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Death Game

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[Book Cover will be updated as soon as I get the one that my friend is making] 10,000 players get sent into a game, called Deval. It may seem peaceful at first. But its not, if you die you die in real life, the coloured dots tell if you’re peaceful or a monster. Those that are strong mentally and physically will survive, but who?

Fantasy / Romance
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Episode 1: Welcome To Deval

A boy would walk around the place, confused as he scratched his orange hair, he looked around, the town was quite different. It was medieval looking. People started spawning in, the boy looked around, no one else was confused except for this girl who was looking around, she had brown hair and brown eyes.

The boy decided it was best to ask her of all people, he doesn't know where he is. "Hello! My name is Oliv-" Oliver would fall down on the ground, the girl turned around to stare at him. "What's with the introduction?" She asked. Oliver stood up, patting his legs. "Well, you looked confused on why you were here, i'm confused too. But everyone else is uh, you know." Oliver said, scratching his head once again.

"Well, I did buy a game. I forgot the name of it though. But I don't exactly remember if I put on my headset." She said. "What's your name? I didn't quite catch it?"

"Oliver." Oliver said as he laughed embarrassedly. "I'm Tohru, nice too meet you." She said. "You too." Oliver said as he looked around, seeing people walk around and talk.

"This is so weird." Oliver said. "First time using a VR?" Asked Tohru. Oliver nodded. "I don't remember putting the disc in at all, or buying the game..."

"Hmmm..." Tohru looked at Oliver. "That's weird."

Oliver just stayed quite and started to walk around, Tohru started to follow. The sky started to turn purple. "Why is the sky purple?" Oliver asked. "Oh, it is?" Tohru looked up. "Oh it is purple, I don't know." Tohru finished her sentence as everyone got teleported into the middle of town.

A guy with blue hair looked around, following with a guy patting him. "Adrian stop!" He screamed. "Twiz, get used to it. I'll bully you everyday from now on." Adrian laughed.

A voice came in from the sky. "Greetings players, it is nice to see you all here! Welcome to Deval. Weird name isn't it? Thought of it from the top of my head. Anyways, as you guys can see you can't log out."

Oliver and Tohru would check if they can log out, there was no feature.

"It's an implemented feature that just happened, but that's not the important part. You guys cannot die! Because if you do... you die in real life."

People started to freak out, Twiz, Adrian, Tohru and Oliver were just silent. "Also, there is a system. If you kill a person you will be a red, if you hurt someone severely you will be a yellow. If you're innocent and you haven't killed anyone, you will be a green. Best of luck to you all!" The sky then turned back to blue

People started to run.

"Maybe we should get to some place safe before we get trampled over?" Asked Oliver. Tohru would grab Oliver's arm tightly and drag him, Twiz and Adrian would get curious and follow them. "OI, OI, OI TOO HARD!" Oliver screamed. "Well not my fault you don't want to get trampled over, and why are you two following us?" Asked Tohru. "We are just curious." Said Twiz. "The name is Twiz, this is Adrian."

"Yo!" Adrian waved and Tohru sighed as she let go of Oliver's arm.

Oliver would grab his arm and wince as he looked up at Twiz and Adrian. "Oh hey." Oliver smiled, waving.

"Hi, there." Said Adrian. "How about we make a clan?" Asked Twiz. "Well, I don't know how to do that-" Oliver said. Tohru opened her menu and sent a party invite and a friend request to all of us, we would accept. "It'll be safer in groups anyways." Said Tohru.

"Since people can kill each other in this game, we should level up as fast as possible." Twiz mentioned and Adrian nodded, a guy with green hair would walk over. "Hey Keen!" Oliver smiled. "Yo Oliver, you're here too?!"


"I'm a bit confused though, I don't remember putting on my headset." Said Keen.


Oliver walked over to a bunny. "Awww, you're so cute!" Oliver went over to pet the bunny. "I don't think that's a good idea-" Keen got cut off as the bunny's eyes glowed red and the bunny leaped at Oliver.

Oliver squeaked and kicked the bunny into the air, killing it as he looked away instantly. He turned around. "Where is the bunny?" Asked Oliver. "You just kicked it-" Tohru sighed. "Did you gain XP though?"

"Yeah, that means it's dead." Oliver pouted. "Why are you mad about killing a mob that tried to kill you?" Asked Adrian. "It was cute!" Oliver looked at Adrian and Tohru then laughed a bit.

Oliver then whispered to himself. "I wonder if we can tame mobs..."

Keen pulled out his blade and started to farm on the easy mobs, Oliver and the others did the same. Another bunny spawned. "Cute!" Oliver walked over stupidly. "Didn't he just get attacked by one of those, and he still hasn't learned his lesson." Twiz rolled his eyes and facepalmed.

"You're so cute." Oliver smiled and picked the bunny up. "HEY GUYS I THINK THIS BUNNY IS NORMAL!" Oliver looked at Tohru. "Yeah, no-"

Oliver turned around and the bunny's eyes glowed red. "Oh shit!" The bunny bit Oliver's hand and he screamed.


Tohru was bandaging Oliver's hand. "You shouldn't go after those bunny's anymore, get that Oliver?" Asked Tohru. "But they're cute!" Oliver pouted. "One attacked you and one bit your hand. They aren't nice, do I have to keep you on a leash?" Grinned Tohru as she thought about it and found it funny.

"No, they're cute but assholes." Sighed Oliver and Tohru nodded. "That's right, from now on you'll have to kill them."

Twiz bit into a sandwich. "You know, I never thought we would be stuck in a game and actually taste food. The way technology does to us in 2045." Smiled Twiz as he bit into the sandwich again. "Heh..." Adrian giggled.

"What is it?" Asked Twiz. "I wonder if we can fap-"

"None of that here please." Keen glared at Adrian. "It was just a random thought." Sighed Adrian. "Well, no more of those thoughts. I don't want to witness you beating your meat in a game." Said Keen as he ate a sandwich as-well. Twiz laughed.

Keen then looked at Tohru and listened to her trying to explain how the bunny's are evil to Oliver. Keen laughed. "Oliver and Tohru sitting in a tree-" Tohru glared at him. "Shut up."

"Okay, damn." Said Keen as he looked away and bit into his sandwich again.

Tohru looked at Oliver. "I have a brother, named Kyo. He's probably worried sick, we don't know if this is on the news at all. But we will probably have to get hospitalized in order to keep us alive in real life, I'm just scared that I might die here..." sighed Tohru.

Oliver looked at her. "Well, I promise you that I'll stay here and make sure you will get too see your brother again." He smiled and Tohru smiled. "They seem to be getting along." Said Twiz. "How much money have we earned from farming?" Asked Adrian. "Enough for us to probably stay in a house for a couple weeks, it depends on the payment." Said Tohru as she stood up, Oliver did as-well. Twiz, Adrian and Keen walked over. "If there are bunk beds I call top bunk!" Said Twiz. "Oi no fair." Grinned Adrian.

Tohru walked back into town with the others following her. She walked inside of a hotel. "How much for a room?"

The NPC looked at us. "How long?"

"About two weeks." Smiled Tohru. "That'll cost 12 gold!" She smiled. Tohru grabbed 12 gold coins and put them on the table, the NPC smiled and handed her a key. "Have a nice stay."

Tohru nodded and walked off, with us following.

She then unlocked the door and walked inside, Twiz and Adrian quickly plopped on the same bed. "No homo." Smirked Adrian. "OI" Twiz screamed as Adrian quickly grabbed Twiz. "YOU'RE STUCK NOW!" Adrian screamed. "Why do you do this to me?" Growled Twiz. "Because it's funny too see!"

Keen would plop on the couch.

Oliver walked in with Tohru as she shut the door and locked it.

"There is only one bed left." Said Adrian as he whistled. Tohru sighed. "I'll sleep on th-"

Oliver interrupted Tohru. "I call the floor." Said Oliver as he sat on the floor. "Are you sure?" Asked Tohru as she plopped on the bed. "Yup." Said Oliver as he started to lay down on the floor.

Tohru felt bad so she grabbed a pillow and the covers and threw it at him. "I-"

"Since you will sleep on the floor, you will take the pillow and covers." Tohru said as she plopped on the bed. Oliver sighed and grabbed the pillow and covers.

Oliver walked over and threw the covers on-top of Tohru as he plopped the pillow down, Tohru pulled the covers from her face. "Take it." Tohru sighed. "I'm not going to argue." Oliver yawned and just plopped face first on the bed.

Twiz and Adrian were already fast asleep.

Tohru laughed a bit and she thunk. "It's just for two weeks."

Oliver went asleep and same goes for Tohru.


Tohru was sitting in the car seat next to Kyo as he drove, she was humming. "How was school?" Asked Kyo.

"I'm doing well!" Tohru smiled. "That's goo-" a guy in a motorcycle would drive in front. "SON OF A BITCH!" Kyo swerved a bit and controlled the steering wheel. "That was a close one..." Kyo breathed.

A truck then spun out of control as Tohru's eyes widened. "WATCH OUT!" Kyo quickly hugged Tohru as the truck crashed into the car.


Tohru woke up and sprung up, looking around as she looked at Oliver. Who was curled up in the bed. She smiled. "Oliver sleeps like a baby." Tohru laughed and went back to sleep.

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