The lost universes

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Chapter 2 : The Other world

After the first day of school and a day full of taunting and rumors. The 3 Protagonists get out if their classes and try to head out of the school.

Jack could have got out but he saw a bunch of low lives bullying Henry and Sam. Even though he didn't know the two. He decided to stop the bullying.

"if it isn't the loser couple. Did you think you will get out of school this easily?". "what do you want now?" said sam. "oh all I want is to annoy you even more and the best thing is. You can't do a damn thing about it hahaha". "and why can't we beat you fuckers up?" said Henry. "because you will get suspended. Maybe even expelled for it.

In here the teachers doesn't give a shit if you started it. If you fight back you will be doomed haha". "WHY YOU-". "hey break it up" said jack. "oohh if it isn't the ever so mysterious jack mercer what?. Are you the third wheel to this relationship. What are you going to do? Oh wait. nothing at all". Jack was one second away from killing the bully.

But Henry and Sam pulled him. "let's go" said Sam. "yeah. Go and tuck your tails behind your legs. Hahaha". "I want to say.. Thank you for saving us from those little fuckers" said Henry. "yeah we probably would have fought back if it wasn't for you" said Sam. "yeah yeah.. Whatever" said jack. And he began to walk away but.

"hey we are going to hang out together. Want to join?". Said Henry. "why would I join you? I barely know you." said Jack. "oh come on. We can get to know each other and become friends." said Sam. "yeeshhh. Fine. I will join because I don't have anything else to do" said jack. And the 3 went to hang out and explore the city even more. They were going to a local diner to eat there. But when they were crossing the alley a sound of something falling on the ground appeared behind them.

"what was that?" said Henry. The 3 Protagonists found a mysterious object behind them that wasn't there. "hmmm I want to see it up close" said Sam. "ummm I think we should leave it" said Henry. Then Jack went close to the object and picked it up. "this thing looks interesting". said jack . The other 2 were behind him and were approaching to see it up close.

"what does that do?" said Sam. He clicked some kind of button... And then 3 blacked out.. Not knowing that there are things that will stick with them for the rest of their lives after pressing that button.

To be continued.
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