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Chapter 12

“There you are,” Viktoria grinned.

“You miss me?” Koden reached over to gather her in a hug, planting a passionate kiss on her lips. “We’ve just finished another patrol along the new border.”

Nicky, Falcon, and Shane smiled at her. It had been a month since they defeated the rogues. Each pack was left with fewer members, so they decided to merge the Grayhide and the Highcrest packs into a united Graycrest pack. Naturally, Nicky and Falcon became their Betas. And after a lot of convincing, Shane was chosen as the pack’s Delta. It felt like all their problems had sunk into the distant horizon.

Viktoria and Koden were happy to be starting their lives together. He was so loving and kind to her. They completed the mating bond after the alpha and luna ceremony, and he marked her, making her his forever.

“Can I talk to you?”

“You never have to ask. I always have time for you, love.” Koden wrapped an arm around her.

“Come with me.”

She led him towards the modest burial site of Amethyst, Randal, Alice, and the unborn pup. “I led you here because I have something important to tell you.”

Koden’s wolf tilted his head in confusion, and the Alpha frowned. “Is something wrong?”

Clearing her throat, she picked up his hand and placed it on her belly. “I’m late, and I didn’t think anything of it, especially this has never been possible, but..”

“I don’t follow. What is it, Vik? Should we get you checked up?”

“No. I already know – nothing’s wrong, everything’s right.”

“You’re scaring me. I want to see for myself now.”

“No, Koden, wait. I already know what it is! I’m pregnant!”

To support her statement, Viktoria pushed a few pregnancy tests from her bag into Koden’s hands.

A startled stillness later, Koden gasped in surprise. “But...How... I had thought. Are you sure?”

She had thought she was barren, and Koden did too. For all they knew, Randal may have been the one that couldn’t have children. Both hadn’t thought they would be parents after what happened with their mates. Thus they didn’t use protection.

“Yes! I thought so too. I’ve been late before. I didn’t think it was this.” Viktoria smiled. “It seems like you and I were meant to be. We’re a perfect fit.”

“Are you a hundred percent sure? We should go to the Salutary.”

“I’m positive, baby. Are you not happy with this? Do you still want to be a father?”

“Of course, I am! I do, Vik. Not a single day has passed that I haven’t thought of that for us. But I didn’t think it would ever be possible. I’m just surprised, is all. Vik, I can’t lose you too.” Emotion clouded his eyes as he knelt to kiss her stomach.

“You won’t.”

“This is the best news you could ever give me! I never thought I would be a father again.”

“I think we deserve to be happy after all we went through. We owe it to them and ourselves to try.” Happy tears left salty trails on her cheeks.

“We do. This makes me so happy. You and I were meant to be Vik.”

“I’m going to be a father! We have a pup on the way!”


Koden caressed her arms, infusing a fresh wave of warmth in her. Standing up, he hugged her tightly and lifted her in the air. “I promise to protect you and our pup... always. Nothing will ever happen to you both. Not on my watch.”

“Koden, everything will be okay. We will be okay.”

“I love you. So much moon of mine.” He dropped his head to hers.

They gazed into the depths of one another’s eyes, sealing the moment with a kiss. Standing with their arms wrapped around one another in a lover’s embrace, observing their former mate’s graves. They brought them flowers and spend some time together honoring their memories.

As the months passed, Koden and Viktoria enjoyed their pregnancy together to the fullest. Both found a way to overcome their fears of having their child.

Throughout the months, waking up every day checking on her was the first thing the Alpha did during the pregnancy. Sometimes he had nightmares that what happened with Amethyst would happen to her. But he didn’t let that get to him; he would protect her with his life. He couldn’t give in and needed to remain strong and put those fears to rest.

Koden was always watching out for her, making sure she had everything she needed. He made a healthy daily eating routine for her a pregnancy workout with a special pack trainer.

He had built a special room for her with medical help to help with any pregnancy complications and bought a personal device for sonograms to see the baby safe at the comfort of their home every time they wanted to. His Alpha was overprotective of his mate and next of kin. He wouldn’t be able to bear having a loss like that again.


It was a bright and beautiful early spring morning. Koden was nervously cracking his knuckles while patrolling along the border with their Delta. Koden and Shane had become good friends. He cared for the younger man like a brother now.

Shane was very empathetic, and he could sense the Alpha’s uneasiness. Being away from Viktoria for too long put him on edge.

Far away from the other pack members, Shane decided to ask him about it. “You can’t stand being away from her, can you?”

Koden sighed as he ran a hand through his hair.

“She kicked me out of the house today because I’m constantly around her, and it uneases her. I don’t mean to; I just worry. These past months have been tough, and I just want to help. I need to be there for her.”

“I completely understand Alpha, but I’m sure the birth will go smooth, and she’ll have the pup soon.” Shane tried to cheer the Alpha up.

Koden half-chuckled at Shane before his wolf made him worry again.

The Alpha then jumped as Falcon’s wolf was running up to them. He had caught him completely off-guard.

“Is it time? Is it time?” asked Koden’s wolf.

The Alpha’s heart kept beating faster and faster as Falcon was shifting into his human form.

“Alpha, I came to get you. Luna Viktoria has had her first few contractions. But she also said there would be no rush just now.”

“No rush?” Koden couldn’t believe it. He didn’t want to miss a single second of the birth.

“According to the Salutary, the pup isn’t in the right position yet. Even for a Luna, her labor could take days.“, Falcon tried to explain.

“I don’t care how long it lasts. I’m going.”

“She knew that you’d say that. So, she requested we head back.”

The Alpha agreed. Quickly, they walked over to Falcon’s and Nicky’s place to get some clothes for her as she’d stay overnight to help and got in their car.

“Are our hunters guarding the house like I asked to?” Koden inquired as Falcon got into the driver’s seat. The Alpha wasn’t in the right condition to drive.

“Yes, Alpha. We know how worried you must be. But we haven’t seen a rogue over the whole winter.” said Falcon while looking at their Delta through the mirror.

“We’ve had the calmest and most fun winter in years, haven’t we?” began Shane. “Remember Winter solstice?”

The Alpha finally relaxed a bit, as he remembered the past few months. For Winter Solstice, the Alpha and Luna had invited their closest friends to their newly renovated home.

“Yes. I remember Viktoria sitting on the couch, her arms crossed over her chest because the pup was giving her some trouble. She’s been very cautious with her pregnancy to make sure she would get to full term. And, of course, I wanted her to rest as well.”

“But she’s our Luna, and she takes such good care of our pack. As we all sat around the table, everything felt so normal. I still can’t believe it! Next year, we’ll celebrate with two pups.”

Koden turned around to Falcon, who couldn’t hold back a grin. He and Nicky had announced their pregnancy a few weeks ago.

“Now, we’ll only need to find Shane’s mate, and everything will be perfect.“, said Falcon.

But the Delta shook his head. “I’ve got some time left for that...besides, how would I tell her that shopping for baby clothes has been my most important job as Delta?”

Koden chuckled as he remembered a day in late fall, where he and Viktoria had gone into town to go ‘pup shopping’ for the first time. She had never thought she could have pups, she spent hours over hours, trying to find the perfect crib, stroller, and clothes.

Koden had tried his best to be patient. But as Shane had offered to tag along and pick out things with Viktoria as he was resting on a chair, he couldn’t say no. It brought back memories with Amethyst and his first pup.

As the three men were driving through the main gate, Koden was getting a little sentimental. He remembered the time a few months ago when he and Viktoria woke up together. Koden said good morning to her belly as he felt their pup’s first kick.

“Filled with energy already like your daddy.“, the Luna had joked.

Though they could have gotten a proper scan to find out the gender, the couple had decided to leave it as a surprise. Viktoria was quite convinced that they were having a boy. But Koden just knew that they were having a girl.

Falcon was finally parking the car in front of their house. Before it had been parked properly, Koden had already jumped out of the door. He was pleased to see all of their hunters guarding the house along with their Sentinel. Quickly, he walked inside.

His Alpha senses went overdrive, as he could hear his Luna scream. Without thinking, he stormed into their bedroom. He was greeted by dead silence, as four women were staring at him. Viktoria was lying on their bed. She was covered in sweat and looked quite exhausted already.

Their two Salutary’s were preparing a wet cloth to clean her sweaty forehead and the other one rubbing Viktoria’s back. On the left side of her bed, Nicky was holding her hand.

Koden quickly took over Nicky’s place. He could feel her grip tighten around his hand. Taking a wet cloth from the Salutary, he carefully wiped Viktoria’s forehead. She was in pain but tried her best to smile at him. Everyone in the room was patient and supportive.

“How far is she?“, Koden inquired while carefully rubbing her back.

“The pup is in the right position now, Alpha. We’re hoping that it won’t take much longer.“, said the Salutary.

“See? Good thing I came here so fast.“, he murmured.

Koden smiled as he put a wild streak of hair behind her ear. Suddenly, he felt calm. He knew that he had to be strong for his Luna.

And now that her mate and everyone that mattered was here, it was time. Viktoria entirely concentrated on giving birth. It didn’t take long, and she started to have pushing contractions.

Koden’s hand felt as if it was about to fall off...but he couldn’t imagine how his mate was feeling.

“...I think the next one should be the last. When I say so, Luna, push as hard as you can, okay?” asked the Salutary.

Viktoria shook her head in pain, but there was no other option.

“You can do it, baby.”

“It hurts so much!”

“You’re the strongest, Luna. I know you can do it.“, whispered Koden as she squeezed his hand.

“Now! Push, Luna!” said the Salutary.

With a scream that could have burst all the windows around them, Viktoria got through her last push, and the whole room was silent for a while.

Koden immediately broke out in tears when they heard the baby cry. He bowed down to give the Luna a quick kiss.

“It’s a baby girl!” announced a Salutary. Then, they lifted the baby and placed it onto Viktoria’s chest.

“See, I told you.“, whispered the Alpha, as the two freshly made parents welcomed and looked at their first pup.

“We swear we will take care of you always. Nothing will ever happen to you, baby.” Viktoria cried with happiness.

“Daddy’s little angel. You’re just as beautiful as your momma.”

“What will we name her Koden?”

“You have the honors love.”

“Mireya. I want her name to be Mireya. Because she’s our little miracle.“, whispered Viktoria as she cradled her baby.

Koden kissed Viktoria again and then his daughter’s forehead. Shane and Falcon came to congratulate them. They told them a few pack members wanted to meet the baby.

Falcon let them in short groups to not overwhelm the room with too many people. Everyone praised their baby and offered many blessings to them, and wished them happiness.

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