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Chapter 4

Koden studied his reflection in the mirror. It’s the first time in a while that he dressed up for the occasion. It had already been months since his mate’s passing, and Dalton insisted on throwing a “surprise” for him. He even got the hunters involved to convince him. Koden ended up accepting so everyone would leave him alone, and he could have a night with some of his hunters and bond with them.

“Are we ready for women yet?” His wolf growled.

Koden frowned at the thought of mating with another woman. He was hurting less as time passed, but he didn’t want to meet anyone new. He just wanted to have fun and forget about his problems and loneliness for a while.

But his thoughts were elsewhere, dwelling on a memory haunting the recesses of his mind.

“I don’t know, wolf. Let’s try to enjoy this night with some of the hunters, okay? We need this.”

He needed to move on from the loss of Amethyst. She used to haunt his dreams, but lately, he dreamed more about Viktoria. The memory of his moment with her was entrenched deeper than he’d presumed. He felt so much time passed since he saw her last, but she hadn’t called him once. The cloud that encaged in a spell months ago was unexpected and brief. Once disturbed, he needed to presume it would be gone forever, like scattered wisps of fog. And out of respect for his Luna, he had resolved not to chase it. They were still mourning. Yet somehow, deep inside, he hoped, she would have taken him up on his offer.

Despite the many distractions and preoccupations, that face invariably returned during any instant of silence, her sad eyes reaching out to him. While wisps of fog were invisible, they weren’t intangible, and the effects still lingered around, weeks later. Surely, he couldn’t be the only one feeling these effects and suffering this aftermath?

“Koden, wipe out that scowl. I promise you’ll have fun tonight.” Dalton offered his Alpha a beer, angling closer to his ear as he did so. “You haven’t gotten laid. We’ll fix that for you tonight.”

Koden didn’t reply as his features remained unaffected by what he just told him, but Dalton continued the celebration by addressing the remaining members around. “Aren’t you all excited to meet new flesh?”

“Yes!” They whooped and cheered, holding their drinks towards Koden.

With a long sigh, he finally caved in.

“Well, there’s no way for me to back out now, is there?” He downed his beer, crushed the can, and dunked it into a bin, joining the rest of his pack outside. “Where are we going anyway?” He glanced around once they got into one of their cars.

“All in due time. Here.” Dalton fished out a blindfold, a smirk skewing his mouth.

Koden cocked his head. “There is no way I am putting that on.”

“Be a sport. It’s a surprise. You’ll see... eventually.”

They drove for about 20 minutes; the Grayhide Pack hunters continued fueling him with more alcohol throughout the drive. The impact of those intoxicating spirits kicked in soon enough, blurring his worries. By the time they got out of the car, the Alpha was excited to find out what Dalton planned.

“Follow me, hungry wolves.” Sniggered the Beta and led them towards the booming sounds of laughter, music, and - more importantly - women.

After a few seconds, Dalton nudged Koden to a stop. “So...” His Beta clapped, his voice carrying through the harsh lights and the music until he had everyone’s attention.

While the noises around him quietened, Koden could sense several pairs of eyes focused on him.

“Ladies? May I introduce you to our special guest this evening?” A few high-pitched giggles broke through the stillness. Eventually, his blindfold was untied, and he rubbed his eyes to adjust them to the glare of the light.

Dalton beamed. “A surprise worthy for an Alpha, isn’t it?”

Koden edged closer to his Beta. “Dalton, are you mad?” He spoke through clenched teeth. “They are all barely-adults! And humans. I’m not going to ruin anyone’s life; they’re human.”

“Look, they’ve all given their consent. Besides, they’re all over eighteen. I’ve checked this myself. Relax!”

His brows shot up when he saw a parade of young teen girls – stunners - in front of him. With a faint scoff, he turned to Dalton. “Relax? Seriously? No way. Not doing this. I draw the line here.”

“And why the hell not?” Dalton only beamed wider. He stepped behind the Alpha to massage his shoulders. “Loosen up, Koden. The night is young. See how it goes.”

With a playful wave of his hand, Dalton retraced his steps towards the exit. “Wait...” Koden rubbed his forehead, increasingly uncomfortable, “And where are you headed off to?”

“I’m the host of the night, and I need to make sure the boys aren’t doing anything stupid.”

* * *

About an hour later, Koden was sitting in a corner, losing count of how much alcohol he’d consumed before getting there and while his pack members enjoyed themselves after they arrived. His thoughts meandered from Amethyst to his lost pup, to Viktoria and his dilemma with her. Why had his life gotten so complicated recently? Why couldn’t he let go for one night and focus on forgetting it all?

Most of the young women had tried to flirt with him. His wolf had been howling at this point for some form of caress with a feminine body. But Koden couldn’t bring himself to even casually chat up any of them, let alone pick one to mate with as Dalton wanted. At some point, he noticed each of his hunters sneaking away with a girl, and through the rim of his beer can, he saw a distant silhouette of a girl that caught his interest.

She was beautiful – perhaps, the most beautiful of them all - with ombre hair that tumbled down to her waist and earthy brown eyes. A few blinks, and Koden recognized the growing pangs within - the girl almost looked like a younger version of Amethyst. As if that wasn’t enough to lure him in, she seemed troubled and alone – much like him.

“She looks like mate! Go talk to her!” demanded his horny wolf.

“Shut it.”


When the demands got angsty, he caved in. Picking up his beer can, he crossed the crowds and sat down beside her.

“Hi, handsome.”

“Not particularly enjoying the party, huh?”

A soft smile came over her. “My aunt went away over the weekend, and I promised her I would take care of my cousin.”

Koden chuckled. “That must be annoying. I’m sure you’d have better things to do than playing babysitter.”

The young lady re-arranged the pleats of her dress. “Well, yes. Not my ideal hangout.”

“Same, I’m not much of the hanging out type.”

“But at least I’ve got someone interesting to talk to.”

Clearing his throat, Koden angled his head forward. “What makes you think I’m interesting?”

“Well, something about your presence is quite breath-taking. And, I heard these people call you Alpha. It was hot.”

“I can show you what Alpha means.” Desire did a dark dance in his eyes for a bit until he realized that his wolf-spirit had taken over. The young lady seemed to like that. She got up, stretching her small hand out for him to take.

“Show me then.”

The excitement in Koden’s wolf grew apace. It whizzed about in his head, grunting with lust. “Go talk to her somewhere more private.” The Alpha grabbed her, his inner-wolf panting in delight.

They made their way towards an empty room.

“What’s your name?” Koden bit down on a grin, eager to keep control.

“B-Bonnie.” He kicked the door shut behind them and grabbed Bonnie’s waist, throwing her on the bed. “Yours?”


“You’re as strong as they were saying,” she bit her lip coyly as Koden hovered on top of her.

“You haven’t seen anything yet.”

He smashed his lips against hers, and the tautening in Koden’s tight jeans rubbed against the flimsy fabric of her dress, yearning to feel more, their intimacy mere moments away. As the Alpha took Bonnie’s dress off her shoulders, her features faded, and in its place appeared the familiar face of Amethyst.

By the time he could make sense of what was happening, Amethyst disappears, and in her place surfaced Viktoria. Fuck. He suddenly craved going that moment with her again - her touch, her flesh – more than he desired the beauty in front of him.

His emotions and the moment of confusion were enough for Koden’s wolf to get angry and take over.

“What the...” Bonnie screamed as hair started to grow on his face, and he began to transform.

“Get off... get off me!” She covered her naked upper body with a blanket.

Koden obliged immediately. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

She took her clothes and scrambled off the bed, then dashed out of the room, terrified.

Koden could only sigh in frustration and threw himself back in the bed.

“Way to ruin the moment, wolf.”

To make things worse, now all he could think about was Viktoria. Would she ever agree to be his? Was this a sign that he wanted her more than other women? Will he ever be able to mate with anyone else? As questions like these clouded his mind, he wondered if his dreams meant they were meant for each other.

He picked his phone from his pocket and saw a text from Nicky.

Nicky: Hey, how is the party going? I came to check up on you guys. I’m outside.

He wanted to go home and drink the rest of his night alone.

Koden: Wait for me. I’m on my way out.

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