The lost universes

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Chapter 3 : Enter The Nightmare

As sam clicks the button on the object. The 3 high school students black out. They get teleported to another world. Universe 3. The 3 were laying unconscious and couldn't move. Meanwhile there are 2 people talking.

"did we miss to kill a couple of grandurians." said the first. "no.. They look different from them" said the second . "hmmm whatever or whoever they are. We have to kill them." said the first. "can I torture them before we kill them" said the second. "heh.. Fine.. But don't take too long. We have to report back to nano" said the first.

"hehehehe. Don't worry about it. They will probably die before I even know it." said the second... Jack then woke up on the ground. "what happened?" he sees the school gate. "what... Why is the school gate there?" he gets up and walks to it. As he walks he sees other people appearing.

It looks like they are his school mates. "what.. What are you guys doing here.. And why are you all appearing so suddenly?. He then gets closer to the gate and then... He sees himself standing in front of the gate eyes closed." what.... Who are you?"." and why do you look like me?"..." I... Am you" said the look alike figure. "" said jack. "and I will take over your body" said the mysterious figure.

He then opens his eyes. He got a green eye on the left and an orange one on the right. Jack is in disbelief.. Then the figure began to smile slowly.. More and more and more.. Untill.. "AAAGHH" he grabs Jack. But then Jack wakes up on a bed. Heavy breathing. "WHAT... Was that?!".. Heavy breathing begins to slow down... Must have been a dream.. Or a nightmare... And then noticed something.. He was sleeping on his old bed..

"why am I sleeping on my old bed? I thought I moved out"... Jack is confused on what is happening. Seeing the mysterious object. Blacking out. Sees the mysterious gate with a mysterious figure that looks like him and wants to take over his body... "did.. All of that happen?".. I must be super tired.. Now.. Let's check if I am still in a dream or returned back to reality.. He looks overs the room.. It is the same room he used to sleep in when he was a little kid..

He gets up from the bed and suddenly hears a knock. He walks to the door.... As touches the nob.. BAM. A big monster like creature appeared in front of him and grabbed him by his neck.. "WHAT THE.. AGGGHHH".. Now.. Let the games.. begin.

To be continued.
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