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Blue Moon

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Sequel to Dark Waters, Blue Moon tells the tale of a girl found on the bank of a river during a full moon that was adopted by Jeff and Laura Lanton, both rich and famous therapists, and their son, Peter Lanton. River Luna has no idea how special she is, how her true family searches for her; while she tries to deal with feelings that are more than just friendship and sibling love towards her adopted brother; that come her sixteenth birthday, her entire world was going to change.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: Prologue

Jeff and Laura Lanton sat in front of the Headmistress’s desk, the plague having said that her name was Monica Burt. The couple were excited to be at the orphanage.

“So, what kind of child are you looking for?” Ms. Burt asked, raising her grey eyes that were the same color as her hair that was pulled back into a neat bun, eyes that were framed by black framed glasses. The Headmistress looked like one with her dark blue suit as well.

“We’re both therapists. We were told that you took care of the kids that had . . . special needs. We want to share a home with one of those kids, to help them.” Jeff explained, sharing a look with his wife.

“I think we might have something for you, but I must ask: do you have any other children?” Ms. Burt questioned.

“A son named Peter.” Jeff nodded. “He’s nine.”

Ms. Burt rummaged through the folders on her desk. Then she sighed.

“If you think that Peter will be a problem, he won’t. Peter’s very mature for his age and one of the nicest kids you’ll meet. We even discussed things with him before we left so that he was okay with it. He’s very excited.” Laura said, giving Ms. Burt a comforting smile while Jeff nodded in agreement to his wife’s statement.

Ms. Burt gave another sigh. “Well, I guess it would also help.” Ms. Burt rummaged through the top file that lay open on her desk before producing a photo which she passed to the Lantons.

The photo was of a six year old girl who looked like she was four. She was dressed in a white t-shirt that was far too big for her, as well as pants. She had light blonde hair that went down to her shoulders and sad ice blue eyes that looked into the camera. There were bruises on her arms and neck.

“This is River Luna. A man kayaking found her on the bank of a river during the full moon, hence her name. No one came to claim her and no one knows where she came from. It wasn’t til a few months ago that she was at an orphanage a state over that got shut down for neglecting their children. River hasn’t said a word, but I’m pretty sure the older boys may have taken advantage of her, beating her. She deliberately avoids the boys here and will barely tolerate the girls. She mostly keeps to herself.” Ms. Burt explained.

Jeff and Laura looked away from the picture to look into each other’s eyes. Ever since the couple first met in college when they were both studying psychology, the couple had always had the unique ability to tell what the other was thinking just by looking into each other’s eyes. The couple smiled at each other before looking back at Ms. Burt. Laura spoke first. “When can we meet her?”

River Luna sat with her back against the wall on the floor with a children’s chapter book in her hands. The bruises that she had had in the picture no longer marred her pale skin, though she was still abnormally skinny.

Laura approached River first. As if sensing her, River looked up from her book to Laura. Laura was twenty-nine, with wavy brown hair and dark blue eyes. She was dressed casually, in a plain white t-shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers. Upon reaching River, Laura knelt down next to her.

“Hi, River. My name is Laura. What are you reading?” Laura asked in a calm voice, giving the girl a comforting smile.

River glanced down at her book then back at Laura. She bit her bottom lip. Then she closed her book partly and lifted it up to show the cover to Laura, revealing that the book was featuring Geronimo Stilton, the cowardly mouse Reporter. At the sight of it, Laura’s smile grew slightly.

“I used to read those books. My favorite character was always Thea.” Laura explained. “Who’s your favorite?”

River examined Laura silently for a few minutes before holding the book closed with one hand, one finger marking her page while with her free hand, she pointed to Geronimo, biting her lip as she did this.

While Laura engaged with River, Ms. Burt turned to Jeff. “This is the farthest I’ve seen anyone get.” Ms. Burt smiled at him.

Jeff smiled back. “We know it’s going to take time and we’re ready to give it to her and all the attention she needs.”

Six months passed before Jeff and Laura were finally allowed to bring River to their house, her finally having become their daughter. River still hadn’t spoken to them, but she seemed to trust them.

During those six months, River had gained a bit more weight, though she was still skinny. River eyed the large house as she followed Jeff and Laura, wearing a short-sleeved blue dress and black leggings that she had picked out at the store. Her light blonde hair was brushed and one side was held back by a blue hairpin.

Jeff opened the door and entered the house first. Then River entered followed by Laura.

Inside, the living room had been decorated with balloons and streamers. Over the small passage that led to the kitchen and dining room was a banner that said in big colorful letters was: WELCOME HOME RIVER LUNA!

Standing beneath the banner and in front of the passage was a short hispanic woman with brown eyes and grey hair mixed with white that she had held up in a loose bun. She wore an apron over her faded red dress. Her wrinkles deepened as she smiled at the sight of River.

Beside the old woman was a nine year old boy dressed in a blue striped t-shirt and blue jeans. He had tan skin, blue eyes that he had gotten from Laura and black hair he had inherited from his father. When River’s eyes landed on him, she examined him for a while before looking around the room again.

River didn’t speak but her eyes did widen when the old woman hugged River closer to her, the small girl’s head barely going past the old woman’s waist. The woman gasped though, backing away slightly but keeping her wrinkled hands on River’s shoulders.

“You so skinny!” The woman exclaimed, her voice laced heavily with an accent.

“Henrietta.” Jeff chuckled, noticing River’s shocked and slightly frightened expression, adding a warning tone to his voice.

“What they feed her at orphanage?” Henrietta exclaimed as she looked over at Jeff and Laura before shaking her head in disgrace. She clicked her tongue before looking down at River. “I have cookies in oven and then we can start putting meat on your bones.” Henrietta nodded, both for herself and for River.

Henrietta then turned and headed to the kitchen. River stayed in place, her eyes still wide as she then looked over at her new adopted parents, causing them to chuckle slightly and give her comforting smiles.

“Don’t worry, River. She’s just our maid. She’s not going to hurt you.” Laura assured her.

River eyed them for a few more seconds before looking away as Peter approached her, a gift in his hand that was wrapped up in blue wrapping paper. She watched him approach wearily. He stopped a foot away from her, sensing that she was uncomfortable. He then held the package out to River.

“Mom told me you liked books. I have the rest of the series and you could borrow them whenever you want. It’s my favorite.” Peter explained.

River bit her lip as she cautiously took the package from him. She slowly ripped the paper, occasionally looking up at Peter and then at Laura and Jeff who calmly watched her. When River finally pulled the wrapping paper off, she stared down at the cover with curiosity before she chuckled slightly.

It was a Captain Underpants graphic novel.

Peter laughed a little too, causing River to look up at him, a small smile on her lips. “Th-th-th-th-thank y-y-you.” She said in a small voice.

Peter nor River noticed that their parents’ smiles widened before they looked at each other before looking back at the children.

“Your welcome.” Peter replied, his smile having become a bit bigger as well which caused River’s pale cheeks to tinge pink slightly. However, at the sweet scent of cookies, River looked up and around, wondering what the scent was. “The cookies must be done. Come on, Abuelita’s cookies are the best.”

Peter gently grabbed River’s hand and began leading her towards the kitchen. Laura and Jeff slightly tensed up, afraid that River might freak out from the sudden contact, but River didn’t pull away, instead walking with Peter into the kitchen and keeping a hold on his hand.

“Would you look at that?” Jeff chuckled, a proud smile on his face.

“I told you.” Laura replied, smirking at him.

“Hey, I never said I doubted him.” Jeff held his hands up in mock surrender, causing Laura to roll her eyes.

They then headed into the kitchen to join the rest of their family.

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