Poison Ivy

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I’m walking once again down the path to my greenhouse, I reach for the handle and open the door. My plants glowed luminescent in the moonlight, everything seems to be same. As I continue to walk along I cannot help but marvel at how breathtaking it is. I can feel the old familiar slip when I know things are about to go bad, hearing that heart wrenching tune tug at me. However this time it’s different I hear a woman humming. I know that voice! I turn towards the humming, walking among the foliage in a queer waltz. As I make it to the wall of the greenhouse the humming stops and is followed by laughter. The closer I get the more I can see the sun shining, I start to pick up the pace as it shines brighter and brighter. I near the corner and I stop when I see her, my heart begins to race and I cannot seem to catch my breath. I know you! Kelly? “What are you doing here? "I ask.

“What I want!” She begins uncontrollably laughing as her face twists into a frown. Her laughter soon turns to sobs and her arm jerks up pointing at me. A blood curdling scream begins to escape her lips. I am ripped out of my dream, I clutch my chest and jerk upright gasping for air, trembling.

I make my way towards the kitchen, I reach for a cup to make some tea. That’s when I hear the beer bottle break on the side of my trailer, my cup slips out of my hand as I jolt. Sending it tumbling and crashing to the ground.

“Stay home you fucking freak!” I Hear Tom scream, which is followed buy a chorus of laughter by his brothers as they peel out of my driveway.

“What the hell did those fucking idiots do now?” I say, as I pull the blinds back. As I peer out, I instantly see the damage. Red spray paint, not yet dry, oozes down my trailer window. I gasp, covering my mouth trying hold in a sob. I turn towards my door, opening it, slowly shuffling down my stairs. I hesitate to turn around and when I do I assess the damage, I stand towards my trailer with my head down and eyes closed I stand there for what seems like an eternity. Breathing in deep I slowly open my eyes, as everything comes into focus my knees buckle. Tears slowly stream down my face as I read the Jackson’s message.

‘DIE FUCKING FREAK!’Is painted clearly for everyone around to see.

I lose my footing as I begin to uncontrollably bawl. “Fuck the fucking Jackson’s!” I scream punching the ground. I hear a gaggle of laughter making me jump to my feet. I don’t even give it another second, I run up the porch stairs. “I’m calling the law!” I declare opening the door and closing it and locking it.I know they probably won’t care if I call the cops, and Bane is closer and they are afraid of him. I know he will be here when I need him, then I will call the cops!I pick up my house phone and dial Bane’s number, it rings until it goes to voicemail. I dial his number again. “Come on pick up!” I plead.

“Hello, Ivy? You know its 12:30 at night? What the hell is going on?” his voice is thick like gravel from sleep.

“I-I-its the Jackson boys they are out here, they vandalized by trailer Bane I need you!” My voice is wavering and weak.

“Call the police, then go in your bathroom lock the door. Don’t leave until you hear your phone ring.” He pauses. “I’ll be right there Ivy.”

“Okay, be careful Bane.” I say as I peek out the blinds. “They are sitting out in my driveway, drinking no less. Shouldn’t be to hard for you, you already have the advantage. I’m going now, bye.” I say hanging up the phone, I dial 911 and I am informed they will dispatched to my house. I run down my hallway whipping into the bathroom, slamming the door shut and locking it behind me. Grabbing a towel, I wrap it around my shoulders like a blanket. I step into the bathtub I lay down and curl into the fetal position.

I lay in the tub like that for a long while listening to the sound of screaming and fighting. From the sounds of it I can tell Bane is winning. After about 15 minutes the sound of fighting fades, followed by the sound of my telephone ringing. As I run down the hallway towards my front door Bane begins to pound on my door.

“Ivy open up, I kicked their asses. They won’t be bothering you for a while!” He heaves a huge sigh.

As I open the door I can see the red and blue flashing lights.

“Short lived though, cops are here. I’m probably going to jail though.” He says still breathing heavily, “You owe me big time after this, and your going to be bailing me out.” He smiles looking innocently, chuckling at his last comment.

“Bane if it wasn’t for you my encounters with them would probably be a lot worse! I do owe you!” I reach out and slap his shoulder.

“Ow watch it! That spot’s tender, one of them bit me.” He laughs, and waves for me to follow him as we walked towards the police cars.

“What seems to be the problem?” The officer asks shining the light into our eyes.

“Are you blind can’t you see it?” Bane says pointing to the trailer.

The officer rocks on her heels and snorts. “No all I saw coming up was the Jackson boys all ‘jacked’ up if you will, lying unconscious in the road.” Wouldn’t have anything to do with that would you Bane?” She pushes him and I can tell it’s not going to be good.

“Are you serious, they vandalized Ivy’s trailer and would have done god knows what to Ivy if I wouldn’t have gotten here to protect her. When all you are worried about is the fact that I defended her from them!?” He spat at her. “Disgraceful!”

“That’s it Bane you just got yourself a brand new jail cell suite next to the Jackson’s. Turn around and put your hands behind your back. You know the drill!” She barked, as she cuffed him.

“I’ll bail you out first thing in the morning Bane!” I inform him.

He nods his head, and turns as the officer jerks her towards her back-up’s squad car. He resists for a split second as his eyes pierce into me, they push him again and he ducks getting into the squad car.

I walk to my house, completely ignoring my sign of hate. I find I am completely drained, as I crawl into bed my eyes fall heavy and fast as I drift away.

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