The lost universes

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3 high school students were hanging out after the 1st day of their sophomore year until they found a mysterious object laying in an Alley they were crossing and inspected the object not knowing it will teleport them to a world full of death and chaos.. There is a group of villains that are trying to find somethings called the "power orbs". Those orbs contain mysterious powers and their origins are unknown and the 3 Protagonists don't know why they are collecting them. And now the 3 high school students got involved in it and have to deal with villains or they die The story is set in the 27th of September 2016 in a city called Rockwell. They study in a high school called Rockwell high Charchter bios: Jack mercer : 16 years old. Date of birth : 16th of April Personality : unknown. He doesn't like to show it Height : 6'0 ft Eye color : brown Likes: unknown Hair color : black Henry Jones : 16 years old. Date of birth : 9th of July Personality : a bit of a hot head, kind, social He is a athletic but doesn't like sports that much and he likes writing Height : 5'10 ft Eye color : brown Hair color : brown Sam Williams : 16 years old Date of birth : 8th of August Personality : kind, intelligent, cheerful He likes sports but he is not good at it Height : 5'7 ft Eye color : blue Hair color : dark brown there is soo much more to this story. Don't let the sum ruin it for u

Fantasy / Action
Age Rating:

Chapter 0: Death

*wakes up* "huh.. Where am I? What is happening? Why... IS THERE SO MUCH BLOOD?" the little boy doesn't remember what happened as he sees dead bodies of his friends and villagers around him.

"there you are" a mysterious voice called him but he recognized that voice easily "there you are son" it was his dad. He was trying to find his son amidst the chaos
The dad carried the boy on his shoulder and started running "dad.. What is happening?" the little boy is scared and confused "there has been an attack on the village. Most of villagers escaped to the gateway portal but the attackers destroyed the portal and now we are stuck here".

. The dad continues to run as fast as he can while he is holding his son.. But the kid noticed a mysterious object his dad is carrying. "dad what is thi-?" and then an there was an explosion near them ended up injuring the dad and dropping the mysterious object.. And then they heard laughing and a bunch of people approaching them... "hehehehahaha look what we have here" a 9'2 monster appeared right in front of them with a lot of soldiers surrounding the 2.

The dad tries to coordinate the object but the monster grabs him by his head... And then the object disappears. "NOOOOOO" the dad screams in disbelief. "hahaha whatever you were trying to do it failed now" the monster taunted the dad. "now where is the power orbs". "i don't know what you are tal-". The monster begins to crush the dad "THE POWER ORBS". "I DON'T KNOW I SWEAR IT AARRGHH" the dad is in pain. "it is disappointing that we didn't find one orb here.. They must have used it or took it with them..arrghhh".

"now let's get rid of those two". Both the dad and the son were shocked. They were beging for their lives but the monster didn't care. "dad...". "it is ok son i am here just look at me". "now.. Let's finish this".
The son started to cry. "son as long as I here nothing wil-" the monster crushed the father's head right in front of the son....

".... D.... A. D...". Now your turn.. "d.... Ad" the monster grabbed the little kid by his head and slammed him to the ground.. "d... A-" the monster then stomp the kid's head. Killing him ... "now let's hope nano finds the rest of the power orbs... Return to the ship"

To be continued.
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