Poison Ivy

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The End


I string Bane, Mike, Tom, and Reese up by their feet where the garage door was ripped completely off it’s hinges. I circle them all admiring my vine work, with a smirk I let out a satisfied grunt. I sit and wait a while for them to wake up, once they begin to stir I greet them with an evil grin.

When they open their eyes I can see their fear, and pain in their eyes. Taking in a deep breathe, I sniff up their essence, my body shivers and shakes with coldness.

“Well hello boys, would you like a night cap?” I say licking my upper lip, I whip my arm forward and a massive whip strikes Reese hard in the stomach. His body lurches forward as pain flows through his body. A loud cackle leaves my lips, as I hit him again. “Who’s next?” I ask whipping my hand forward and striking Mike, It makes a loud crack as it hits his legs. He coughs swinging back his eyes bulging with terror. I whip my arm forward hard cracking Tom across the face, turning him almost purple. I run and spin kicking in the air whipping Bane the hardest with two giant vines.

“You stupid bitch!” Bane manages to choke out, followed by blood oozing from his mouth.

“What was that I can’t hear you?” I scream loudly in his face, grabbing his cheeks I dig my nails across his face. I hear his face rip loudly, his grunts becoming cries for help.

“Please Ivy, I’m sorry, please don’t do this.” Bane pleads through pursed lips.

“You should of thought about that... Before you did what you did! Life has consequences, and I’m your consequence.” I say sneering, reaching out I whip them all in the face with synchronized vine whips. Blood seeps down their cheeks and into their eyes.

“It wasn’t our fault, you gotta believe us Ivy! We didn’t want to do it but Bane forced us too!” Tom manages to spit out.

“Oh yeah? Is that so? Huh? who would of thought you were innocent. Those girls were innocent.” I pause winding up for my pitch. “But you did it anyways.” I run flipping into the air, kicking my legs and whipping my arms. As I come down three vines, cut deep into Tom, Reese, and Mike. The forth whips down so hard Bane falls and hits the floor so hard the ground shakes. I hear his breathing slow as he is knocked unconscious onto the ground. I continue to run, twist, flip, and dance into the air beating them all relentlessly. Once I am satisfied I make my way around Bane’s property getting ready for the big finale. Once they are gone forever they will never hurt anyone ever again. I string Bane up once again, and begin getting ready to finish the job I came here to do. I search Bane’s property and find a giant club of a stick, weirdly like the one in my dream. Shaking my head I make my way towards the garage. Out of the corner of my eye I see Kelly quietly standing by the forest line. She isn’t smiling, instead terror has wreaked havoc across her pale face.

Stopping my relentless brutality I walk towards her, cautiously.

“What the hell are you doing Ivy?” She asks taking a step back.

“I’m giving them what they deserve!” I say to her questioningly. “What are you doing here then? You shouldn’t be here if you can’t take me dealing out justice to those who deserve it.”

“Your not the Ivy I know, You’ve changed. You scare me, please don’t do this.” She pleaded reaching towards me. “I know your better then this.” She said reaching towards me, pulling away I evaded her grasp.

“Then you must not know me very well!” I say rejecting her. “Go back to your damn city then, if you can’t handle it!” I push away from her and make my way back towards the boys, but I can hear her footfalls following behind me.

“I know you Ivy, this isn’t you! You’re not thinking clearly.” She pleads, grabbing my shoulder.

“Get the fuck off from me and let me do what I have to!” I say shoving her off from me, to the ground.

I ignore the painful look she shoots at me and begin charging my way towards my targets. I jump in the air bringing the club down as hard as I can at Bane, at the last minute Kelly steps in front of me screaming for me to stop. It’s too late, before I know it the punishing blow meant for Bane took her out instead. Bane, Tom, Reese and Mike were all slammed to the ground from the weight of the heavy blow.

“No, NO, no, NOOOO!” I scream, as I gather Kelly up into my arms. “Kelly! NOOOOO!” I scream at the top of my lungs. Holding her limp body in my arms I bring her head to my chest, sobbing I rock with her in my arms. “Nooooo, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DO THAT!?” I say shuddering as my tears covered her lifeless face. I hover over her sobbing and shaking.

I can hear Bane, Tom, Reese and Mike get to their feet, I gently lay Kelly’s body to the ground. Getting up I begin to run directly at them. Whipping my body through the air once more I scream with everything that’s in me. “Where the fuck do you think your all going, I’m not done punishing you!” I scream as I hang them in the air by their feet into a giant oak tree. “This is all of your fault! You made me lose control!” I begin to hang them all three by a hangman’s noose formed by my ever vines. I watch in satisfaction as all three of them hang, once the last breath of life comes from them. I leave them there for all to see. I go and pick up Kelly’s lifeless body and begin running and flipping through the tree’s back towards home.

I hold her lifeless body in my arms bawling uncontrollably. “I’m so sorry my love!”

Kelly twitches and her eyes open up, and terror spreads across her face, knowing exactly what I have done. “Get the hell away from me Ivy, never contact me again. Bane wasn’t the only monster you were.” She says as she runs frantically for her car, she hops in and drives away. That’s the last I ever see of her.

I want to thank my friends and family for the inspiration to write this.
But most of all to Brooke Dittmar, I could not have wrote this without you!

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