Poison Ivy

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I am laying in my bed, just starting to open my eyes. “It’s Friday!” I say, as I flipping off my blankets and scramble off of my bed landing with a thud on the floor. I race to the bathroom and begin brushing my teeth. I can at least do that now, can’t take a shower until after I deal with my trailer. The last thing I need right is for Kelly to see that. Wait why do I care If she sees it? I don’t usually care what anyone thinks, just as long as they don’t bother me. I shake the thought from my head.

I make my way down the hallway and into the kitchen, grabbing my electric kettle. I fill it with water and turn it on. I open the cupboard and reach for the green tea, then I place the tea into my cup and wait. It doesn’t take long for my kettle to boil, I pick it up and pour it into my cup as I watch the hot water bubble and boil my water to tea.

Smiling, eyes closed I bring the cup to my lips. I inhale it’s flavor for a few moments before I take my first sip. “I am really going to need this to keep me going today.”

“It’s now or never Ivy!” I announce to myself as I go to walk out of the door, the phone rings.

I walk and check the caller ID. “Oh look It’s Bane!” I pick the phone up and slam it down hard. “I am not dealing with you today!” I say walking with my cup of tea outside. I hear it ring once more, I roll my eyes in disgust. Moving a little bit quicker I run down my stairs, I make it to the front of my tool shed.

I stand there for a few minutes, finishing my tea. I set the cup down and out of the way of my trailer. Grabbing the door of my tool shed and bracing myself as I jerk the door open. I grab a bucket and a big scrub brush. “It’s a good thing I invest in the important things for the greenhouse. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to wash the Jackson’s welcome message off.” I say with a sneer.

I grab my cup and run up my stairs and go inside. The phone is still ringing, I glance at the caller ID. “Well someone’s certainly desperate.” I say grabbing paint thinner, as I head towards the door. I grab the phone and drop it off from the receiver, then I grab the doorknob and head back out.

I fill the bucket with paint thinner, dipping the brush tip I begin scrubbing away at the blood red nightmare paint. It gives way easily but takes away my white finish I had originally painted it. The rest of it that runs down is smearing my finish, turning my trailer pink.

“Damn it! I don’t have time to repaint everything.” I pause for a long while weighing my options. “As long as she doesn’t see what it says, that should be good.” I say to myself.

I grab my hose and begin spraying as much of the paint off. I am almost to the U on their graffiti. then again I spray with the hose washing off the next letter. I do this a few more times over and over until the message is no longer visible. However my trailer now looks like a giant melted Neapolitan ice cream sandwich. I tilt my head back and laugh out loud at my discovery. I put all of my tools and supplies, double checking to make sure they are all in the right places. Then I run up the stairs, and disappear inside.

I look at the clock, it’s nearly 4:30. “I have plenty of time to get ready!” as I say it a strange unfamiliar feeling creeps into my chest. My heart begins pumping faster and faster. Clutching my chest I make my way to the bathroom. “Maybe I made my tea to strong?” I ask slowing my breathing, I make it to the bathroom, my heart rate begins to slow. I close my eyes continuing on my breathing, I undress stripping my clothes, they are damp and reek of chemicals and paint.

By the time I hop into the shower I feel better, grounded. I manage to wash my mangled locks and finish washing the rest of the way. When I step out onto my rug, I bask in the enlightenment of refreshment. Exiting the bathroom I turn and enter my bedroom, continuing and finishing drying my body. I grab the towel and wrap all of my hair up to dry as I get dressed. I look over all of my clothing and nothing seems to be right.

I start going through all of my sun dresses, when a red floral summer dress catches my eye. “This is perfect!” I say elated as I spin it around on my chest dancing around with it.

I slip it on and run into the the bathroom marveling at myself in the mirror. Bending forward I reach up and begin drying my tangled mess of hair. Pulling the towel off my head, I smile as I take myself in. I grab for my brush and I begin untangling the mass. When I am finally done I take a long look at myself. I don’t look half bad, I look cute even. There hasn’t been a time I really even remember feeling like this.

I exit the bathroom and walk down towards the hallway, glancing at the clock. It’s 6:30, I hear a car pulling into my driveway. Hurrying I grab my purse and head for the door. I hope that’s not Bane. I think to myself as I slowly open the door, my eyes widen in surprise. It’s Kelly, I can feel myself smiling but I cant help it. I lock my door and head down the stairs towards her.

As she pulls up I can see her staring at my trailer, her head is down and her lips are slightly parted. When she finally makes eye contact with me and acknowledges me her face lights up and her smile matches mine. I freeze and shake my head, I put my head down and walk towards her slowing car.

She stops her car and get’s out eyeing my house again once more. “Your house looks like a melted Neapolitan ice cream sandwich bar.” As she says it she looks at me and we both burst into laughter. God I am so glad she can’t tell there were letters there.

“You’re here early?” I say quickly, trying to change the subject.

“Yeah I always like to be early it shows good incentive!” When she says it she eyes me deviously laughter playing off her words.

I don’t know what to say she catches me off guard, and I just stand there smiling like and idiot. “Well, we better get going then.” I say walking to her car. “Where are we going?” I ask with a sideways glance at her. Why cant I stop staring at her?

“Well I am new here and I figured, what better way to discover all of San Antonio then by hiking?” As she says it I swear I could hear he hold her breath.

“No, that’s perfect! I love going hiking, so where to?” I ask meeting her gaze.

“Mcallister Park, a small trail obviously.” she taps her fingers on the steering wheel. “The red trail okay?”

“Yeah, of course that trail is actually one of my favorites. I know it very well!” I pause chewing on my next line. “I guess that makes me your guide!” I say, as I adjust my dress.

When I look up I notice her avert her eyes really quickly. Was she staring at me? I could of swore I saw her watching me out of the corner of my eye. “So why did you move all the way out here?” I ask trying to break the silence.

“Honestly I needed a change of scenery, I was getting really sick of New York and I love nature.” When she says it she looks at me “I am glad I did though.” I wait for a reason why but she doesn’t give it.

We pull into Mcallister Park and she pulls the car up and parks near the red trail. When we get out she pops the trunk. “I figured you probably wouldn’t have boots so I got you a pair.” She runs her hands backwards through her hair and begins putting it up. Then she hands me a hair piece, I wrap my hair up into a bun and begin putting on the boots she hands me.

“Thank you for these, you didn’t have to buy these.” I say as I am lacing up my last boot.

“No, it’s fine really. I mean you can have them, we can do this again!” she declares with a warm smile.

When I hear her say that my stomach twists into a knot that slowly goes up my throat. “Thank you!” I manage to choke out. We make our way onto the trail, and begin our adventure. The trail itself is 1.7 miles and I can walk that much any day. This will be fun, It seems so familiar and yet different. As we make our way along the trail Kelly and I begin to share more about each other. We have a lot in common with, I begin to lose track of things. That old familiar tune begins to play the more we walk and talk the louder it is getting. The louder it gets the more I fall deeper and deeper into a trance. I pinch myself, this is definitely real. After a while I stop fighting it, falling into its serenading melody as we hike along the trail.

“Ivy I had so much fun with you today, I can’t wait to do it again!” She says snapping me from my trance, She leans forward and reaches out for my hand. She grabs it and my heart rate sky rockets. I focus on my breathing just enough to hold it together.

“Yeah I had a lot of fun too!” I say as I tug at the end of my dress. I keep stalling trying to make this last. “When do you want to do it again?”

She leans back on the hood of her car drinking her bottled water. “Gotta give me a few days, I’m a little beat up from that hike.”

“I can do that, I mean what kind of guide would I be if I didn’t let you rest.” I say laughing, and my laughter is followed by the chorus of hers.

“Alright well I better get you home.” She pauses. “It’s starting to get really dark.”

I sigh “Yeah, Sounds good to me.”

The rest of the way home we didn’t really talk much, pretty tired from our hike. One thing is certain though, I am losing my damn mind body and soul!

When she finally dropped me back home it was pretty late. “Thanks again Kelly!” I pause “So do you want my phone number?” I ask hesitantly. I can feel my palms sweating. There’s something wrong with you Ivy!

She nods and smiles handing me her number and giving me a piece of paper to write mine. When I finish I hand it to her, she stops me before I close the door. “Ivy, I need to ask you before you leave, are you gay?”

I stand there staring blankly completely frozen. “I um, I don’t know what I am!” I quickly close the car door and stumble up the drive to my house. I slam the door and lock it shut sobbing, as I slide down the door.

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