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Koden returned home after completing pack duties for the day. He was waiting for Shane and Falcon to come over. They would quickly discuss some pack matters before he had dinner with Viktoria and their pup.

When he came inside his home, he saw an older woman and another younger woman in their living room.

Koden brows furrowed, and he growled at them. He had never seen them before, but he felt as if he had. It looked like they were rogues. Suddenly Viktoria came into the living room holding their daughter. By the look on his face, she knew his wolf was about to go feral for his mate and pup. She mind-linked him they’re not a threat that she knows them.

“I’m Zoreya, Viktoria’s mother. This is my youngest daughter Luella.” She told him.

Koden’s jaw dropped in surprise. He never thought he would meet them. But he composed himself.

“I would be equally surprised and shocked, Alpha,” Zoreya added.

“Mother, Luella. This my mate, Koden.” Viktoria smiled while tears started to flow from her eyes.

“You are both welcome here, but if your visit distresses my mate or pup, I will not hesitate to make you leave.” He looked back at Viktoria, and she calmed him down with her eyes.

“We only come to congratulate you both.” Her sister told them while she walked closer over to her. Viktoria’s eyes teared up, looking at the woman her sister had become.

“And to ask for your forgiveness Viktoria. Your father forced us to stay away because of his ego. He’s become so cruel; many pack members left with us to be rogues. We left everything behind to come here.”

“Viki, mother is telling the truth. We never wanted to be away from you. It hurt us. We never even found out about your pregnancy. When we learned you had a pup, we understood father blinded us all along.”

“I never wanted to leave Viktoria. You know that, right?” explained the older woman.

“I forgave you both a long time ago. You both have a home here in our pack.” happy tears were streaming out of Viktoria’s eyes.

Koden agreed with her and told them they could stay along with the pack members that came with them.

Suddenly Shane burst inside the room.

“Alpha, there are a group of Rogues not far from here!” He linked Koden.

Everyone looked at him.

“It’s okay. They’re going to be part of the pack now.”

Shane looked around and suddenly met Luella’s gaze. They both stood there looking at each other in awe as if time stood still. Everyone turned to look at them, confused.


The End.

A/N: This last chapter is dedicated to two of my friends moooonbabyyy and bonsairebelde

Thank you all for reading and your support! Please check my other works in my profile and on Wattpad!

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