Wolves Angel

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This book is apart of my series of RP's. This is called Wolves Angel. I know this is so blank but I don't want to tell y'all too much soooo. Read the story if you want to know more lol.

Fantasy / Romance
Satans Child_666
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Wolves Angel part 1

Characters’ characteristics

Ai - Hair: Age: 17, Viking-hairstyle, brown, medium. Outfit: plaid shirt, ripped jeans, a beanie. Face: blue eyes, with a hint of gold. Personality: Tomboy, lesbian

Feramine - Age: 17, Hair: Shaved, black, short and wavy. Outfit: big black hoodie, ripped jeans with chains. Face: golden eyes, piercings. Personality: Emo, Tomboy, lesbian.


bold= narrating

slant= character change

normal= speaking

Ai - I am sitting when I see a girl, she obviously looks lost but strangely I don't go to help her

Fera - I'm looking around when I see a girl in a room. I walk up to her and ask. Hey you, where's this class? I show her the paper that has my schedule on it.

Ai - What did you say? I ask 'cause I was busy scrolling through Instagram.

Fera - I asked do you know where this room is? I show her the paper once more.

Ai - Oh! I say knowing where the class is. It's right there, just across the hall. I point towards the classroom.

Fera - I follow to where her finger was pointing and it was right there in front of me. Wow. I'm a real dumbass. It was right there the whole time? I scratch the back of my neck. Thanks for helping me. I start walking away. I stop and turn my head. Oh, and I'm Feramine, you can just call me Fera though.

Ai - I'm Ai

Fera - Nice... RING RING RING name. Welp, time to go. I start walking away.

Ai - Hey, could you be a little nicer to people? I say still not appreciating her tone towards me.

Fera - I stop walking and turn around. What? I say walking back towards her. Sorry, I got horrible hearing. I bend down a bit and cup my ear. Say that again.

Ai - I said, you should try being nicer to people. I say through my teeth. There can you here me now. Clenching my fists a bit.

Fera - Oh, sorry bout that I tend to get mean sometimes.

Ai - I can tell... I mumbled.

Fera - Well I should get to class. Don't want to look bad on the first day am I right? I start walking away again.

Fera - I get into the class and I'm stopped by the teacher. She looks at me and smiles then grabs my shoulder and holds me close.
Teach - Hello everyone! We've got a new transfer student joining us today. Her name is Feramine. Feramine introduce yourself.
Fera - Sup y'all, I'm Feramine but y'all can call me Fera. I'm done teach.
Teach - Everybody welcome her like she is family. Fera, your seat is in the back you will be sitting alone if you don't mind. Now students did everyone bring their math homework?
Ai - I fake smile at Fera. Great she has to be right next to me. I say in my head.
Fera - I take my seat. Whispers. Well, howdy neighbor. I say with a big smile.
Ai - I give her a glare. I'm trying to work on my work.
Fera - Ooh, feisty! I sit back and pull my air pods and phone out. Welp, if you don't want to talk to me I ain't gonna force ya. I play some music and get comfortable.
Ai - I turn around. You know that your not supposed to be doing that in school right? Have you ever even been in school before? School is for LEARNING. I'm not glaring anymore, I'm just annoyed.
Fera - 1. I already know what they are teaching. 2. Yes I have been in school before and last but not least 3. I am learning... I pause my music. I'm learning what it's like to take a nap in this class. I play my music and get comfortable once again.
Ai. I turn back towards the teacher and grab a piece a paper to write on. I'm done writing on it so I roll it up in a little ball and throw it at the teacher.
Fera - I see the little trick she's trying to pull. I put my phone in my pocket and sit up. I don't bother with the air pods my hair is long enough to cover them. I just take one out so I can hear what she's saying.
Teach - Ai, your not supposed to be throwing balls at me, your supposed to be the role model of the class.
Ai - I know ma'am but look at the paper and you'll understand.
Teach - I read the paper. I look up at Fera. Fera is it true that you were really slacking in class?
Fera - No, ma'am. Why would I do that?
Teach - If you really weren't slacking off in class then what's the answer to this question.
Fera - I look at it and calculate it in my head. It's 20x. I say knowing the answer.
Teach - That is correct. Thank you for not slacking off.
Fera - Of course, my pleasure.
Teach - I look back at Ai. I know a lot of stuff happened this weekend but that doesn't mean you can blame it on the newcomer. Your getting detention for the whole week.
Ai - But, Ms. Winderfall! She really was slacking!
Teach - Do you want me to make that 2 weeks?
Ai - I shut up, knowing that she would actually do that.
Fera - Whispers. Sorry, I wasn't the dumbass you wanted to be. I laugh, quietly not wanting to get anyone's attention.

Fera - The bell, for the next period rings. I grab my stuff and get going to next period. I'm just out the door when I feel a tug at my hood. It made me have to step back. The hell! I turn to see that it was that girl, Ai that tugged my hood.
Ai - You don't know who your messing with! You think you have some 'Immortality' just because your the new kid? I slam her on the locker. I yell. Hey! Can you hear me now! HUH HUH?
Fera - I push her off me. I don't think I have immortality or anything like that. I just think that you should head to class. I walk away and smile. Don't want you to get in trouble.
Ai - I pull her back and slam her on the locker again. We aren't done here!
Fera - I grab her by her hair and slam her into the locker. I put her in a choke hold. Don't mess with me. You don't know what I can do. I say sternly. I punch her in the gut and let go of her neck. She falls on her knees holding her stomach. I start to walk away again. You should go to the nurse and get that checked.
Ai - I get up, not caring about my stomach I go to class.

Fera - The bell, for the end of the school day finally rings. I go to my locker and grab my things then head out. I hope she's okay, I think I punched her too hard. I think to myself. I see Ai and go up to her.
Ai - I see Fera come up to me and I walk farther away fearing she would hurt me again.
Fera - I see that she is walking away from me then I walk a bit faster and yell. I'm sorry bout earlier! She stopped and turned around. I didn't mean to hit you that hard are you okay?
Ai - Just leave me alone! I start shaking a bit.
Fera - I go through my bag and I grab my pudding. Here for my apology! I toss it to her.
Ai - I catch it and smile. Wait!
Fera - I stop and turn around to see her running up to me.
Ai - I'm sorry, I was scared that you were still angry at me.
Fera - Nah, I'm not one to hold grudges. After we talk in the field we go on our way to our houses.
Ai - So, Fera, tell me about yourself.
Fera - Well, I'm a major jackass. We both laugh. I ride a skateboard and I like singing and doing art. How bout you?
Ai - Well, I write songs/books. I look down. I wrote a song for my girl friend before she broke up with me.
Fera - You like girls?
Ai - Yea. I say admittedly.
Fera - Me too! I was always treated as if I wasn't human because of it though
Ai - I'll treat you like a human. I say,I blush a bit and smile.
Fera - Thanks! That means a lot.

If you were wondering, Jessica (or who you call Jay) made this with me! I give him half the credit for helping! I love him like a brother so I thought he deserved the seat of the first chapter of my book! Also, Ally made my book cover! it's really good right? Yeah! I'm going to be working on the next chapter after I post this I hope you had fun reading this! Bye!
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