Poison Ivy

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The next morning I lay in bed for a long while, before I finally decide to crawl out of bed. I make my way into the bathroom, gazing upon my face. Bringing my hand up I poke the bottom of my eye.

“Better take care of that!” I say, as I reach for my medicine cabinet. Index finger pointed at all of the different vials of tonics and oils. I stop when I find what I am looking for and I grab it. A little tonic I created for puffy eyes. The ingredients read Chamomile, Jasmine, and Lavender. I open it and dab my finger on the tip of the vile, tipping it to the side onto my finger. Reaching up I dab my finger across the bottom of both of my eyes. I throw on some garden garbs and head down the hallway towards the kitchen.

As I reach for my kettle I hear my stomach grumble. I prep my electric kettle and grab two pieces of bread and throw them in the toaster. I walk over grabbing my kettle and cup of tea, taking in the scent of the lemon tea. Can’t go wrong with lemon tea when your feeling down and out of sorts. I think to myself as my toaster pops. I spread on some of my home made blackberry jam and enjoy it as I sip my tea.

As I am getting ready to head out towards the door, my phone rings. I stop closing my eyes and I am irritated instantly. I turn towards the phone, it’s Bane again. I am still definitely mad at him, he can wait! I have other things to do right now. Reaching for the phone I pick it up and drop it, the second I do it rings again. He just won’t give up will he? I pick it up and it continuously rings over and over again, every time it is Bane. Finally defeated I give up and run out of my trailer towards my greenhouse.

I stop for a minute glancing at my house. “You can wait till tomorrow, I don’t have it in me to paint you right now.” I say turning towards the greenhouse.

When I make my way inside I walk towards my workbench, I bend down and pull out a large wooden box. I stand setting it on top of my workbench, trying to be as gentle as possible. When I open it I pull out a vile of citrus oil, and rub my entire workbench down. Then I pull out my candles placing them towards the four elements. North, East, South, West. I peer into the box and continue to pull out all of the items I need. My cup, wand, athame, dish, bowl, and a bell. After placing them onto the workbench, I turn walking towards my soil. Grabbing a handful I place it into the bowl, I grab the dish and fill it with the hose. I have a hidden bottle of homemade apple cider pucker stashed under my workhouse as well. I pick it up and open the bottle, pouring it into the cup.

I stand smiling at my altar. I hope this helps me with Bane. I begin opening windows, as I do the smell of a thunderstorm, I shudder as my body reacts to the cold wind hitting my face. “Perfect.” I say smugly.

I walk up to my altar and begin lighting all of the candles, then I grab a bundle of white sage and a seashell. “Here goes nothing I guess.” I light the bundle of white sage from my candles.

I begin walking towards the elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water. I make my way continuously around my greenhouse, beginning to chant. “Cleanse this space, remove the past. I’ve found my happiness at long last. Fill this space with joy and love; send your blessings from above. So mote it be.” When I am finished speaking I am standing at the altar, I grab the cup and take a deep drink and sigh. “So mote it be.” I say, my head slightly jerking as I take in the sour flavor.

The wind whips blowing my candles out, Thunder booming in the distance. “Well that was perfect timing!” I say as I begin to clean everything up, rain begins hitting the greenhouse panes hard. Lightning strikes in the distance and I pause to watch it in awe, I stop but my wonder was interrupts me. My head jerks towards the door, as my heart jumps into my throat. Please don’t let that be bane? I think worriedly. I inch towards the door slowly, and the door rattles and bangs even more violently! I take a step closer and grab a hold of the handle flipping the door open. Lightning cracks and in the background a shadowy silhouette is formed, when my eyes adjust I clutch my chest.

“Ivy? I’m sorry to show up uninterrupted, but I tried to call and you didn’t answer your phone.” Kelly pauses and leans forward staring at me intently. “Are you okay? You look like you have seen a ghost.” she asks as she inches closer to the door awaiting an invite.

“No, I’m fine. Just spooked myself a bit is all.” I pause stepping aside. “Come in I was just in the middle of... Tending to business as usual.” I say, a little guarded.

“Oh, well listen Ivy. About yesterday, I am sorry if I got the wrong impression.” She says, trying to shake the rain from her hair.

I grab a rag and hand it to her. “Here, maybe this will help.”

She takes the rag from my hand trying to avoid touching me as she does. “I never meant to upset you, yesterday. If I made you feel uncomfortable in any way am truly sorr-” I stop her before she can finish.

Closing my eyes and taking a deep breath, I open them and look her directly in the eyes. “It’s not so much that “It wasn’t that I was upset or uncomfortable Kelly, it’s more confusion then anything.” I pause trying to find the right words. “It’s hard to explain, the emotional attachment to another human being. I have never known what it was to truly love someone.” I stop, her eyes do not falter.

She shifts back on her heels throwing her hands up questioningly in the air. “What about Bane?” He is your best friend, right? Don’t you have feelings for him, friend wise?” As she finishes her sentence her hands land on her hips. The look in her eyes are kind and inquisitive.

I freeze, flabbergasted by her question I think about how to answer her. I want my point to come across, not wanting to screw this up I cross my fingers. “Yeah, Bane is my friend and I love him as a friend.” I say as my breathing accelerates. “But the way I feel when I’m around Bane, and the way I feel when I’m around you.” I pause as I look her intently in the eyes, her glance matches mine. “Is not the same by far.” I say holding my breath as I watch her face.

It takes her a minute before the gravity of my words take effect. “Well in that case, I would like to love to spend more time with you.” She pauses reaching out for my hand, and I take hers.

“Yes, I would love that too! I’m glad you came today!” I say stepping a little closer.

“Me too!” As she says it Lightning crackles through the sky, as it touches down sparks fly. A tree falls across my driveway. “Oh no!” she proclaims not even sounding that worried.

“Well I guess you can stay here for the night, come on lets go.” I say ushering her towards the greenhouse door. I open it and we both take off running up my porch stairs into my trailer. When we enter the trailer I run to the linen closet for towels. I come back, handing her a towel while taking my hair down. We both stand their in silence smiling as we dry ourselves off. I don’t have many clothes but I am sure at least have a few pairs of pajama bottoms and some t-shirts.

“Anything but these soaked clothes is perfectly fine.” She says chuckling.

“Alright wait here.” I say as I hurry back to my room. I grab a couple of different pairs for her to try on, then I change into my own.

“Thank you, where’s your restroom?” She asks as she slips off her shoes.

“Last door on the left.” I say pointing down the hall.

She smiles and nods walking towards the hallway. “Okay thanks, I will be right back!” she says walking away, when she is out of view I hear her thunder down the hallway as she rushes. When she comes out she has this devious grin on her face. “I guess this means we can’t order take out?” She laughs with her head back.

“Good thing I am a connoisseur of sorts.” I say matching her laughter. “You get to try the best veggie pizza San Antonio has to offer.

“That sounds enticing, now you have to make it!” She says once again chuckling.

“Good choice!” I say smiling as I preheat the oven. When the oven preheats I put the pizza in, and walk out into my living room. “I’m not really one for watching television, but I do enjoy classics.” I say pointing towards my VHS tapes.

“Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. I admire it even, how old fashioned of you!” she says as she mimics drinking with her pinky finger up.

I blush and giggle uncontrollably. “Thanks!” I say smiling like an idiot. I go through the tapes and stop when I get to favorite of all time movies. Little Shop Of Horrors, I pick it up and hand it to Kelly. “Alright well then your in for a treat, this one just happens to be the best!” I say matter of factly.

“Alright then what are you waiting for? Put it in!” She exclaims, pointing towards the TV.

“Alright, patience!” I say setting it down. I walk into the kitchen and take out the pizza, cutting it into equal slices. I put the slices on plates and bring them into the living room. I hand Kelly her plate and turn to put the movie in, sitting down beside her on the sofa I press play on my remote.

The entire movie we enjoy each other’s company. Kelly really seemed to enjoy the movie with me. The more we watched the more the night moved way to quickly, as we stayed up throughout the night just talking about life. When things began to die down and we both were ready for sleep, I begin to panic about sleeping arrangements.

“So is the couch fine for you?” I ask fidgeting, I don’t have people over.

“Yeah, the couch is more then fine.” She says patting the cushion, laying down.

“Alright good.” I pause before heading to bed. “Sweet dreams.”

“Sweet dreams to you too.” She says grinning from ear to ear.

I turn and walk down the hallway to my bed, full of this warm and fuzzy feeling. As I lay there it takes me a while to fall asleep. I drift to sleep thinking of Kelly. She is sleeping on my couch but I wish it was my bed.

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