Regent's Crown - Aristocracy (Book 2)

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Chapter 4

When I opened my eyes the next morning, I looked right into the loving, golden eyes of Malachy.

A smile crept onto my face.

“Good Morning.”

“Good morning my beautiful.”

His intense gaze made me blush slightly.

Embarrassed, I replied, “How long have you been watching me?”

“Not long enough.”

He closed the short distance between us by kissing me slowly and tenderly.

Wow, I wouldn’t mind being greeted this way every morning.

As he patiently kissed every part of my mouth and began to nibble on my lower lip, my lips parted slightly as a low moan escaped me.

Malachy saw this as an invitation to invade my mouth with his tongue. At the same time he stroked my neck with his fingertips in the direction of my collarbone.

The kiss deepened, our tongues played passionately with each other and Malachy moved his position a little more above me, which invited me to slide a little closer to him and under him.

His fingers continued to move down toward my breasts. The atmosphere heated up by every second.

Suddenly there was a loud growl, which was clearly coming from my stomach.

Malachy broke the kiss and laughed in amusement. He stroked my cheek lovingly.

“I think I should feed you first, then we’ll have all the time in the world for each other. As soon as we have obtained everything necessary for our stay here, I intend to get out of bed for short meal breaks, only.”

A sexy smile played on his lips and he winked mischievously at me.

I grumbled a little pissed off, because of all things my empty stomach had to interrupt us.

That only made him laugh even more.

He kept sliding away from me and getting out of bed. As I looked at him, my gaze settled on the lower part of his body. The large bulge in his boxer shorts suggested the exact opposite of what he had said.

“Malachy ...” I paused and let my eyes slowly wander up and down his body, as I unconsciously licked my upper lip with my tongue. Then I cleared my throat.

“I’m not that badly hungry, at least not for food...”

My words did not leave him untouched. He inhaled sharply and his eyes seemed to darken by a shade.

As if my traitorous stomach was just waiting for it, it used that very moment to growl loudly, again.

I rolled my eyes and groaned in annoyance at my stomach, which had evidently developed a life of its own, including bad timing.

Malachy grinned sexy. “That’s a sign, dear.”

He walked around the bed and towards the bathroom and stopped in front of the fire place, which had now cooled down, and added mischievously: “Believe me, it’s better that way. If I were to come back to you now, we will not get out of bed and you will probably starve to death.”

Pouting and pursing my lips slightly, I followed him with my eyes until he disappeared into the bathroom.

Shortly afterwards, the water rushed from the shower. I suspected the water temperature was set to cold. Served him right.

Malachy was driving down a winding mountain road towards the village of Norha. At a fork, we drove to the right and the previously well-paved road gradually turned into a bumpy, medieval-looking paved something.

Malachy’s elegant, sporty Audi was not necessarily the right vehicle for these road conditions. He had to drive very slowly in order not to scratch the car’s floor pan on the paving stones.

When I looked out the windshield, I saw a medieval city wall approaching us, which was only interrupted by the bumpy road we were on.

Everything was so rustic and well-preserved, that I could literally imagine how a few centuries ago, only horse-drawn carriages with cylinder-carrying drivers drove around here. At least that’s how I imagined it.

I enthusiastically pointed my finger at the city wall and the small half-timbered houses behind it.

“Look Malachy how beautiful it is here!”

But he only seemed to have eyes for the road and the safe maneuvering of his car and grunted a bit sullenly to himself.

I had to laugh and couldn’t help rolling my eyes - not that he would have noticed, as hard as he was busy steering the Audi.

After we had passed the city gate, I saw a sign for a small parking lot 200 meters away on the left side of the street. Then an idea occurred to me.

To get Malachy’s attention, I put my hand on his leg and leaned slightly in his direction.

“Malachy, look!”

With my other hand, I pointed in the direction of the signpost.

“Let’s park the car in the parking lot. Then, we can explore the village in peace on foot and you are not so stressed about your car...”

He looked at me a little annoyed, but also amused, then he grinned.

“Sorry, dear. You’re right. It’s more relaxed for both of us. We can have all our purchases delivered to our chalet, if the need arises.”

He used the left turn signal and drove straight into the parking lot.

As soon as he turned off the engine, he leaned over and kissed me.

“Do you have any special requests for what to eat - strawberries maybe?”

My eyes shone happily. “As if you’ve read my mind! Then let’s go. By now, I’m really hungry!”

At my words, his eyes darkened a shade, again. I quickly added, “For food,” then I grinned mischievously at the words, “Dessert comes later.”

I was just about to open the door when he stopped me. He ran his index finger down my neck. “Don’t tempt me, darling. Otherwise I’ll eat you here in the back seat.”

I turned bright red and replied in horror: “Malachy! Everyone can see us here!”

He laughed in amusement. “Darling, it’s easy for me to change the memories of all those around me, as long as they don’t have Regent’s Blood. I could take you on the hood, while a bunch of people standing around watching us and none of them would remember our interlude afterwards.”

His words made me remember something and think of our first meeting at the Collosseum.

“That’s what you did at Club Collosseum, when we met for the first time. Am I right? I always found it strange, why nobody recognized you but me.”

Malachy nodded in agreement. “Correct, but that’s a topic for a different conversation. Now, we should eat and get all the things we need. But first I have to call Andre briefly. He has to know where we are and I have to be briefed on the most important events.”

I nodded in agreement.

“A good idea. I can use the time of your phone call and call Darius to inform him about our whereabouts and the manifestation of my powers.”

“Well, I’ll leave you to your privacy here in the car.” With these words he got out and took a few steps away from the car. Then he pulled his cell phone out of his pocket, dialed a number, and held it to his ear.

Today was a beautiful morning.

The sun was shining and its rays caught in his long, blond hair. I couldn’t help but stare. He was incredibly beautiful and sexy and he was mine. A big grin spread across my face. I couldn’t wait to get back to the chalet...

As if noticing my stare, he turned to me and nodded at me with a questioning look. I quickly waved it off and went to my cell phone.

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