Glass Among flesh

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Lady Marie looked at the other girls dancing with the young gentlemen of the court, but she can't do as they do. She can't dance as briskly and freely as the other girls, she can't glide across the ballroom the way they do, especially since her skin isn't soft and squishy as there's, she is hard, she fragile, she makes a clicking noise when her long fingers touch each other, that's because she is made entirely out of glass, stretchy, movable, breakable, glass. At least in her mind, she is.

Fantasy / Adventure
Shelby Meadows
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Glass Among Flesh

A Novelette

By Shelby Lee Meadows

~Inspired by the true story of Princess Alexandra of Bavaria

Who was Princess Alexandra of Bavaria? --

What is the glass-delusion? --


My Inspiration

Last summer I was scrolling down Instagram when I came across the story of Alexandra Amalie, who apparently believed she had swallowed a glass piano. Amalie is said to of had glass-delusion, and as I burrowed deeper into Amalie’s story, I found she was not the only person from the 15th century, or the only royal, who thought they were made of glass, although she was the only one who believed there was a glass piano in the side of them. I found that the glass-delusion was pretty common all the way up to the 19th century, “And it seems it has an antecedent in a delusion of being made of pottery”, says Australian journalist, Holly Williams.

I jotted down a few details about Princess Alexandra in my journal, and just a few weeks ago I was flipping through some of the word cluttered pages and found my memorandum of the peculiar Alexandra Amalie, after a few days of brainstorming, plotting, and character development, I believe I have successfully taken Princess Alexandra of Bavaria’s mental disorder and have really come up with a contented, yet paranormal, and twisted tale.

Just like All my novellas and novelettes, Glass Among Flesh is written to the best of my ability, I have taken much care and thought into every line of suave words.

I do not consent to the use of my characters or story structure to be used in any written format.

All rights reserved

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