbing I feel in my hand is throbbing up my arm, I try to kick my legs to get up and stand. I can hear Ivy coming into the warehouse, but I fail to warn her, but my muffled screams did reach her ears. I watch in horror as she opens the door to come and save me. I scream and scream but she doesn’t hear me. “MMMMMNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!” I scream starting finally finding my footing. Ivy doesn’t stop, and I watch her fall right into the trap they set for her. My breath catches in my mouth as I watch her writhe in horror trying to catch my breath. She is completely encased in chicken wire like a net trap in a tree.

“MNO LMET HMMER GHOOO!” I scream as I watch them pull her from the trap, tightening the trap shut.

Bane lifts the trap up off from the ground, chucking her effortlessly into the wall. “Ain’t so scary now are you you fucking freak?!” I watch in absolute horror as he grabs a cattle prod out of a cupboard, jabbing it hard into Ivy’s ribs. “What you three pussies doing? Get the fuck over here!”
They all grab prods and begin to tazer her, simultaneously. I can tell she is trying to be strong, but it is too much for me to bare. They begin hitting and kicking her more violently. I feel completely helpless. What can I do to save you if you can’t save yourself? I scream out again crying with each and every blow, I see Ivy slip further and further away. Her head droops and sways as her head finally drops, her eyes close.

“What will we do with her? She ain’t got no pulse.” Tom, says dropping her wrist.

“Throw her in the hole and bury her that’s what!” Bane grunts as he hoists her body out of the trap. He tosses her limp body down into the hole, a whimper escapes my lips.

A hard slap sends my head with a jerk. “Shut the hell up! What about this one?” Reese asks as he spits at my feet.

“Nothing leave her here this place is abandoned anyways. Fill in the damn hole so we can go!” Bane orders.

They start towards the hole, I freeze trying to think of what to do. With all of my might I begin to pull hard on my binds concentrating on my broken pinky. I silently slip my binds, picking up the a cattle prod off from the floor charging at them all head on. “Don’t touch her!” I scream as I try to stick Bane with it. He is quicker then I am, before I can counter he has me by the throat. One heavy punch sends me into a complete daze.

He drops me into the hole with Ivy, my eyes fall shut as I drift into unconsciousness.

“What are you doing here?” I hear her whisper in my ears. “You shouldn’t be here?” Her Bright green eyes came into focus. I sit up slowly looking around, I am in a giant unending Green house. I blink my eyes into focus, and I can see where I am. There are stars in the skies everywhere, with the northern lights flowing through them. The plants are different from any I have ever seen and yet they feel so familiar. She takes my hand in hers and lifts me to my feet shaking me from. “Can you stand?” She asks pulling me completely to my feet. “If you will catch me.” I say smiling dazed. Her face suddenly turns serious and a darkness stretched across the land, the sky turning an ominous dark red. Thunder and lightning cracked a green luminescent bolt across the darkened sky. “You need to go, you cannot be here!” Ivy screams into my face as she lifts a wooden staff to the air in the sky striking the sky once again in bright green lightning.

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