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Glass Among flesh

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Guide To Court Positions

The fantasy guide to female court positions.

this is a guide, and the position explanation is by @inky.duchess on Instagram, not me. please go flower her, especially if you found this interesting

A royal court is the servants, friends & Noble families that live with a king or queen in the Royal Palace. Here are for funeral rolls Four Noblewoman at court

Lady- in - waiting

A lady I’m waiting for is the female companion of the queen, a consort, princess, or a noble companion. They are there to keep their lady company, looking fine, and even spy on other members of the court for their lady. They are from top noble families and sometimes spouses from royal members.

Maid - in - waiting

Like the lady-in-waiting these women do the same thing, these are unmarried from lower-titled noble families.


The girlfriend or side- hoe Of a king, Noble or even a queen ( Woo, Diversity ). They are usually noblewomen. they hold an important role at court and can be treated as an unofficial Queen. They are not always female dogs, however, some historical Mistresses have been besties with the Queen’s or wives of their lovers.


These Women look after royal children. Think of these women as nannies, without having to deal with the mess in tears. they can be surrogate mothers to their charges or like an evil stepmother.

Quick additions :

Mistress could also be made Noble by their benefactor if they weren’t already. They receive a title and a place in court as favoritism, which obviously went unappreciated by those born into their title. Likewise, receiving an undeserved title was not a mistress powered the rumor mill that you were a mistress.

In the eyes of their charges, governesses have often been seen as surrogate Parents because they did the actual parenting and therefore received the children’s love. They could also be abusive oppressors to went unchecked by the parents because they were good at kissing up, making excuses, where the kid came out to the parent’s satisfaction ( if not the kids)

~ @inky.duchess

These rules are According to history, they do vary depending on culture, and this post is highly England - Centric. There are literally hundreds of monarchies on this planet, if not a thousand historically. In conclusion, I do like breaking the rules of Historically accurate Court life, especially to fit my story and genre. When I write realistic fantasy, or maybe even just a plain fantasy I do like to follow the rules of how a court would have been, but I often am not historically accurate nor do I try to be.

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