Poison Ivy

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Blown Facade


I slowly open my eyes, It’s Sunday and Kelly is on my couch! I take off out of my room and into the bathroom, brushing my teeth and hopping into the shower quickly. When I’m done I throw up my hair and put on a t-shirt and a pair of Capri leggings. Please still be there! I think to myself as I peer around the corner, I see she is sound asleep looking as serene as ever.

I tiptoe into the kitchen trying to be as quiet as possible, just so I can watch her sleep as I ready some scones. The rising sun slowly lights up and illuminates her face as I wait for the preheating oven, I kneed and form my dough. When I am finished I begin to add dried strawberries, and flatten the dough onto a pan. Once the dough is flattened I take out chunks of the dough using a round cookie cutter, and place the cut out pieces onto a baking pan. The oven beeps and I slide the scone’s into the oven, and when I look up Kelly begins to stir. I watch her intently as she slowly raises her arms above her head as she yawns herself awake. She’s even more beautiful when she sleeps. The thought slips into my mind before I can even stop it.

When her eyes finally begin to flutter open, I avert my eyes pulling the scones from the stove.

“What are you making?” she proclaims walking into the kitchen. “It smells delicious!”

I smile at her tucking a lose hair behind my ear. “Scones, I hope you don’t mind vegan strawberries, with clotted crème.” I say as I pull out the crème from my fridge.

“Oh, that sounds amazing! Thank you!” she says rushing down towards the rest room. “My clothes are in the dryer right?” she says stopping down the edge of the hallway.

“Yeah, I put them in their last night!” I holler back answering her. I blush at the thought of having to handle her underwear.

When she comes out I gesture for her to take a seat at my kitchen table. “Bonn appetite!” I say as we sit down.

I watch her intently as she brings the scone to her mouth taking a decent sized bite, when she does her eyes widen in surprise. “This is the most amazing scone I have ever tasted!” She chuckles, and I’m from New York!”

“Good just another reason to keep you coming back.” The words fly out of my mouth so fast I am not able to stop, and when what I just said registers. My face begins to burn brighter then a super nova.

With a jerk Kelly’s head flips back and laughter bursts from her mouth. “You are too funny!” She says smiling from ear to ear, making me blush even harder.

When we are finally done, I place our dishes into the sink. “We should probably go see a man about a horse.” I say as I clean up my morning mess.

Kelly’s face screws upwards, “What horse?” She says confused.

“Oh, there’s no horse it’s just an expression.” I say, chuckling. “I was talking about the tree, as much as I would like to keep you here, I am sure you have a lot to do.” As the gravity of my words hit me I realize I don’t want her to ever leave. “So you better get out of here now while you still can, cause I might just keep you.” I say waving towards the door, as we walk out onto my porch.

She smiles at me with a devilish grin. “Well as much as I would love to stay and be your prisoner I have to work tomorrow.” she sighs, how does next Friday fit for your schedule?” She asks as we walk out onto my porch laughing. I scan my driveway, the tree is gone. The city must have came by and removed it.

Twiddling my fingers, I look up into her eyes. “I think I should be able to free up some space!” I say smiling, and chuckling.

Her eyes lock with mine, sending shocks throughout my body. “So, does this mean we are official?” she asks raising her eyebrows.

“I don’t know what we are.” I say pausing and smiling, searching for the right words. “But whatever it is, it feels too right to not be official.” When I finish I can feel my face burning hot once again. Gaining my composure I close the distance between us and begin leaning in taking her hand.

It happens before I even realize what’s happening I feel her lips against mine as she kisses me. I jerk a little at first with surprise but then I let my guard down kissing her back. I hear the tune from my nightmare begin to play starting off soft at first. The tune, deafens out the rest of the world as it plays, completely drowning out the world. As the kiss ends it turns sickeningly sour, almost as if a warning.

“I definitely wasn’t expecting that, but I also do not regret every second of that!” I say touching my lips.

“I have to completely agree with you on that!” She says chuckling. “Well I better get going, can I call you later? If your not too busy?” she asks fumbling with her keys.

“I think we can arrange that! I have to paint the house but I will keep the house phone on the porch. Just in case!” I say enthusiastically.

“Alright awesome, I’ll talk to you later then! I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!” She says, sending me into a fit of giggles and blushes.

“Talk to you then!” I wave at her smiling watching as she drives away.

When she is finally out of view I am about to begin getting ready to paint my trailer when I hear heavy footsteps running directly towards me followed by Bane screaming at me at the top of his lungs “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT IVY?” When he says it I can see the spit spewing from his angry face. I am so confused and shocked, I can’t seem to move my feet. Within seconds he has me cornered on my porch, his hot breath reeks of liquor.

“Are you spying on me now Bane?” I glare at him, I am so disgusted by him and his actions.

“No, I came here to talk to you!” He pauses, his face getting worked up the more he thinks. “Are you some fucking dyke now?!” He huffs clenching his fists.

“That’s none of your business what I am Bane!” I say raising my voice with a shriek, I try to step around him to get to my front door. He steps in front of me, checking my body and pushing me back.

“The hell if it isn’t my god damn business! I have been your only friend for years, when you had no one and everyone treated you like shit who was there for you? Huh? I was, I spent every single waking minute that I possibly could with you, always there when you needed me. What do I get for that? Friend Zoned, only to find the minute someone new comes into your life your already kissing them within a few days of meeting them? What does SHE have that I don’t?” He screams on his last remark, grabbing my arms he begins squeezing my arms and shakes me.

“TITS AND A REALLY NICE ASS, NOTHING YOU’LL EVER HAVE!” I scream feeling the ground beneath my porch begin to rumble enough to startle him, as he releases my arms I slap him as hard as I can across the face. “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE BANE, IF THAT’S ALL YOU WANTED FROM ME WAS A PIECE OF ASS. REGARDLESS IF I WOULD HAVE LIKED YOU OR NOT YOUR A HORRIBLE FUCKING PERSON!” As I scream the rumble of my voice matches the rumbling coming from beneath our feet. “I AM SO FAR OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE, YOU WOULD NEVER DESERVE TO HAVE ME!” When I finally finish the rumbling ceases. Bane backs away stumbling off from my porch stairs.

“You will never find anyone as good as me!” He pauses as he glares under my porch, his eyes widening in horror. “You really are a fucking freak.” With that he runs down my drive way and out of view, I hear his truck start up in a distance and he drives away quickly towards town.

I am too angry to paint my trailer now, so I decide to work on my garden inside for a bit. After I am done I am about to walk towards my porch when something under my porch stops me dead in my tracks. There is a root of a tree that was definitely not there before, I walk towards it for further inspection. It is as if it came up out of the ground, the tip of the root is curved up pushing up against the bottom of my porch. I stand up and measure where Bane was standing, If the root kept going it would have emerged exactly where he was standing. Nodding and shaking my head in amazement I wonder. How the hell did that root get there, like that in exactly that spot. The thought is completely perplexing, and I cannot seem to wrap my head around it.

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