The lost universes

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Chapter 4 : The Nightmare world

"let the games. Begin.". Jack has fear written all over his face. "What... What Games?". "I will give you a taste of it" said the monster. He then threw jack into the window and jack was falling from a sky and then landed into another window destroying his body and caused bleeding from multiple places. Meanwhile 10 minutes earlier.

Henry and Sam are in a different place. Henry wakes up. "Arghhhh my head.. Where am I?" looks around.. He is in a class all by himself. "why... Why am I in a class?.. And where is everybody?". He proceeded to get up from the floor and starts to explore the place. He sees that there are drawings and words written all over the walls with.. Blood. "my god this class is fucked up. But why is it like this? And why am I in it?."

he went outside of the class and into the hall.. It is full of rooms.. And Henry is too afraid to check any of them and then suddenly... He heard a window shatter.. "What.... WHAT WAS THAT?" he sees Jack on the wall landed on the floor bleeding from his head, face, hands. Etc.

"my God..... JACK!!.". Meanwhile Sam wakes up when he heard the shattering glass. "Ouch.. Everything hurts... What was that?.. Actually.. Where am I?" Sam is laying on a desk in an unknown room. "heh... This all feels like a dream... I have to find out what is going on" Sam went outside of the room into a hall. He noticed what room he was in.. "the teachers room.. What was I doing in there.. And where are the teachers?"..

He then checks the ceiling. He noticed there are drops of blood coming out. "why is there BL.. OOD DROPS... Coming out of a ceiling?!" he saw where the blood is coming and he went straight to the stairs. "this is either a nightmare or someone is bleeding heavily and I have to help him!" he went upstairs and noticed... A sea of blood on the floor.. "WHAT WHY WHO HOW?!!.. THIS IS NOT REAL.. THIS CAN NOT BE REAL!!!" Sam almost fainted before he noticed that there is nothing there... The sea of blood disappeared as if there was nothing there to begin with.. "... I got to get out of this nightmare"

Sam is on the verge of crying.. But he hears someone screaming. "JACK.. HOLD ON BODY!" he realized that was Henry's voice. He rushed to the next floor as quick as he can. " something happened to jack... I.. This.. Is.." Sam's body is getting heavier and heavier. He reached the floor Henry and jack are in and rushes over to them ." HENRY" Henry hears Sam's voice and turns around "SAM".

Sam noticed Jack laying on the floor. "oh my God.. Jack.. Henry what happened to Jack?!".. "I don't know but he was bleeding heavily.. I ripped some of my clothes to stop the bleeding everywhere... But I he will Need a lot of time to recover.." ARRGGHHHH" jack screamed in pain. "jack.. Go back to sleep you can't move" said Henry. "no... We have to find a way out of here.. Before it kill us"... " it?"..

Jack then tries to get up. "Jack what are you doing.. You will open your wounds!". Jack then got up on his feet and removes Henry's clothing out of him... "the wounds.. Where are the wounds?!" said Sam. "they disappeared.. This is not the real world.." said jack.. "but then where are we?" said Henry... "I don't know.. But one thing for certain... We have to get out of here" ......

"Hehehehehahahaha.. Try to get out as you like.. It won't be pleasant. Hehehaha"

To be continued.
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