Poison Ivy

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Surging Temper


I wake up Friday morning with a raging hangover, I get out of bed opening the medicine cabinet. Reaching for the medicine cabinet I grab my Aleve, popping two into my mouth I swallow them down with a swig of water.

I had almost forgotten about my fight with Ivy, when the memory hits me, my fist slams down onto the sink. “Damn it, why does she have to be so damn difficult!” I yell, as I storm my way through my house swinging my fridge open. My head begins to pound, with every move I make.

“I need to speak to her, but I gotta deal with this hangover.” I spit out as I reach for the eggs and bacon. I turn setting them on the counter next to my stove and grab out a frying pan. As I open the bacon and eggs I turn my stove on and begin cooking up my cure.

When they are done cooking I grab out a cup, and ready my blender, cracking two eggs I add them to the blender. I pour the bacon grease into the blender and add some ginger ale, and peppermint tea that Ivy gave me. The very thought of her causes my jaw to clench and my body stiffens and goes rigid as I pour the mix into my cup. Everything I do reminds me of you! I begin blending up my cure, letting the sound of the blender drown out my thoughts.

After I am finished I down the hangover cure, and quickly scarf up my breakfast. My head and stomach slowly begin to clear. “I can’t just sit around here, waiting on her.” I growl as I head towards my garage.

I make my way inside I flick on the light, taking everything in as I do. Ivy helped me set all of this up. I think to myself as anger sears through me, I walk over to my cabinet slamming the door on it open as I reach for my “Juice” kit. Turning around I sit down onto my bench press and unzip the kit opening it. Taking out the band, I wrap it around my forearm tight. I pull out a syringe and a bottle of anabolic steroids and begin pumping my arm until my vein bulges from my skin. I feel the steroids begin to hit me as they flow through my veins. Putting my kit away I come back and lay back across my bench press. “Bet this is one thing you don’t know about me Ivy!” I scream, as I begin bench pressing the three hundred pounds strapped to my barbell. I lose count of how many reps after fifty, letting my rage fuel me. Trying to burn out the fury within me, but it doesn’t do me any good. I fidget and pace around my garage fumbling around in my pocket for my phone.

I flip through the contacts until I come to Ivy’s name and I stop, pausing. I hit call and hold my breath as I wait for Ivy to answer. “Pick up Ivy, I know your there!” I say with a roar, the call clicks and I hear her pickup. For that split second I feel a moment of hope, that is until I hear her slam her phone down and the line goes dead. “Damn it Ivy! Just talk to me!” I say as rage begins to take over me. I hit call for a third time and the result is still the same, sending me into a fit. I begin to punch the garage door over and over again repeatedly until blood begins oozing from my knuckles, and the door has a huge bloody sized dent in it from my fist.

I run back inside my house, making my way in front of my liquor cabinet. I scan through all that I have, Gin, Whiskey, Jack Daniels, Rum. My hand stops when my eyes meet with a bottle of Spirytus Vodka. “This will do!” I say as I open the bottle, taking a huge swig. My body trembles with the taste of the Vodka hitting me, mixing with the rage from my steroids. “That’s the stuff!” I say taking another swig. By the time I make it to my feet, I begin to stagger as I walk to the door.

I get in my truck and begin driving towards ‘Howl at the moon’, swerving slightly with every turn as I do. Flipping open my phone I check the time. It’s seven o’clock Ivy isn’t home, right now. “On her “Date” with her new BEST FRIEND!” I slur, as I roll out of my truck towards the ‘Howl at the moon’ bar.

I glance to my side, and see the Jackson boys’ truck. “That’s quite alright, I got some new best friends!” I say to myself as I make my way into the bar, waving at the brothers.


I wake up the next morning, wishing I had never drank. Not remembering anything that happened the night before.

“What did I do with those guys last night?” I say checking over my face and hands. I am covered it scrapes and small bruises. Whoever I got into it with last night got it way worse then I did. I think to myself brushing the thought from my head. “Well I’m not in jail or worse.” I say as I make my breakfast and hangover cure all over again. While my blender blends I quickly flip my phone open texting Tom. ‘What the hell happened last night? Did we all get into a fight?’ I don’t wait for a reply, I begin eating trying to stop my head pounding.

As I finish my phone dings, it’s Tom. ‘Don’t know man you said you had to go take a leak, then you were gone. Didn’t see you the rest of the night.’

What the hell did I do last night? The more I try to think, the worse my head begins to pound. Giving up I finish downing my hangover cure and eat my breakfast.

When my plates are in the sink I pause contemplating on what to do, to call Ivy, or not to. Flipping my phone open I find her number and hit call. As it rings I wait for her to pick up, and I can feel my heart begin to beat harder and faster in my ears. I can hear the receiver pick up but she slams it down once again! “You can’t ignore me forever!” I scream as I redial her number.

Every single time I call she keeps hanging up over and over, the more she does it the more enraged I become. Until finally all I am left with is the sound of the phone continuously ringing over and over. “WHY WON’T YOU FUCKING PICK UP!” I scream as I crush my cellphone in my hand. “SHIT! LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO IVY!” I storm out of the garage and hop into my truck, as I make my way into town to buy a new phone. “Tomorrow morning first thing I am showing up at her house.” She can’t hide from me forever. I think to myself as I turn on the radio.

San Antonio’s local station blares through my speakers, I turn them down. “Must have been road ramping last night.” I say to myself. They are playing Achy breaky heart on the radio, I turn it down even more. When I hear, ”Breaking news for San Antonio residents!” It catches my attention “What happened now?” I say turning the radio back up again. “San Antonio Police Department are asking for any information about a female who was attacked outside the bar ‘Howl at the moon’ last night. The young woman survived the attack but now unfortunately is in critical condition. Police are looking for anyone who knows anything about the attack to please contact the San Antonio police department. When it finishes I pause trying to search my memories, I still remember nothing.

“Get your mind right Bane!” I say as I try to ignore the thoughts of doubt slowly seeping in. “Could have been anyone.” I say shaking my head and gripping the wheel, I continue down the road and into town.

I pull out a bottle of whiskey and begin drinking as I drive around town, eventually deciding to pull into the bar along side the Jackson’s truck. As I enter the bar the Jackson boys all turn towards me towards me, greeting me as I walk in.

As I walk up to them, Reese is eyeing me. He lifts is beer acknowledging me with his bottle. “That bitch cancel your date?”


The next morning I gather myself and try to keep my composure. As I make my way towards Ivy I discover she has a tree in her driveway, blocking Kelly’s car. I stop my truck and get out a little ways from Ivy’s driveway. Just enough so she can’t see my truck. “What the hell is she still here for? She stay here all weekend?” I ask myself, jealousy seeping into my words.

Trying to remove the thought I get to work. Not to big for me, but definitely too big for Ivy! I think to myself chuckling at the thought of her moving the branch.

I lift the tree with one arm, and I begin hefting it backwards out of the way of Kelly’s car. When I am finished I hear Ivy’s door open, I duck behind the biggest tree I can find. Watching them as I do. “Why the hell is Ivy acting so weird?” I say quietly to myself trying to not be heard. From the looks of it they are saying their goodbyes, the more I watch the more something seems off. An uneasy feeling begins to build up in my stomach as Ivy reaches her hand out nodding and smiling. Is she blushing? When the horror of what I am watching as I spy finally registers, I watch dumbstruck and confused. Which is shortly followed by anger, and rage as my skin burns hot. “That is disgusting!” I spit, as I watch Kelly pull out of the driveway, waiting for Kelly to drive away.

“WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT IVY!?” I scream running towards her crossing the gap between us before she can even move.

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