Glass Among flesh

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Chapter One: Glass Girl



(Share-upon) (t-al-ee) (Shiver-lin)

Marie is a name originating from France when there was such a place, it means stair of the sea, and Latin for Mary, like the great queen from 3000, who brought peace to Tallie all those years ago. Our Marie isn’t a queen though, she is a member of the court, the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of the great islands of Tallie, and she was the forever loved Lady- Marie. But she was not a queen and was never destined to be one.

This year was a crucial year for Marie, she was to be married, to whom? She did not know, but she didn’t fear either, she was engaged once before, to a king, the reigning queen’s dead brother, but as I said, Leath is dead, and she was alone, but that was many years ago. Marie would have courted somebody sooner, for she is coming on 23, but people question her mental state. They think she is touchy and easily bothered. She would never let anyone touch her, not her ladies maids, or her mother, no one. she was rather careful, she would never touch knives, walkabout, sometimes she wouldn’t even leave her chambers, but Sage, the queen of all the Tallie Islands, would demand she come out.

Marie deeply hated everyone in the court, especially the Queen, she was almost certain...n-n-no she was certain... that Sage had killed her brother, Marie’s husband to be, just to get back at her for testing her so when they were little.

Sage and the court just didn’t understand her problem. The vacuole never knows, never be able to exasperate and feel what it was like to be her. Lady Marie isn’t like the other girls, she can’t find a nobleman in the blink of an eye. The others have advantages she partakes in. Marie can’t dance with the young gentlemen of the court, she can’t do as they do. She can’t dance as briskly and freely as the other girls, she can’t glide across the ballroom the way they do, especially since her skin isn’t soft and squishy as there’s, she is hard, she fragile, she makes a clicking noise when her long fingers touch each other, that’s because she is made entirely out of glass, stretchy, movable, breakable, glass.

Marie never told anyone about her problem, she never told her family how breakable she was. Marie was positive she would crack, chip or God forbid, Shatter if she was too flamboyant.

It was an early winter morning, Marie opened her eyes and turned her head to the large windows to her right that faced the snow-covered mountains, she let out a sigh of relief, she had made it to another glorious day. Marie carefully pulled her silk sheets off of her small body she sat up, turned over, and let her feet lightly hit the floor. She stood up ever so carefully slipped her feet into a pair of white slipper shoes one at a time. She walked to her vanity and pulled out the small wooden chair, which she lowered herself onto ever so carefully.

“Good morning my lady “, said Hope as she walked into Mary’s lavish Chambers, she held a bowl of water in her hand. Hope laid the bowl of water on the vanity stand and Mariedipped her hands in it as Hope went to get her a towel.

“anything of Interest arousing ? “, said marry, looking at Hope’s reflection in the vanity

“no, my lady, just the usual... although King Atlas is coming to visit his Queen.

" oh, is that all “, Marie herself was not a fan of the Queen nor her husband, who was the king of Blisk... a foreigner.

“I’m sure you’re more than excited for the annual lover’s ball “, the lover’s ball was a large annual party that was thrown every January, it was meant for young women to meet young men and happily get married before the end of the year. the first ball of the season, if you were anybody important to the queen or to Tallie itself, you would be there.

“not really, my father has given up on allowing me to find my own match, he thinks I’m incapable of it, so he will be choosing for me… ’it’s for my own good” she mocked her father’s slow provocative voice. “Who’s to decipher what’s good and what’s not, what’s a purpose and a waist”, Marie looked down at her dark-skinned arms “what’s a lionhearted thing, and that’s a scary thing?”,

“I’m not sure… you speak very deeply this morning”, Hope took the bowl of water and the dampened cloth into the next room over, leaving Marie alone with her thoughts, her Blood-curling thoughts.

What if I were to break, she thought to herself, I’ve never even chipped befor, but that doesn’t mean I never will. Marie slowly brought her hands to eye level, she turned them slowly looking to make sure she was still intact. She used her hands more than anything, yet they have not broken yet. Hope walked back into the room with a brush and comb in hand, Marie lowered her fragile hands. Hope began to work through Maries small curls, and ringlets.

“Presenting Thatcher, Duke of Tallie” A masculine voice from outside the room announced. An old, dark-skinned man with short grey hair entered the chambers.

“Father,” said Marie without looking her father in his face, she just sat there watching her lady-in-waiting untangle her curves.

“I’ve brought you something, I was planning on giving it to your sister, Charlott, but she won’t be attending the ball, she is getting settled in her new manner… married at 16” Thatcher emphasized that last part, and it echoed in Marie’s ears, ‘married at 16’

“What is it,” Marie asked, trying to seem excited when she was barely amused. Thatcher turned and gestured to a young man, standing git the threshold of the room, he held a rectangle-shaped box, the boy walked briskly to him, handed him the white box, then left just as quickly as he came. The duke walked to Marie and set the box on the stand in front of her. She slowly lifted the lid of the box and set it down carefully. She reached her hands in the box and lifted up the bodice of a red dress, with black lace around the ends of the full-length sleeves. “It’s beautiful,” she said while lowering it back in the box.

“let’s hope the men think so as well” Thatcher fiddled with a button on his coat “ well, I’ll see you tonight” he nodded his head at Hope, and left the room.

“Well, that drees are fit for the queen now isn’t it,” Hope said, pushing a lock of her light hair out of her way.

“I suppose” Marie’s eyes met her reflections. if my glass skin is to break at last, at least I will look beautiful up till the moment.

“ He’s so concerned with marrying me of..and for what, im I an embarrassment to the family?”

“Of course not, he is concerned for you, he wants you to be happy, to go on to have a family of your own”

“Hope, I can’t just…” Marie hesitates “ Im just not a charmer, not a people person”

“Oh, don’t worry, all will go well”

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