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Orion spent decades of his immortality hunting Rogues to be either executed or sent to eternal punishment. Now, he wants to settle down and give the redeemable ones a second chance at a pack life. After many years of searching the world for his mate, he finds her at a most unexpected age. All Rights Reserved. COPYRIGHT ©

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Groaning, Orion opened his eyes. He blinked as sunlight streamed through the tent’s opening. He pushed himself into a sitting position on the mattress and held his head in his hands.

I told you not to drink so much last night, his wolf told him.

But he snapped. “Who kept on ranting about being mateless?”

I spoke nothing but the truth. It’s been too long.

He had been feeling too low lately, mainly because they celebrated the Full Moon festival the previous night. A night for finding your mate, mating, and hunting. While he had engaged in hunting, there had been no one to mate with, and that had somewhat disappointed him. He longed for a home to grow old in with someone and a family to call his own. He decided that he wouldn’t argue with his wolf. If he did, he would find himself lamenting about his mate-less status again. He really shouldn’t act this way, not when he was trying to set an example for his followers. He groaned. He had a duty to perform as leader of his pack of rogues, instead of lying in bed all day, wishing he had a woman to call his own.

So he got off the bed and changed his clothes. He strode to the tent opening and

It was bright, and he dimmed his eyes to get accustomed to the bright light. He moved around the temporary camp he had set up for his pack of Rogue werewolves. There were only a few out about as most of them were still sleeping off their late night.

He saw his advisor from a distance, Simon, making breakfast at one of the makeshift stoves. Holding a spatula in his hand and an apron tied around his waist, he raised a hand to him. Then he nodded for him to go to the long table where they usually had their meals.

Orion nodded back and crossed to the table. His gaze roamed again around the camp’s tents made of different shapes and sizes. They were in an open field; he found a few months ago. It was also close to a river that supplied them with water for basic things. They settled in after making sure that no one owned it, and they wouldn’t be disturbed there.

“I’ve prepared the hangover cure.” Simon chuckled as soon as he settled down the breakfast at the table. He made fried eggs, toast, and coffee.

A grimace crossed Orion’s face. “You should have stopped me.”

Simon shrugged. “I hadn’t seen you drink in a while. I figured you needed to get it out of your system. You know your purpose is greater than that, Orion. You’re always pushing yourself hard to make a family of these young blood.” His dark gaze shifted to the camp. “You have a good thing going on here. A mate might mess up everything you have worked for.”

Orion stared at him. Simon became an outcast very early in his life and never managed to find a pack. He remembered becoming his friend instantly when they met in a forest years ago. Simon had good leadership qualities and could become his ‘official’ beta. But for some reason, he didn’t yet trust him completely. Maybe it was because Simon wasn’t family-oriented. Orion needed someone to make these young wolves know that they could still be a family.

Ignoring him because he didn’t want to argue with him, Orion dived into his breakfast. Simon ran a hand through his hair and shrugged. He kept his beards in the same shades and neatly trimmed.

After breakfast, Orion and Simon patrolled around the pack border to check if everyone was still there. Rogue werewolves are particularly hyperactive during a Full Moon. Mostly if it was their first, wolves needed to be part of a pack for many reasons; this was one of them. They wanted to make sure nobody had done anything stupid.

Orion discovered that a group of young rogues was stealing from a ‘proper’ pack, to his dismay.

“It is unacceptable!” he scolded them. “You can’t go about stealing stuff. It is wrong and dangerous and could get you killed this fast.” He snapped his fingers. “No pack trusts us or ever will at this rate. I’m trying to become a pack, a family together to show them we can change and are trustworthy. You cannot do this again.”

Remorseful, they apologized, although according to them, they were having some fun.

“We used to do it all the time to make the night more entertaining,” Adam explained. “No one ever scolded us about this until now. It’s all we’ve known to do.”

“I understand, but I am on a thin line here with the royals. If they find out I can’t keep you all in line, you will be sent to the queen’s garden.” Orion remembered when he was a young wolf too. After seeing many years, he wasn’t one to judge vibrant young wolves’ actions, mainly rogue ones.

Before some rogues started following him, they raided packs looking for supplies—rogues when pack-less hunted werewolves for sport and food. Sometimes, killing pack members in the process.

Rogue wolves don’t have much control over their primal instincts because they don’t have a pack. They’re on the survival of the fittest way of life. Orion hunted them before and brought them to the Royals for judgment. As punishment for their crimes, they were taken to the queen’s garden, where they would be paralyzed and starved. So he provided an alternative. To offer them a second chance and bring them together in a pack, he would lead.

He used to be a hunter of rogues. He still was if they chose not to join his pack and continued causing chaos. If they didn’t join, they would go to the garden or face execution according to their crimes. Sometimes Orion was the one executing them. Pack-less rogues were dangerous, but he didn’t want to take a life if unnecessary anymore.

He stared at the younglings and nodded. “You belong to a pack now, albeit a rogue one. So, you can’t keep going off to do stuff on your own. We’re a family now, and family looks after one another.” His voice turned low. “I’ll forgive it this one time, but it should never happen again. You won’t like what I’ll do next time. You’re my responsibility now and will answer to me.”

He saw the fear and respect in their eyes. They nodded and apologized again before going to their tents. Orion was sure that they wouldn’t do it again. He had made sure they saw the dangerous intent in his warning through his glowing red eyes.

Running a hand through his black curls, he ran into Simon.

He was about to finish his round, and one of the guards came up to tell him that a new member of the pack, Fabianne had runoff.


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