Harmony Act IV: Lust

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Scene VI: Some Way, Somehow

Tokyo, Japan. 2014, February

Tsumi swayed the numerous bags of shopping in her hands, hurrying down the street towards Usagi-Tori.

She concentrated on the sounds of her footsteps, drowning out her concerns for Yujin and his condition. She had asked the doctor for an update and the reply was vague. Apparently they were playing a waiting game. If Yujin opened his eyes, they would be out of the woods. Until then, they were running courses of antibiotics, dialysis, and blood transfusions. According to his latest blood tests, he had an infection, but they could not identify the source.

Her thoughts circled her mind in continuous rhythms until she shook it off, took a deep breath, then continued on her way. She stared at the ground, figuring her mind would be at ease if she were able to make patterns from the cracks and swirls in the concrete. This continued for the next fifteen minutes until she eventually came to Usagi-Tori’s bridge and made her way into the estate.

It was always quiet here, save for the semi-busy road across the river. She sighed aloud, watching families and cars minding their own business; so free of Magick and the regular struggles of constant doom. She allowed another sigh to escape as she reached the end of the bridge and looked up. The sun beamed down, glinting across her silver hair, and making her skin feel warm. The reminder of Muzai’s apartment, Hinansho, crossed her mind and she tensed. What was Muzai up to these days? Did she even know about Yujin? How was she managing the responsibilities of being a part of The Chairman’s Coven?

Tsumi was pouting by the time she crossed the road to her house. She would give anything to go back to those simple days, sitting with Hikari and Hahen in Hanaharu’s canteen while Muzai babbled about her dreaded history lessons. Long before things became so complicated. These past years had been nothing but a momentary break. A calm before the storm.

The sound of whining voices reached Tsumi’s ears, cutting her nostalgic thoughts. Her eyes flickered towards the row of houses up ahead and she focused on the car pulled up outside her house. Migi and Hidari were hunkered in the doorway with Shizuka standing at the bottom of the small staircase. All three of them were staring with anticipation as Rida Komando climbed out of the car. She said something to the driver, hauled her luggage out of the boot, and made her way up the footpath.

Shizuka took her luggage and the twins bounded down to circle Rida and ask her for the souvenirs. They slowly began to move towards the house as the taxi drove away, none of them noticing the girl with silver hair watching them from the street.

Tsumi frowned to herself, not sure when to move or what to say. Since Rida had left, so much had happened. The kidnapping, being held prisoner, going to court, seeing Senbo, being tagged. And now, Yujin was hanging by a thread in hospital. It would be selfish to walk into the house and ask for Rida’s attention. Even if Tsumi knew Rida would drop everything just to sit with her for hours alone. It would just be wrong.

Kanagawa, Yuugen. Japan. 2005, May

Yokubo smirked, leaning back against his pillows. “Tell me, is this what you were expecting to do on your first day working for Yuugen?” He lilted, teasing the receptionist above him.

“I… no.” The young woman replied. She shifted where she sat upon the Chairman’s lap, cheeks pink and eyes full of longing. She made a sound when Yokubo’s hands travelled along her thighs, hiking her skirt high enough to flash the lace knickers she wore. Not for long.

“Now, now,” Yokubo offered a sincere smile. He spared a hand to run up her stomach, across her chest and to her face. He cupped her cheek and gently ran his thumb along the soft skin beneath her eye. “Just relax. You’re perfectly safe with me.”

The woman could only smile back. Her eyes closed when Yokubo pulled her down for a kiss. The affection was wet and needy, but The Chairman had that kind of affect on people and he chuckled, working his long fingers across her shoulders to tug her dress’ straps down and expose her chest. He began to kiss her neck and travelled lower, gently cupping one breast while he kissed the other. He preferred it when woman never wore bras.


Shrieking, the receptionist moved off of The Chairman’s lap and practically threw herself on the floor. Yokubo released a long groan of frustration and turned his head, wincing at the bright light pouring into the room from the now-open door to his right. He had to raise an arm just to shield his eyes.

“Neko. What have I told you about knocking?”

“I tried, believe me.” Neko stared with a blunt expression. “Your son is awake.”

Those words were enough for Yokubo to sit up and scurry around for his shirt. He zipped his trousers back up and rolled off the bed, shoving his jumper back over his head as he ran; barefoot. Neko could only watch with a look of disappointment before she turned back to the woman hiding on the floor, pulling on her tights and rearranging her dress.

“I need twenty copies of this article printed before sundown.” Neko stated, holding a stack of paper bound in brown leather.

The receptionist only nodded as she stood. After slipping her shoes back on, she took the documents from Neko and shamefully dragged herself to the bedroom’s exit. Neko cleared her throat before she could disappear.

“And when you’re finished with that, I think you ought to pack your things and never show your face in Yuugen again.”

“I told you, I don’t speak French!” Yujin snipped, pinching the bridge of his nose with frustration.

Chini was sitting on the edge of his bed, cheeks puffed and eyes wide. His hands were balled into fists at his sides and he took a deep breath before speaking – or rather, shouting. “Ou suis-je?!

Yujin’s brow twitched. His fingers were drumming against his knee as he sat in his swivel chair. “I don’t understand you!”

Chini gave a cry of frustration and grabbed the pillow from the top of his bed before lobbing it at the blond. Yujin was slow to avoid the attack; not expecting such a reaction and was faced with the cruel fate of the pillow hitting the side of his head. Once the pillow hit the floor, Yujin was ready to leap across the room and strangle the brat quite literally. Thankfully, The Chairman’s arrival stopped any rash thoughts from becoming reality.

“Finally, you’re awake!” Yokubo exclaimed. His shirt was tucked awkwardly, and his hair was matted. It did not stop him from placing a hand on his son’s shoulder and squeezed. “Welcome home, Chini.”

For a moment, Chini looked calm. Yet the illusion was quickly shattered when he moved, pulling his head back in a sharp movement and landed a headbutt to The Chairman’s forehead. The force of the attack was enough to send Yokubo stumbling and trip over the chair beside the infirmary bed. Yujin’s eyes were wide as he watched. He was quick to lean down and help The Chairman back to his feet. Yokubo could only groan and rest a hand upon his crown. His vision was hazy with stars and blotches.

Pere.” Chini mumbled.

Yujin could only frown. He slowly returned to his seat, leg crossing over the other. This was none of his business. “What’s he saying?” Came the grunt.

“He’s calling me his father.” Yokubo smirked. Even with his bruising forehead, he somehow looked attractive as always. “I told you he would know me.”

Yujin raised a brow at the smug attitude. He jumped back, pressing himself into his chair when Chini pounced over to them and landed his boot between Yokubo’s legs; Hard. Yujin nearly laughed.

“Oh, yeah. He definitely knows you’re his father.”

Chini ground his teeth when Yujin stood. He began thrashing around when the nurse grabbed his elbow, dragging him back to his bed. He only paused in his struggle when his wild eyes noticed the small girl with silver hair watching them. Chini relaxed instinctively and shoved Yujin off before dumping himself on the edge of his bed with his arms crossed.

“Tsumi,” Yujin spoke up, walking over to the girl. “You should probably stay in bed right now.”

“Hungry.” She argued, staying fixed at the foot of Chini’s bed.

Sighing, Yujin bent down to lift Tsumi into his arms. She was so small and fit perfectly against the crook of his shoulder. “I’m taking Tsumi to the cafeteria. I assume it’s safe to leave you here without any trouble-”

Chini was standing by Yujin’s side, practically hiding behind his back and away from Yokubo. “I… come, too.” He spoke with an obvious strain, yet his intention was clear.

Yokubo’s jaw hung. He was kneeling on the floor, tending to his crotch with both hands to ease the pain from being kicked. His forehead had turned purple already from the headbutt and he blinked, looking between Yujin, Tsumi and Chini. Speechless.

“What do you want to do with him?” Yujin asked bluntly.

“He, uh, probably needs something to eat.” Yokubo murmured, noting the way Chini clutched the back of Yujin’s shirt. “Just keep him out of trouble.”

Yujin nodded and urged Chini out first, keen to keep an eye on him than have him skulking behind and disappearing. Chini was quick to cooperate, although he kept mumbling incoherent sentences under his breath. Yujin could not make out half of it, even if he tried. So, he stayed silent as he bounced Tsumi in his arms.

Tokyo, Japan. 2014, February

Tsumi released a shaky sigh. There had been a time when she was taken care of and loved, but now she had to take care of the people she loved. The revelation would have been a beautiful one, she would have probably even proposed to Rida in the next few months and ditch the life of Yuugen the moment her tag was take off – but she was caught off guard by an oncoming car and she knew people like her just were never meant to have happy endings.

The car honked and swayed, speeding towards her. The headlights were too bright, despite only being the evening. The sun was not even down yet and if not for the abrupt use of brakes, she would have surely been flattened.


Tsumi blinked in confusion, trying to adjust herself as she walked around the car and saw the man in the driver’s seat. Her head tilted, swaying to the side. “Chiberri?”

Non, ma Cherie,” a smirk. “From now on, I am Chini.”

Tsumi blinked, simple as that. No comment or reassurance for The Chairman’s son finally accepting his heritage after so many years. Her eyes travelled over the car once and she raised a finger.

“Isn’t that Yujin’s?”

“Ugh – yes!” Chini yelled, slapping his palm against the passenger’s seat. “Get in. We owe Toi. So, let’s take care of him for once!”

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