Water with Air

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13 years after her mom was dethroned by her sister, Mariposa. Storm is living in hiding, not knowing about her abilities. Until one day something happens that changes her world for good. She is the only way to stop her aunts tyranny as she destroys the country her grandparents and mother worked hard to form. She faces many challenges and is the key to the Elementals being found and joined together. Can she do it? Or will her home country cease to exist?

Fantasy / Scifi
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A loud crash shook the castle as the guards busted down the door of the new Queen’s bedroom. Confused, the Queen stands and her daughter, Storm, hides behind her legs.

“Why are you in here? I never sent for you,” she says.

The Queen knew something was going on when the guards slowly walked towards her. She observes them, and one of the guards gives her a small smirk. Her daughter is hugging her legs and shaking slightly. Extending her arm, the Queen pushes them back with the wind.

“Who sent you in here?” The Queen asks, keeping them pinned on the wall.

“Your sister, who else would?” The second in command replies.

Her daughter let’s go of her legs and moves under the bed.

“Why would she send you guys here?” The Queen asks.

“You’re about to find out,” he replies, pushing back against her with their powers.

She loses her footing and falls back onto the bed. The guards walk closer and she uses an ice shield to block their powers. She stands up and smirks at them.

“Did you forget I control water?” The Queen asks.

“Did you forget we can disable your magic?” He asks.

She gets struck at by another guard who’s entered the room. She slams into the nightstand and the corner of the bed. Her ribs crack and the decor on the stand rattles from the impact. She winces and groans standing up. They strike at her again and she falls. Lightning is pulsing through her body, weakening her, it’s the weakness of all magic possessors.

The second in command approaches her, nodding to the other guard who begins to search the room.

“Once you find her daughter, you know what to do,” he says.

The other guard nods and begins to check the connecting rooms.

“What are you guys doing to her?” The Queen asks weakly.

She’s trying to stay awake and make herself stronger. The guard raises her and smirks. The guard ignored her question. Her heart begins to pound in her chest.

“So strong, yet so weak, your sister said this would be a fight. It wasn’t,” he says.

“Screw y—“

A burning sensation goes through her body and she collapses again. He’s the only reason she has not hit the floor.

“I’m bringing this one to the dungeons, keep looking for her daughter,” he says.

They nod at him and he drags the Queen out of the room. She is weak, she cannot fight back against him. She cannot show how terrified she is, at least not to them. She is praying that they do not kill her or Storm. She also does not know what makes her sister resent her. Is it because she took over after their parents were killed.

She eventually gets pushed down the steps leading to the dungeons. She winced and groans as her bare skin hit the rough cobblestone of the stairs and flooring.

“Get up.” He says kicking her in the stomach.

She pushes herself up onto her hands and knees and gets kicked down again.

“You’re too slow for my liking,” he says pulling her up by the hair.

She winces and looks at him as he pushes her into a cell.

“Have fun, dying down here, even if you’re alive we are still pronouncing you dead,” he says shutting the door.

He closes the covering that covers the opening of the door. The Queen tries to stand up, she is unable to support her own body weight due to the effects of the lightning. She pushes herself against the wall and shuts her eyes.

The door to her cell opens and The Queen looks up. It is not her sister nor any of the guards.

“Arial?...” The Queen spoke softly.

“Yes… I tend to prisoners down here, I did not expect to see you, though, I know what your sister is doing now…” Arial says.

The Queen nods, “do not try helping me out of here… just please, if Storm is still in this castle or down here with me. Get her out of here. I’ll be fine, I just want to know she’s safe…” The Queen says.

“They cannot find her currently. They are still looking for her, they tore up your room looking for her…” Arial says.

“You know her as much as I do Arial. You know her safe space… please… get her out of here. I do not want her getting hurt or killed…” The Queen says.

“I will get her out of here and keep her safe, Starlette, I promise you…” Arial says softly.

“Raise her as your own… it’s better if she does not remember me or my sister…” Starlette says.

“I... I will…” Arial replies.

“Leave before they catch you talking to me…” Starlette says.

Arial nods and begins to walk out the door, “thank you… Arial..”

“You’re welcome, Starlette,” Arial replies shutting the door behind her.

She lies down on the cobblestone floor and shivers as a draft goes through the dungeons. Drafts cannot help her recover her powers, she’ll be lucky to survive the next week. She shuts her eyes, focusing all her energy on keeping herself alive for as long as possible. She knows what her sister will do, now that she’s taken over. These countries will go down a dark path. That she is afraid to see. Mariposa was never meant to be a ruler. Her parents know, the people know, and the gods know.

May the gods strike down her as she begins her tyranny.

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