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The Mate of Two: The Ruby Wolf Series

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In this vampire/werewolf love triangle. Eighteen year old Ariel Locke is in her Senior year of high school. Damien Knight is a powerful vampire with a dark past. Blake Cremor is the Alpha of the Cremor Lake pack. What happens when these three meet? Read and find out.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Tomorrow will be my first day of school in Anchorage, Alaska. I moved up here from Chehalis, Washington.

I'm a Senior at West high school. New schools kinda suck. I mean for the first couple of days you risk getting lost.

I'm happy with my third hour class cause its Mythology and the teacher is my dad, Mr.Locke. Haha it's funny to call him that. I moved up here to live with my dad after my mom and little brother passed away. My dad came and got me so I wasn't alone and I didn't have to stay in a big house by myself. School started two weeks ago so I'm gonna be the newest one there.

At 6am my alarm went off. Getting up I got my hairbrushed and teeth brushed. I put on one of the dresses I made, it's a beautiful purple dress with yellow flowers around the bottom. I went downstairs after grabbing my back pack. Dad had already left and so did my step brother and step mom, so I grabbed an apple and a water. I made sure I had my keys before I put my flats on and walked out the door, then across the street to school.

I have four classes which is awesome. I have 3 classes in the morning and one class after lunch. I have English, Algebra 2, Mythology, and Alaska studies.

Nervously, I walked through the doors to a bunch of noise and people pushing eachother through the halls. I went straight to the Office and asked for help on finding my classes. One of the ladies showed me where they were and then walked me back to my first period class. I sat down and waited for the bell.

The bell rang and our teacher stood up. Everyone else did the same. So I soon followed. We said the Pledge and sat back down.

After that the teacher, Mrs. Ardy said in a Loud voice. "Students, we have someone new today. Let's all say hi and then get back to work."

Everyone turned and stared at me. I could feel my face turning red before everyone turned their attention back to the front.

She started discussing the book they began a few days ago. "The Five people you meet in heaven. Everyone pass out the books. Who wants to read first?"

I slid down in my seat avoiding her eyes. "I'll read then." She laughed.

The time went by quickly as Mrs. Ardy read. We got through 4 chapters before she had us pass in our books.
Once the bell rang I went to second hour. As I walked into my class the teacher, Mr.Williams, sat by the door handing the assignment out to everyone who walked in.
"The seat in the back corner farthest away from my desk is the only available spot." He said, before he handed me the assignment.

I went and took my seat as the bell rang.

A guy walked in and looked right at me. I caught his smile, before I looked down at my paper.

I watched him walk to his desk. Before looking away once again.
He was well built, his black shirt and jeans hugged ever muscle. He had black hair that hung in his eye's a little. He looked six foot nine. God damn he was tall.
He sat a couple seats in front of me.

Mr. Wiliams smiled at the class and said, "Today we are gonna be working on lineager fractions."

As he talked to the class I zoned out and began working on the paper. I already knew all of this.


As I walked into my math class my eyes found the beautiful golden brown haired, blue eyed, girl sitting in the back corner of the class.

She took my breath away.

When she got up to give the classwork to the teacher and get the homework, I watched her walk up and admired what she was in. A gorgeous purple dress with yellow flowers on the bottom. She was breath taking.


I finished my assignment first so I got up and got the homework assignment for tonight like he said to do once you were finished with the work.

I didn't want to work on it in class so I just put it in my bag and sat there for five minutes until it was time for third hour.

When the bell rang I was the first one out. I could sense that someone was following me, so I turned around and saw that the guy who had been looking at me was walking a few paces away.

I didn't think anything of it, because he was probably going to class.

I walked in to my class and I was the only one there. I saw my dad with his back to me, so I walked over and said "Hey dad, where can I sit".

"Oh, hey sweetie. You can sit over there." He said pointing to the first table by the door.

"Cool. Thanks dad". I said walking over and sitting down.

"Welcome sweetheart, So how was your first two classes".

"Ok, I didn't mind my second hour cause the work was easy. But first hour seemed long. Luckily they just started the book, 'The five people you meet in heaven.' So I'm not behind on anything. I like Mrs.Ardy." I spoke setting my bag down by my desk.

"Shes a great teacher she always gives it a couple weeks before starting on long assignments."

"Yea. That's good. It gives people like me the chance to not be behind." I said as a bunch of teenagers walked in.

A girl with pretty purple curly hair sat by me and said "Hi my name is Amber Groff, what's yours?"

"Um, I'm Ariel Locke."

"That's a pretty name."


"Your welcome."

We turned back to see dad start handing out papers. He gave Amber one but not me. I looked at him curiously.

"Your new" was all he said.

Amber looked over and said "Lucky."

I smirked to that and said "Yea".

He went over the assignment, but I didn't pay attention at all.

Amber nudged me. "You wanna be friends?" She asked.

"Yea." I said back.

"Ok so I can honestly say that Mr. Kyle Locke is so hot. I love it when he explains things. Don't you think the same?"

I started laughing and she looked at me and said "What?" "He's my dad." I said still laughing.

"Haha Oops." She said Giggling. "Sorry".

"It's ok."

The bell to go to lunch rang and Amber walked with me to the lunch room. We both got food and then i followed her to the science wing.

I sensed someone watching and I turned around to see my dad smiling at me. I smiled back and turned back around.

Lunch seemed boring to me. I ate and I felt like an outcast again, 'cause no one talked to me.

The bell rang for us to go to class and so Amber and I walked to class. She walked me to my class cause I didn't know where it was.

I walked into the classroom and saw the same guy from my second hour. Like he did in our math class, he smiled, I looked away and made my way to the back of the classroom.


When she walked into the classroom my heart skipped a couple of beats. Yes my heart still beats, it just does nothing to help my body.

I want to talk to her. But she doesnt need to be in my life. She would never accept my nature. Vampires dont mix with humans.

She sat down at the back of the room and I couldn't help but watch her. I got up with my stuff and walked over to her. Ignoring words of warning.

She looked up when I stopped infront of her.

"Hello, I couldn't help but notice you are also in my second hour class." I spoke sitting down beside her.

"I am."

"This is your first day?"


"How are you liking it here so far?"

"Its okay. Different. Of course."

"Yea that happens alot when you come somewhere new. Where did you move from?"

"Hm. Um-" she looked down.

"You dont have to answer that. It was a little too personal of a question." I rubbed the back of my neck.

"No it's okay. Um I moved up here from Chehalis." She fidgeted with her hands.

"Washington?" I asked.

"Yes." She answered as Mr.Kelly walked in.


Our conversation ended as the teacher walked into the classroom.

"The assignment is up on the board. Get your books out and begin. Ariel, I'll bring you the assignment in a minute." The teacher spoke. Everyone turned and looked at me.

I scooted down into my chair.

"I'm Damien by the way." He spoke beside me.

"Oh, right. Um I'm Ariel. As you heard." I said, looking up into his emerald green eyes.

Mr.Kelly brought me my work and a book as Damien said, "I can help you get caught up if you would like?"


The rest of the class went by slowly. Damien help me with the work and I was all caught up by the end of the class period.

As the bell rang I began putting my stuff away.

"What is your next class?" He asked.

"I dont have one. I took 8 classes in Washington for two years. I have my credits above the requirement. I could graduate early. But I like school." I babbled as he stood up.

"Okay. Well I guess I'll see you in class tomorrow?" Damien walked towards the door as I followed.

"So what do you like to do for fun?" He asked me.

"I like to read, write, draw and paint. What about you?"

"I like to do that stuff too. But when I want fun. I play some video games, go running or hiking. I'm the lead quarter back on our football team."

"That's cool."

"We have a game here soon. You should come."

"I'm not really into all that. Thanks for the invite though."

"Well if you ever change your mind you know where to find me and the game information." He stopped infront of a set of lockers.

"Thank you. I'm gonna go home now. I'll see you tomorrow. It was nice meeting you." I said quickly before making my escape.

It's not that the guy was bad. It was just weird how he was so friendly. I mean I'm new. So he could just be being nice because of that.

I headed for my dad's classroom before heading home. Letting him know I was leaving.

As I got home my step mom pulled up into the driveway. I groaned as I let myself into the house and shut the front door.

Heading straight for my room to plop down on my bed and rest. I was tried. But I needed to make sure my homework was finished and I had a shower. And food.

After changing into a tank top and shorts I headed down to the kitchen.

"Your father and I are going out so you and Jake can fend for yourselves with dinner tonight." Victoria, aka Vicky, as I call her, snapped at me.

"Wasnt planning on eating a dinner with you all anyway." I grumbled as she walked off.

I got out some tater tots and corn dogs. Putting them on the cookie sheet, I placed them in the oven and went up to my room after setting a timer for them.

As soon as I got done with my math homework the timer went off.

I headed downstairs to dish up my portion of food before heading back up to my room.

After eating and showering, I laid in bed and slowly drifted off to sleep.

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