The lost universes

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Chapter 1 : Introduction

It is now a new year in Rockwell high it is the first day of school and our 3 Protagonists living a normal life. For now. Jack mercer is in class 10-c on his first period. He doesn't talk much and he doesn't want to make any new friends. Henry and Sam are in class 10-b getting to know each other during the break .

"so you like sports Sam?". "yep I like sports but I am not good at them. What do you like Henry?". "I am athletic and can fare against many
. But I don't really like sports much. My parents want me to be a runner but I want to become a writer". "I wish I had your skill and athleticism. I am not good at anything really other than computer science and all that".

"heh that is good to know what is y-" and then they heard a group of people calling them. "would you look at that. A bunch little shits talking and getting to know each other". A group of bullies are disturbing the 2 and trying to bring them down. "oh look who it is.. It is the little shit trying to make friends". Henry got angry because someone is mocking his new friend. "what did you say about my classmate you FUCK?". "oh you heard me pretty well. It looks like you and your piece of shit of a friend should get the hell out of our class

". Henry was ready to beat the living out of them but Sam stopped him. "let's get out of here it is not worth it". Henry barely agreed. During their exit they get taunted more. "oohh what a bunch of losers trying to be friends. Hehe.. Hahaha.. This is not the end Sam.. Mark my words" said the bully.

meanwhile in class 10-c. Jack got up of his desk and he hears people whispering and gossiping. "look at him.. You can talk shit about him all day and he won't do a thing.."
"hey mercer how bad is it to be a mistake by your parents" jack ignored it but he is furious inside.. He has the urge to kill them but he is holding himself. "look he didn't do damn thing" he walked out of class barely holding himself From staring a fight. "I will make you pay. I will make sure you will see hell"

To be continued.
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