Poison Ivy

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When Good Intentions go Bad


I am encased in darkness, I try to walk but I find my feet stuck in black tar. Screaming out I reach forward stumbling into a forest. As I explore I see the skies open up, the stars are flowing in luminescence with northern lights. I smile looking around there are plants everywhere, plants I’ve never seen. I put my hand out reaching towards the nearest one, I can feel it and even though I’ve never seen it. I know exactly what it is, How can this be? I ask myself touching my face. Then as if out of instinct, I realize exactly where I am. Something moving catches my eye, and I realize Kelly is sitting up. I walked towards her reaching for her hand. “Can you stand?” She asks me as she grabs my hand. “If you will catch me!” She says smiling, a confused look in her smile. A feeling of dread overtakes me as a darkness sweeps over the land, turning the sky into an ominous dark red. A green luminescent lightning bolt cracks across the sky. “You need to go, you cannot be here!” I say screaming as I raise my staff, another green lightning bolt.

I open my eyes, and I can feel Kelly’s shallow breath on my chest. I feel around, and find that we are completely encased in thick vines. I hesitate thinking about what they had done to us, and the memory flicks something deep within me. I can feel my change instantly, my skin becomes course and rough like the vines I am encased in. My eyes begin to glow bright green, I let the anger from the thought of what they had done. The next think I know I am pulling myself and Kelly out from our wood be grave. I take a look around, the warehouse taking everything in.

“Amateurs’!” I spit as I remember everything they did to me. I look over Kelly, checking for any serious wounds. Realizing she has a broken finger and bruises on her face, I reach out to her hand wrapping my vines around her pinky and strapping it to her ring finger.

Satisfied I carry her outside and begin my way towards where their scent on the wind takes me. When I am headed down the road towards my house I know just where their trail will lead me. I stop twenty yards before I make it into the house, laying Kelly down into a bed of lavender. “That should help you feel better my love.” I bend down and kiss her forehead.

As I stand I focus on all of my anger and in response my body begins glowing a bright green flame encircling my body in light. I make my way through the foliage, careful as not to make any noise. I can smell their scent as I near the house, so strongly that their bodies light up their position in the house. I creep for the garage door knowing that Bane never locks it. I wrinkle up my nose at the smell of steroids and sweat.

I stop when I see Tom walk towards the garage, I duck down waiting for him to pass towards the fridge. When his back is to me I hit him over the head hard, sending him spilling onto Bane’s workout mat. “Well that was easy.” I say as I tie tom up in thick vines.

“What the hell’s taking him so damn long?” Bane growls loudly under his breath.

“I’ll go see.” I hear Mike say.

As soon as he enters I have the drop on him from above, he is completely caught unaware and when he falls I use his own body weight to knock him unconscious. I drag him over by his brother and tie him up.

“What the hell is taking you two so damn long?” Reese grumbles irritated. I am ready for him right away with veins wrapping around his body. He put’s up a big fight, so we scuffle around. His eyes go wide in fear as I crack him unconscious. I grab a beer bottle out of the fridge, quietly closing the fridge.

“Three down, one to go.” I whisper to myself as I creep, into his house. I can see him in the next room in his kitchen. I peak over the counter, he has his back to me and he is tapping an empty beer bottle impatiently on the table. I sneak up behind him quiet and swiftly, standing strong with my head twisted in an angry contortion.

“Where the hell is my damn beer?” he slams the bottle down shattering it in his hand, blood begins to quickly flow from his hand. He stands turning so fast that he almost doesn’t stop when he sees me.

“You mean this beer bottle?” I scream in a high pitch so loud he takes a step back. I take advantage of his disadvantage and bring the beer bottle crashing across his face. Sending more blood from his face dripping to his floor.

“Your gonna clean that up you stupid fucking bitch!” He screams as he takes a step forwards, I duck and roll underneath his legs, sending him crashing into the wall hard with his fist. Anger sears across his face, and I can feel his pain fueling my anger.

Running screaming I leap through the air bringing my fist down with a massive vine, sending him crashing into his garage on his back. I don’t give him time to counter, his massive body isn’t quick enough to get up. I wrap vines around his body and come crashing down with another massive blow. To my surprise he is quicker then I am, reaching up he breaks loose, tripping me sending me falling to the floor. He gets up quickly, as I reach my feet. He charges slamming me into his garage door hard, sending my body limp with pain. I try to move as he charges and I am too late to move, he slams me again so hard that his garage door goes down right with us.

I manage to roll off from underneath, reaching for a close by oak tree’s branch. I slam him as hard as I can with my power right on his head. He lets out a growl as I knock him unconscious.

“Time for some extermination.” I say laughing maniacally, as a wickedly devious smile spreads across my lips.

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