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A Caster's Love

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Theo being the pact protecter has a lot of responsibilities. One being taken care of a very temperamental Alpha and his runaway mate. He is seen as the pact therapist, giving advice and wisdom wherever it is needed. He finds joy in the little things and couldn't imagine his life any other way. That was until his mate came along and throw his life in a loop.

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Chapter 1

“He’s going to kick your ass into next week when he finds you.” Theo said to his best friend as he watched him pack his things. He had just recently found his mate and he was doing what he knew best. Running. Theo wasn’t going to stop him, one it wasn’t his place and two Atlin was going to come back, he always did.

“Well when that happens I’ll send you a post card.” Altin looked over his shoulder to Theo and gave him a wink. It had to be 2 in the morning, and everyone was out like a light. The perfect time for him to make his great escape. He put the last of his items in the bag before he tossed it over his shoulder.

“Why do you cause so much trouble?” Theo asked as he got up. He wrapped his tiny arms around his best friend’s waist bathing in his warmth. His head vibrate from Altin’s chuckle which in turn made him. Altin wrapped his arms around Theo and they stayed there for a while.

“If he wants me, he gonna have to fight for me. I’m not some bitch that’s gonna ask “how high?” when he says jump. That’s not how it works for me. I’ve been though to much for me to just roll over for some Alpha that doesn’t even know me. You’ll understand when you find your mate.” Altin patted his head before letting go. He didn’t want his scent on Theo to be stronger than normal. Or else he was going to have a angry Alpha on his hands. Tears welled in Theo’s eyes as he stared at his best friend, more like brother.

“Promise me you’ll be safe, and to keep the link open. So help me god the minute I can’t feel you anymore I’m telling.” He tried to said mean but it didn’t work out that way. He voice sounded more like a hurt baby. Altin gave him one of his heart stopping smiles before he descended towards the window.

“I promise I will. I’ll link you when I’m far enough away.” He had tears in his eyes as he climbed out the window. He was leaving the only family he had and what he was doing might have been stupid but he really didn’t care. He never wanted his mate, and he’d be damn if he just let one walk into his life and control him.

Theo watched with sad eyes as he only friend disappeared into the night. It was for the better that he didn’t know where, but he had a feeling that he did. Altin was a warrior, he could take care of himself.

Theo didn’t need to worry, but he couldn’t stop himself. The things he saw, the thing he knew was coming. He just hoped that Altin was back by then. And that him and his Alpha mate had figure things out. Because hell was coming and he’s not stopping for no one.

“WHERE THE HELL IS HE?” Theo could hear the yelling all the way in the forest. After Altin’s great escape he decided that he didn’t want to be around for the after effect. Klaus had woken up mintutes after Altin had cross the pack border into no man’s land, and to say he was pissed was a understatment. Klaus was well over the age of twenty, and had the strenght of a thousand men. He could level the city if he wanted too.

~Lion, where the fuck are you!~

Theo glazed at the clear river the sat in front of him, he debated if he wanted to responed or not. He weighed the pros and cons of him responding. The others will attack his mind to try and find out where he was. If they did that then they would find where Altin might be, or might be going. If he did respond then the alpha will be down his troath trying to find his mate. Both ended with him maybe setting someone on fire because he had the temper of his father.

Theo rolled his eyes before shifting into his small panther form. He was about the size of a pup even at twenty-four, his coat was black like his father’s but he had spots of white fur from his dad’s. His parents, he wondered how they were doing, and where they were now. Knowing his dad, he probably dragged his father to someplace in Japan or something. He made a mental note to call them when he had some free time.

~I’m on the way back, don’t get you boxers in a twist Klaus~

He told his older brother as he trotted his way back to the pack house. Klaus wasn’t really his brother, but they were close like it. With their parents being super close it was only natural that they were. That and the fact that Theo seemed to be the only one that could clam him down other than his mate. The pack wasn’t that far away from the river, so he was at the pack house in less than ten mintues. The pack members greeted Theo small form with a smile as he trotted into the pack house after wipping his mudded paws on a near by rug.

“Alpha is waiting for you in his office, and may I ask if you could please hurry. It appears that he has started to break things.” Theo followed the voice to see Emily staring at him. Theo rolled his eyes before shifting into his second form. His bones released a satisying crack as he stood up straight. He quietly thanked Emily as he put on the t-shirt and boxers she was handing for him before he made his way to the stairs.

“Of course he’s breaking things, he’s such a tempermental wolf. I honely don’t see how Uncle Jesper and Aunt Lisa are his parents. He miss have been dropped or something.” Theo muttered to himself as he took the steps two at a time. As he got closer to the office he could hear the yelling of Klaus and both his betas trying to clam him down. It was clear that they needed to stop before Klaus ended up killed them like the last one. Theo seemed to have came at the right time because as he open the door he caught sight of Klaus lunging at Aleksei. Twin number one as Theo called him or the good twin. Theo held hid hand up frezening Klaus in mid air, the twins looked over at him in complete fear. Theo wondered when the hell Howlan was coming back, he was tried of looking at these want-to-be betas.

“Get off.” He didn’t bother to look at them as the stambled out of the room scared for their lives. Theo gave Klaus a glare as he stood in front of his floating form, one that Klaus happly returned ten fold. “What the hell NiKlaus! You can’t go killing everyone when you're mad.”

“And why can’t I!” He yelled like the over grown child his was. Theo rolled his eyes as he unfroze him and clamly sat him on the ground in front of him. Klaus’s red eyes stared down at Theo as his golden one started up at him. To a normal person it would look like they were just staring at each other but in reality they were letting their other beings do the talking. Theo sighed before wrapping his arms around Klaus’s waist.

“Why did he leave? Was I not good enough?“He question in a broken tone. Theo of all people knew how Klaus felt towards Atlin. He may have shown it in a dick, overprotective type of way, but he really did love the boy. They had this type of beauty and the beast relationship.

“That’s not it and you know it.” Theo said as he pulled away, “Atlin may be a pain in the ass, but he always has a reason.” He walked around to the desk and open the last drawer reveling the letter that Altin had left for Klaus. He smiled to himself, he knew his bestfriend better then he knew his self sometimes. He picked the letter up with care and handed it to Klaus with a soft smile.

“Being his bestfriend and all, I can 100% say that Atlin was madly in love with you. But you are kinda a dick and you know that he hates people who are dicks.” Klaus went to say something a closed his mouth seeing that theo was right, he wanted to protect Altin, but he was kinda a dick about it.

“What am I suppose to do?”

“Well, for one you can stop being a dick and trying to kill people. Two you fight for him and you don’t stop until you’ve won. You guys have a love for each other that most people wish they could have. He’ll come back, he always does, right?” They both smile at they thought of the many times Altin has ran away since first finding at that they were mates. Those were the good old days. Klaus wrapped his arms around Theo again which caught Theo by surprise because Klaus was never one to hug first unless it was his parents.

“Thank you Theo, I don’t know what I would do without you.” Klaus was completly honest. He didn’t know what he would do if their parents hadn’t been friends. He depended some much on Theo, that if he would have left to then he may have went rouge. They were brothers as the pack like to put it along with Howlan, and Zaina.

“You proably wouldn’t be Alpha, if we’re being honest.” Theo laughed as Klaus pushed his away. Not happy with his comment he walked aways from him, cursing under his breath about how Theo could ruin things just like his dad. Theo’s laughter could be heard through the pack house as he followed Klaus. Klaus couldn’t stop the smile that made its way to his lips, Theo had that touch of making everything seem better then what it really was.

“You’re going to make a great mate,” Klaus called over his shoulder causing Theo to stopped in his tracks,“Through I’m going to be sorry for the sucker because he’s not going to be able to see you.” Klaus joked about his height, something he knew pissed Theo off to no end.

“So what if I’m 5′0! We all can’t be 6′8 giants!” Theo yelled at he tackled Klaus down the stairs. Which was a sight to see if you asked anyone in the pack house. They made sure to stay out of the way as Theo chased Klaus around, laughing as they did so. If anyone could make the Alpha laugh it would be Theo. And the whole pack was thankful to have him, but they were waiting for when Theo for his mate. Would it come easy to him or would he struggle. They did know that who ever his mate is, was going to have to go though Klaus,Howlin and Zaina. Little did they know that the gods had blessed Theo with the perfect mate, and they were about meet him.

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