Poison Ivy

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Duplicitous Delusions


“Dorrance, Bane?” I hear the officer call out as she looks up from her paperwork.

“It’s just Bane!” I say grumbling, I hate being called Dorrance.

She chuckles mocking me. “Okay, just Bane. You’ve made bail.” She announces, flipping through the paper work on her clipboard.

I glare at her, there isn’t much more they can do to me. As she opens the door I size her up, she is nothing compared to me. I could take her easily, but I don’t it’s not worth it.

“Watch your step big guy, you might fall.” She says still poking fun at me.

“I am not the one who needs watching!” I declare chuckling to myself.

“Just thought I would let you know!” She says as she smacks on her gum popping a bubble.

She usher’s me over to where I was booked and I am handed all of my belongings. “Thanks!” I tell the bookie as I am led to the front desk. I see her curly tangled red hair over the receptionists desk, before I even see her face. “Ivy?” I call out to her. She stands with a weary smile and walks as fast as she can without running towards me. As she makes contact with me I wrap my big arms around her and lift her into the air hugging her. “You know you wouldn’t be very good at hide and seek with that hair?” I tell her.

“What?” she asks confused.

“Nothing, forget it! Just a funny thought.” I pause finally releasing her. “I never thought I would be so happy to see you.”

“Well you better keep that thought in your head when you see your truck.” She says with a slight chuckle.

“Wait you drove my truck?” I ask shocked. Ivy, hates riding in vehicles, let alone driving them. It has to do with the fact that vehicle’s are pollution. It’s why she rides that old rust bucket bicycle.

“Yeah how else would I have gotten you? Haul you around in my wagon? I don’t think you would even fit!” She declares with a giggle.

“Well I’ll be damned miss Ivy Isley, You certainly do surprise me!” I say wrapping my arm around her shoulders, escorting her towards my truck. As we near my truck I see all too clearly what she was referring to. “What the hell did you do?” I say with a chuckle.

“It wasn’t the tree’s fault, the poor thing.” She pauses with a long sigh she explains. “As I was pulling out of the drive I miscalculated turning, and you know I do not drive vehicles. I clipped the side of the tree on the mirror as I pulled out and it broke off. The tree is fine, but your mirror is on the dashboard.” She says with her head down. My roar of a laugh makes her head snap up with a jerk. “Your not mad?” She asks?

“Of course not Ivy!” I spin her towards me facing me. I lift her chin with the tip of my pointer finger and look her in the eye. “You did all of this against almost everything you believe in and stand for, just to come bail me out. Of course I am not mad!” With that her lips play up into a smile that completely drives me nuts. I love you Ivy Isley! I just wish you knew it.

“Really? I never thought of it that way.” Her smile brightens even more. “Bane, you are the best friend a girl could ever have!” She declares running to the other side of the truck and getting in. The Best friend a girl could ever have? My Jaw clenches at the thought as I get into the truck. What do I have to do to get you to see me as more then just that?

I chew on that thought the entire way to Ivy’s house.

“Bane?” She pulls me from my thoughts. “Are you okay?” She asks worry creeping into her face.

“Yeah I’m fine!” I say as an idea shoots through my head. “Hey Ivy, I was wondering.” I pause gripping the steering wheel. “Would you want to go out on a date tomorrow night with me?” I ask her straight out. “After all you do owe me!”

“As in a date, date?” She asks twisting her hair. “I uh I can’t.” She states. “At least not tomorrow night, I already have plans.” She pauses. “Can you take a rain check?” She asks her green eyes pleading to me.

“Seriously Ivy? The one time I ever ask you out on a date and you already mysteriously have plans? That’s some bullshit! With who even? The only friend you even have is me!” I blow up on her before I can even stop myself.

The look of hurt washes over her face and she hops out of the truck. “You know what Bane, now your being a shitty friend and a shitty person!” She slams the door, and hops out of my truck. She spins around with a huff “For your information I have a date tomorrow with another friend who just happens to not be you!” I can see tears forming in her eyes.

“Oh yeah and who’s your friend!?” I scream at her, I don’t mean to the more she speaks the more I cannot seem to stop myself.

“Kelly!” She screams as a matter of factly.

“You just met the braud and it isn’t a date! Woman can’t go on a date with each other!” I retaliate screaming back at her.

“Oh yeah? The hell if we can’t!” With that she storms into her house opens the door “Get the hell out of here Bane! If you can’t control yourself don’t bother coming back here!” and with that she goes in her house and slams the door.

“Damn it!!!” I scream punching the horn honking it over and over again. I gain some composure of myself and I pull out of Ivy’s driveway. I don’t turn to go home, instead I head towards town.

“I need a drink!” I say to myself as I enter the bar ‘Howl at the moon’. As I enter I see the familiar four bruised and busted Jackson brothers. I find my seat and order a beer, raising my glass to the Jackson brothers I salute them. “Cheers boys!”

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