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Chapter 11

Shane and Viktoria were standing next to each other as her Sentinel was leading the initiation ceremony. The whole pack was present. Shane extended his hand and squeezed hers; she squeezed back.

“Shane, once you sign this document, you will be a permanent member of the Highcrest Pack.”

The young man looked at Viktoria, who smiled and nodded at him. As he went over to sign the document, Viktoria turned around, searching for either Koden or Nicky. Following a few nights filled with passionate lovemaking, he left early in the morning, promising to get back as soon as he could. Her thoughts diverted to how pleasurable and pleasing being with him was. She blushed, she shouldn’t be thinking of such things when she needed to concentrate on the task at hand, but she couldn’t wait to see him again. Her gaze then fell upon a few rogues that asked to join the pack along with Shane. Viktoria was suspicious of them, apart from the traitors she suspected that were already in her midst.

As Shane returned to her, the Sentinel continued. “With this signature, I declare Shane, an official member of-.”

“Stop!” Koden’s booming pitch carried over the gathering and interrupted the ceremony. There was a disrupting bustle among them - Koden, Nicky, and a few guards had just barged in. “I have something to say!”

“Rogues, along with a few pack members from our packs, killed your Alpha and my mate and pup. They wanted to weaken us to take out Viktoria and I and take over our packs. They have been planning this for a while and plan to attack us right now!”

“We just want to have a chance at a pack life. What proof do you have that this is true?” One of them responded.

“These.” He threw the evidence he had from the dig-site in his pack on the ground for everyone to see. “My Beta is working with them and buried these in my pack. He is working with them. Thanks to this box and thorough investigation, we found out their plan.”

“That’s what you were digging on the ground the night that Luna Viktoria had come over, isn’t it?” Brodi interrupted the scene looking at Dalton. “You told me you were burying what was used to cut Luna Amethyst open so that Alpha wouldn’t have that as a reminder in the house, so I didn’t think anything of it. I can’t believe you fooled everyone all this time. I’m sorry I didn’t come to you, Alpha, but I am glad we know the traitor he is.”

“I saw him too. I grew suspicious later and returned to the dig-site and found the evidence,” Nicky added.

“Shit.” Most people gasped as Dalton emerged from the group of rogues. He lifted his hands for a truce, pacing up to Koden. “I can explain everything.”

“We’ve been watching you. We know what you’ve been up to, Dalton.” Nicky retorted.

The Alpha dismissed him with a snarl. “There’s nothing to explain, Dalton! I know what you did! How could you do this to me, to our pack!”

Dalton’s eyes grew twice as wide in shock. “No! Koden, they’re lying! Do you really believe I would do this? Koden, b-brother, please just listen.” He spoke nervously, his feet slowly retreating in the direction of the rogue-group. “I’ve been useful to you for the longest time, haven’t I?”

“Do you even listen to yourself? You stabbed me on the back and dared to call me brother? You were like a brother to me, Dalton! I have proof! What the fuck do you have to say for yourself?” His retort cracked through the wind faster than a whip.

“Okay, okay. Wow, I gotta give it to you; this did not go as we thought it would.” A different hue tinted his expression, a darker one. “Pretending to be your friendly pal has been dreadful – and I had to do it for so long. You’re fucking weak and pathetic. These packs deserve a better Alpha than you. It will be me!”

“You are a fucking traitor, but today, I can see your true colors for what they are. I will never let that happen or let you hurt anyone anymore. Ever.”

The confrontation grew uglier by the second until Koden had had enough of the betrayal. Many Rogues and pack members from both packs started to emerge. Koden signaled his pack to be ready to attack, and Viktoria did it with hers too.

“Guys, NOW... attack them!” Dalton yelled. He turned into his wolf form and fled. Simultaneously, the Rogues barged in, and all members from both packs began attacking the loyalists.

During the chaos that ensued, the Highcrest Sentinel quickly stormed towards Viktoria and shielded her from the traitors.

Shane turned around to Viktoria, sadness filling his eyes. “Viktoria. Wait. I know this is hard to believe, but my intentions with you were real. I will make up for this, I promise.” Shifting into his feral form in a beat, he started chasing after Dalton.

“Luna. We have to get you out of here right now.” The Chief Sentinel yelled.

“I can handle myself. I want to help!” Viktoria exclaimed. But the Sentinel stopped her from turning into her wolf form.

“Luna, the pack needs you alive!” She reminded her before dragging her away.

“Not this time, love. Please, I need you safe while I handle all this.” Koden rushed to her side and urged her to listen.

“Okay, but could you please go after Shane? I’m scared for him.”

Koden sighed. “Vik, He’s a traitor. Don’t you get it?”

Viktoria beseeched with a soft look. “Please? Besides, we can’t let Dalton get away.”

His face softened, he leaned down their foreheads and their beats meeting. “Okay, but promise me you will stay safe.”

She rubbed her nose against his. “I promise.”

He brought her close to him, pecked her on the lips, and then turned around, disappearing into the forest.

Not too far away from the Highcrest pack border, Shane was still chasing after Dalton.

“What are you doing, you idiot? You weren’t supposed to interfere!” The Beta thundered.

“I’ve had enough of your lies, Dalton. You’re scum, and I’ll happily protect my new pack until death.”

Dalton let out a gnarl. “So, be it then, you ungrateful bastard. You pathetic little rat.” The older wolf spun around to charge towards his chaser.

Shane whined as four deadly claws left four deep indents along his stomach. However, he didn’t give up and lunged back at Dalton’s neck.

Koden was watching the assaults behind the bushes. No doubt, he wasn’t too fond of Shane. After all, the rogue was a competitor, someone who’d attempted to come between Viktoria and him. Yet, he just realized his intentions might be good. As Dalton bit Shane’s throat, Koden charged out of his hideout.

“Ah! the other coward.” Dalton mocked.

“You are the coward, killing my family behind my back. You should have fought me, asshole!”

“Yes, and I will make you watch as I kill everyone you love. I’ll kill your new bitch just like I killed your parents and Amethyst,” snarled Dalton menacingly.

Koden’s wolf thundered. “I should have fucking known. You’ll pay for this!” He lunged and hit Dalton over in one strike. He pinned his claws on top of him and kept Dalton’s chest down. His serrated teeth were tearing through his neck while digging into his chest. The full force of his might clamping his throat.

Dalton spluttered, his tune taking a dramatic turn as death flashed by his eyes.” W-wait! P-please Koden.” He squeezed the words out in pain.

The Alpha did not move. “There is no mercy for you. Not today.” He nailed down the knifelike edges of his teeth into the nook of his throat repeatedly and ripping out big chunks off. Life drained from Dalton as pools of blood gushed out. Koden stood over his enemy’s body, tall and terrifyingly tough. Dalton writhed for a few seconds, and then his head lolled back limply.

Koden moved away from the dead wolf, shifting back into his human form. He spat the flesh chunks on the ground and cleaned his mouth before walking up to Shane. He looked like he was struggling; Dalton had hurt him badly.

“Now, you,” the Alpha knelt and pressed his hands onto Shane’s wound. “Explain to me your role in this. No lies, or I’ll rip off a part of you until you bleed out, just like I did with him. Do. Not. Test. Me.”

“Wait! I never lied to her about my intentions. I was never sent to meet Viktoria. That just happened by fate or chance. I never wanted to hurt her. My family tried to make me kill her once they found out I would join the pack. But I intended to protect her. That’s the truth. I swear!”

“If you ever hide something like this again, I will make sure you suffer a fate worse than death. Do you understand?” Koden threatened. Shane saw the truth in his eyes and nodded.

“Shane! Koden!” screamed Viktoria running up to them with the Sentinel, the trails of blood marking the two men dearest to her.

Koden glanced over at her. “He will be fine. It’s a flesh wound.” He let the Sentinel take over.

“I’ll return to the fight to take care of the remaining traitors,” Koden’s knuckles crunched.

But, Viktoria curled her soft palms around his fists, soothing his knuckles with her thumb. “They’re all dead already. We’ve won, Koden.”

Moments later, Koden and Viktoria spotted Tyler and Shilo fleeing with a few possessions, unbothered by what was going on.

“Who the fuck let them out!” Koden growled. Both their wolves roared. Koden wanted to run after them, but Viktoria tried to hold him back.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t let Tyler get away like this.”

He was going after them, even though Viktoria tried to dissuade him not to.

“Running like the cowards you are. I should kill you both where you stand.”

He didn’t want to play games, so he lunged at Tyler, grabbed his neck, and threw him. His body landed in a tree. Tyler turned around and charged at him and tried to bite him, but he grabbed his nozzle and flipped him. As he was about to ram his claw into Tyler’s back to kill him, Shilo stopped him.

“Koden! I’ve already lost my firstborn!...You lost your pup too. Please understand...” Koden hated him for his words, but they were true.

Then, he pushed Tyler to the ground and started to shout, telling everyone to back off, scaring all the wolves around him. Viktoria stood in front of him and grabbed his face. Her pleads stopped him in his motion.

This softened him, and he leaned towards her touch. “They’re not worth it. Please let them go.”

“They won’t live to tell anyone what they planned to do to you. I’ve already let them live for too long.” He breathed.

“This isn’t the way.” She breathed back.

“What would you have me do?”

“Ban them. They were running away anyway without seeing the consequences. A life without a pack is a fate worse than death.”

He wanted so badly to make them pay; he knew he shouldn’t do this to Viktoria; it would distress her. What if she hates him for it? He couldn’t bear the thought. He wouldn’t be okay with her hating him because he killed the last family members left of her first mate.

“Vik, the pack would see me as a weak Alpha if I don’t finish this.”

“Please.” The luna begged, and Koden sighed.

“You are now Rogues. Nobodies. Nothing! Announce you cut ties with this pack this second, and don’t let me ever see you around here again!” Koden shouted, filled with anger.

“And you fucker.” He continued. “Don’t ever fucking come near Viktoria. I will not be this merciful!”

“Pathetic, just like this weakling barren bitch for Luna you have.” As Koden leaned forward, his eyes turned a very dangerous dark color. He lost any self-control he had left and grabbed Tyler’s mouth and ripped it open, killing him instantly. Shilo fell on the floor. He screamed and howled, then ran towards Koden, but Falcon stopped him, knocking him out with a punch.

“Lock him up. When he’s awake, he has to leave and never come back, or I will execute him. I want him off our pack grounds.” Koden ordered.

Viktoria fell on her knees and cried. She didn’t want Tyler dead; he was Randal’s brother. But she was grateful that she wouldn’t have to deal with him or Shilo ever again.

Koden turned around and walked to Viktoria. “I’m sorry.” He got on his knees and embraced her. He kissed her temple, her cheeks, and then her mouth. He kissed her until her lips were sore because even if they were, he wouldn’t stop.

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