Poison Ivy

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I wake to my phone ringing, I don’t have to work today so I don’t move to get it. It stops and starts right back up again. “Damn it, It’s my day off!” I growl, slamming my hand onto my night stand. I flip my phone open and clear my throat before answering. “Hello, what do you want it better be good your interrupting my sleep!” I say irritated and harsh.

“S-s-sorry Bane I know it’s your day off, It’s just I had that dream again.” Ivy’s voice is weak and whispery.

“Oh Ivy, it’s you!” I say sitting up. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to sound so harsh, I didn’t know it was you. Hold on give me a few minutes and I will be right over.” I say as I get out of bed.

“Oh, it’s alright. I will see you soon then.” She takes a long breath, “Thank you Bane you are a good friend to me.” Her last words make me grimace.

I hang up the phone, throw on a pair of jeans and a black tee. I hesitate as I get ready to head out of my house. You are a good friend to me. Her words echo through my mind. “Well here’s to hoping all I do for you pays out Ms. Ivy Isley.” I double check to make sure I lock my door, then I hop into my truck and head towards Ivy’s trailer.

When I pull into Ivy’s driveway I see her sitting on her porch steps sipping a cup of chamomile tea in her hands.

As I exit my truck I can see that nightmare really took a toll on her body. Her eyes are sunken in, her face is pale and flushed. I can’t stand to see her looking like this and I know she can see it written all over my face. As my eyes meet hers I grin from ear to ear. “You know what you need!?” I ask her, trying to cheer her up.

“Wait let me guess, none of those herbs will bring me sustenance I need to put some meat in my stomach and on my bones.” She flexes her arms out towards me and grunts and giggles trying to mimic me.

I laugh with my head back. “You wish you had these muscles!” She snorted and rolled her eyes at me bursting into laughter. “So what will it be? Will you come with me for breakfast or not?”

She bit her lip and crossed her legs, huffing and dumping the rest of her chamomile out on the lawn she put her cup on the porch. I watched her in agony as she made her way down the stairs tossing her body from side to side as she swayed down the stairs in protest. “Fine, but only on one condition!”

“Name it your highness!” I say bowing as low as I possibly can.

“You let me bring some of my plants to sell in your truck.” She says as she puts her hand on her hips and curtseys.

“Oh, you got me where it hurts.” I say grabbing my chest and falling to the ground! “I don’t think I will ever recover!”

“Oh shut up, I think you will survive a few plants!” she teases poking me in the side with her toe. “Your big enough for it!”

“That’s it, now you’ve gone too far!” I jump to my feet and chase her towards the greenhouse! “Lead the way you sorceress!” That sends her into giggles as she makes it to the greenhouse door.

I help her load up some of her more exotic plants and a few of the more common ones and we make our way towards town. I can tell that her mood is lightened up a bit more since we left the house. I dare not get her talking about that weird dream of hers it freaks me out. Honestly the only one thing about Ivy that I just don’t understand is her obsession with her plants. There have been times when I have caught her speaking to them as she cares for them when she thinks no one is around her.

“Where do you want to go out to eat?” I ask her breaking the silence.

She jerks her head up. “What?” She asks shaking her head almost as if she were lost in thought.

“Where do you want to eat? I ask again.

“Oh, Denny’s is fine I guess.” she says shrugging her shoulders.

“You guess? Is that your final answer?” I ask raising my eyebrows at her.

She chuckles. “Yes, that’s my final answer!”

I change lanes and turn my blinker to signal turning into Denny’s. I find a parking spot right by the front entrance and I kill the motor and turn towards Ivy. “You ready to face the masses for a meal?”

She smiles a wicked smile and nods her head. “Yeah let’s hurry before the townsfolk get suspicious and start a posse after us.” I know she is joking, but her face is dead serious.

I cut the engine off and we get out of the truck, as we walk inside there is nothing but glares shot our way. Every single person we walk by have their eyes all locked on Ivy. She notices and walks with her head down eyes averted from their glares. I clear my throat and the ones closest to hearing me all look away quickly. I hate how everyone treats her, they don’t see what I see.

We are seated and a waiter comes to take our orders. As we wait for our food Ivy plays nervously with her placemat. “I hate it here!” she grumbles under her breath.

“Then why did you pick to eat here?” I jeer at her.

“Huh, oh sorry didn’t think you heard me.” She pauses. “I came here for the food not the people.”

I laugh loudly. “Typical, I expect nothing less from you.” She kicks me in the shin with another wicked grin on her face.

After our food comes and we are ready to leave I get up and gesture for her to exit her booth. “After you!”

She just stares at me with an embarrassed look. “Okay sir!” and she marches off in front of me.

“Sir was my father!” I correct her.

We walk out of the diner and are about ready to get into my truck, when I hear a woman beckon to us. “Excuse me are these your plants, Are they for sale? They are absolutely gorgeous, I would love to buy some to decorate my new apartment.”

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