Regent's Crown - Aristocracy (Book 2)

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Chapter 7

After we ate our breakfast, we left the cosy café and strolled, while holding hands, in the direction of Norha’s market square.

We did all the necessary errands. I literally dragged Malachy into every store, whether we needed anything there or not. I suspected he was quite glad, that Norha was just a small town with a manageable number of shops.

In general I couldn’t complain about him.

He endured the shopping marathon in silence. Instead of being grumpy, like most men are when it comes to shopping, he used the time wisely to pick out some basic clothes for himself.

Finally, I needed new underwear. I was not surprised, that I had to prevent him from going into the store with me. With difficulty, I was able to persuade him to go to the drugstore, again, since I had supposedly forgotten to buy soap.

Our last stop was a bulk purchase of groceries at the local supermarket. We had everything delivered to the chalet, then we walked back the cobbled, romantic path over the small bridge towards the parking lot.

When we were finally sitting in the car, being exhausted, I sank into the passenger seat. At some point I decided to tell Malachy, that I wasn’t that big of a fan of shopping, but today I just had to take the chance to test his patience and thereby mine, too.

I took a deep breath before turning to him questioningly: “With this being taken care of, what’s next on the agenda?”

He looked at me and a seductive smile crept up the corners of his mouth.

“Now, we’re going back to the chalet and there, we will have dessert.”

At these words he couldn’t help but laugh a little, while looking at me like a predator, who is about to attack at any moment.

I went bright red, which made Malachy laugh even more.

He started the engine and drove at a slow pace along the small, poorly paved road again, until we came back to the tarred road that brought us into the mountains and to the chalet.

I had to grin when I heard him grumble, that he’d better take his jeep next time.

When we arrived at the chalet and he had turned off the engine, he got out of the car at lightning speed and walked around it to open the passenger door for me.

My feet had barely touched the ground when he pulled me into his arms and kissed me passionately. Then he led me to the door of the chalet, only letting go of me when it could not be avoided.

I hardly noticed that the door was closed behind me, because all my senses were focused on Malachy. Growling deeply, he announced that nobody would bother us anymore and that he finally had me all to himself, before he picked me up and carried me into the bedroom.

I didn’t know how long we stayed there.

At some point, I was woken from a light but comfortable sleep, by the ringing of the doorbell. Obviously I was so exhausted that I had fallen asleep with my head on Malachy’s bare chest.

Malachy carefully tried to slip away from under me without waking me, so he could answer the door.

“This is definitely our purchases. If we don’t want to go hungry again, I’d better answer the door”, he said.

I drew back a bit sleepily to give him enough space to get up.

Then I pulled the thin blanket a little higher, rolled onto my side and propped my head on my bent arm. That way, I got a better look at his fabulously sexy and naked body.

Unfortunately, my view of his nudity was disturbed by the sweatpants and the T-shirt, which he quickly put on.

He left the bedroom saying, “Darling, I’ll be right back.”

I hope so, I thought to myself with a mischievous grin on my lips.

I was right in my guess. Malachy was an amazing lover and I couldn’t wait to pick up where we had left off, before I dozed off.

He came back to me a few minutes later. As soon as he saw me, his eyes lit up and he grinned that damn sexy grin.

I lifted my cover, knowing full well that I was lying naked underneath, and asked him to join me.

Malachy’s eyes seemed to get several shades darker and I was sure, that I had never seen anyone undress faster than him. Then he slipped next to me under the cover and we spent the rest of the afternoon until the early evening in bed together.

The troublemaker was once again my hungry, growling stomach. This time, however, I had to laugh at myself in amusement.

I sat up in bed.

“Come on Malachy, let’s go down to the kitchen, I’ll fix us something to eat.”

I winked at him in amusement, before mentioning that he deserved some refreshment.

I pulled the blanket away from him with a firm jerk and wrapped it around my body like an oversized towel. Then, I made my way down.

Malachy put on his sweatpants and followed me shirtless. I ran faster with every step, literally running away from him, because he kept trying to get his hands on the blanket to remove it from me.

Laughing out loud, I let myself fall on the comfortably upholstered bench in the kitchen, just opposite the fireplace, and leaned my back firmly against the backrest.

“Try to tear the blanket from me, again”, I teased him.

Malachy leaned over me with a sexy grin and gave me a light kiss.

“No need, love! I have you exactly, where I wanted you to be. Today you get the full pampering program, including me cooking for you, so just enjoy your free time.”

Then he went to the kitchen counter and started fiddling around with the kitchen tools.

The result was an incredibly good tasting omelette.

After I had finished my plate down to the last crumb, I turned to him with a satisfied smile.

“I’m marrying a good match. Handsome, incredibly rich and powerful, a good lover and cook, too. Are you sure that you are for real, or don’t you think it’s time to reveal your true identity.”

I winked at him cheekily. “Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.”

Malachy laughed heartily.

“No, I’m not a fake. Everything about me is real, baby. There is only one thing you have forgotten on your list: I am always at your service.”

He got up from the table and began to clear away the plates and glasses and placed them on the worktop above the dishwasher.

I followed him, then stopped right behind him and wrapped my arms around his body as I placed feather-light kisses on his bare back.

“What do you think of taking a bath? I could go upstairs and fill the tub with water.”

When he had his hands free again, he put them on my arms, which were still around his hips, and replied.

“An excellent idea. I’ll put things in order quickly and then I’ll follow you. ”

I placed one last, long kiss right at the spot between his shoulder blades, before pulling away from him and slowly walking up the stairs.

Grinning happily like a Cheshire cat, I went to the bathroom and got to work.

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