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Chapter 10

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“Alpha, wake up! Wake up! Wake up!” Nicky kept yelling, but he was knocked out. It seemed as if his dreams were restless. He kept mumbling Viktoria’s name in his sleep.

Nicky opened a bottle of water and threw some at him. He then woke up, startled by Nicky.

“Nicky! What!”

“Alpha, I wouldn’t be waking you up if it wasn’t urgent.”

“Whatever it is, it can wait. I’m not feeling so good. I feel I’m coming down with something.”

“It’s Luna Viktoria.”

This spiked his interest.

“Go on.”

“Falcon told me she’s starting her heat. She asked for you.”

“Nicky, why didn’t you wake me sooner!” Koden got up immediately.

She rolled her eyes, thinking that’s what she had been trying.

“You have to hurry. Unmated wolves from her pack were going crazy.”

Just thinking about Tyler, Shane, or any other man being close to her filled him with anger.

“Falcon is waiting for you close to the border. Go.”

He nodded and darted towards the woods. He shifted; he could run to her faster than getting there in his truck or any car.


He was now crossing the border and found Falcon.


“Alpha Koden, all unmated wolves had to be restrained with silver chains to keep them away. Especially Tyler, I almost didn’t get to her on time. I think we will be leaving him along with Shilo in the dungeons for a while, so he thinks about what he tried to do again. But enough about this now, Luna Viktoria is in pain.”

Koden started trembling, and it took everything on him to restrain himself from going on a rampage and kill Tyler.

“Where is she?”

“With our Salutary.”

“Take me to her.” He urged.

Falcon led her to her home and gave him clothes to put on. As he walked into her room, he glanced at the pack healer was inside with her in her bathroom. She was in her tub filled with water and ice, wearing only a long t-shirt and her underwear beneath. His wolf drooled at the sight.

“Hey, I got here as fast as I could. How are you feeling?”

Viktoria’s features changed. “Better now that you’re here.”

“Luna Viktoria, you are in no condition of seeing an unmated male.” Interrupted the healer when she noticed the Alpha’s eyes glowing a dark shade of grey.

“It’s okay, I called for him.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere.”

“What can we do to ease her pain?” he asked, turning to the healer.

“Her temperature is rising and fast. She needs to stay inside the tub soaking in cold water with ice so go get us some boy.”

“Yes, ma’am.” He muttered trying to not glare at her disrespect to an Alpha. He ran to the kitchen, grabbed a bucket, filled with ice quickly, and then ran back to Viktoria’s room.

“Luna, if your intention is not to mate with this man, I suggest his visit is quick.”

“I would never touch her inappropriately, but I’m not going anywhere.” He growled.

“Alpha are you feeling alright?” She got up and touched his temple, his forehead was burning. “You’re experiencing a heat like the Luna.” The healer eyed them both and stood still deep in thought. “Her heat is a rare occurrence because of the circumstances.” She mumbled.

“Have you two ever dreamed about each other before?”

“Many times.” they both answered. Then they looked at each other in shock.

“Luna you hadn’t mentioned this when we talked and I tried to tell you. You rushed me off and told me you had someone already and when you brought Shane to the pack I thought...”

“Well, he’s not,” Koden growled again.

“The dreams you both have had is the moon’s mate call.”

“Mate call?”

“You both were unmated after the death of your mates. A broken bond like that has a life of its own. It starts to look for a compatible mate to reproduce with. When it does it starts to form through your dreams.”

“But... Wouldn’t we know if we were mates?”

“This bond is not like with your first mates, but it’s called being second chance mates. It is rare and it has no rule book.”

“If our dreams are a way to tell us we are meant to be for each other, then so be it.”

“Alpha, you understand that you being here will make the moon strengthen your lust for each other? It will make her heat worsen faster. You don’t have to mark each other, but her heat will require your seed to calm itself. You will have to give the moon what it wants.”

“It’s okay that he stays. Please leave us. Thank you Salutary.”

“How are you feeling?” The Alpha inched closer and rubbed her neck, his husky voice hovering by her ear. He could feel her heat and her body calling to him.

“Pain. This heat feels so much worse than when I was with..” She was panting out of pain.

“I know. I feel it too. It’s okay. I’m here. You’re not alone in this.”

“Koden. I want you with me through this. I want us to be intimate. We owe it to ourselves and our packs. Our wolves deserve a second chance.”

She was licking her parched lips, its supple pinkness calling out to him.

“Do you want this too?” His wolf called out to hers.

"Yes... I want to. I need to.” Her wolf replied to his with a yelp.

His eyes chased hers, the intense passion that he’d barely buried remerging with a furor. He came all this way, starving for a taste of her lips. But he had to do this now and make sure this is what she wanted. Once he started and gave into her heat, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself.

He grabbed her chin, and their eyes met.

“Vik, are you sure about this? What if you regret it tomorrow?”

The sudden desire to mate was overwhelming. Koden, as Alpha could tell with one look, one touch, one smell of the inviting aroma. Her center got moister just by hearing his voice, but she kept her composure.

“I won’t. I want you, Koden, only you.” That was it. Her words ended his restraint.

“You have no idea how much I’ve wanted to hear you say those words.” Koden helped her up and wrapped her in a towel. Then placed his hands around her waist and knees to carry her bridal style.

He placed her delicately on her bed and pulled her in for the kiss that both were longing for. They started to make out with soft and sweet pecks that steadily turned wilder. Their wolves needed this. They both did.

“Please touch me.” She looked as if she would zone out from the pain as if struggling to talk.

He caressed her everywhere, and she moaned at his touch. The hold he had over her grew stronger until it usurped all of her body.

With her mouth still in his, her fingers began working their way to take off his shirt. Her arousal gave her away when she felt his bare chest. Koden and his wolf groaned with desire, experiencing what they’d been waiting for and wanting so long. Her fingers climbed over the planes of his chest admiringly while his hands slipped under her shirt, exploring her curves. Mid-kiss, he hauled her up and settled her on his lap. A lusty moan escaped the back of his throat. She could feel him getting harder.

Lifting the edge of her wet t-shirt over her head, he cast it aside, drooling at the sight of the blue lacy bra and the flawless skin beneath it. He let his lips trail kisses down her neck, playfully biting the sensitive spots that made her squirm in pleasure. Viktoria stroked his hair, her moans growling louder as she felt him tug the straps of her bra open. When her bra fell onto the bed, Koden stopped for a split second to behold her beautiful frame.

“You are so beautiful, Vik. How can you be so perfect?”

“Mmm. I love my nickname rolling off your lips.” Her confession made him chuckle.

She giggled and pushed him onto the bed. But Koden’s wolf growled and flipped her around so he’d be on top. He wanted to have control and pleasure her endlessly. He needed to look down at her, whimpering and moaning while he caressed her whole body.

“A quarrel, then?” Viktoria jested before he interrupted her with another kiss. She nudged his boxers off while he peeled the panties off her with the urgency of a red-blooded Alpha.

As Koden was basking in her naked beauty, taking in every perfect inch of her, he had to rein his inner wolf back from pouncing on her. The scent of her hair. The feel of her skin against his. It was all too much.

“I want you so bad,” Koden whispered raspily. With a smirk, he posed on his knees, spoiling her with kisses. He began with her hips, tracing a path from there down the soft trail that led to her sweet slit.

“Koden,” She rolled her head back, and her fingers kneaded his hair in euphoria.

He massaged her slit with his tongue. Taking his time with her. He had waited for this.

“Koden, please,” she begged, on the verge of her peak, pulling him up to her. The lust in her voice was stirring his arousal to its hardest yet. He leaned over her again, guiding his length towards her entrance. Both moaned in ecstasy in anticipation, and their wolves started to howl. Koden kissed her passionately while his hands were holding her.

“Take all of me!" begged her wolf.

“I want us forever.” He breathed that lustful promise while he leaned down closer. Their chests met, and they cried as their bodies molded as one when he slid his length into her.

His thrusts were slow and sensual at first. He wanted to enjoy the sensations for as long as it lasted, to hear her moans and breathless sighs, to feel her insides clench as he continued plunging into her. It didn’t take long for her to scream his name and clung her hands onto him. He could feel her legs tremble beneath him as she released her sweet honey.

“This was worth every second of the wait,” whispered Koden’s wolf, watching as she came undone. Pleasure built-up in his groin, but he wanted to last longer for her. He is an Alpha, and he wanted to show her how lovemaking would be with him forever. He needed her to see her tremble once more under him.

As he slowed down, she whined. Koden moaned and put a hand on her slit. The length of his fingers began massaging it as he simultaneously sped up again. He pounded her like the Alpha that he was, harder and faster—hitting different angles and depths in her that were foreign to her. Being with him was more pleasurable than anything she’d ever experienced before. Her walls tightened around his erection once more, the sensations urging him to climax with her. Viktoria screamed his name, her body quivering through waves of pleasure. The Alpha grunted and released his seed inside her subduing her heat. He collapsed on the bed and rolled over. Viktoria hugged him and snuck her head into the crook of his shoulder, observing his afterglow with a smile. Suddenly, he seemed like a different man, the aura that he radiated more peaceful yet more potent than before.

“What an interesting turn of events.” He quipped.

“Yes. I’m happy this was with you.”

“I’m happy too my love.”

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