Warrior of the Damned

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I awoke with a new determination. I didnt know how but I would fight. I would battle these creatures, or I would die trying. The last scenario seemed more likely. But first, I needed to know the why. What was the reason for their attack?

If anyone would know, it would be Naevia.

I left the sanctuary of her bed. The smell of cooked eggs made my stomach growl with hunger pains I had never felt. This kind of life was taking its toll on me.

I looked around, only finding Naevia. "Where is Marek?" I needed to apologize to him. I needed to strategize with him. I just needed him.

She didnt turn around but instead continued to cook, replying nonchalantly, "He will return soon, child."

I sat at the table. I wasnt sure if I should be conversing with Naevia without him. Not that she was dangerous, per se, but there might be words said that he would also need to hear. Ah hell, I could fill him in later if I had to.


"Yes, Princess?"

"Why did they attack us?"

She sighed and dropped her head. Turning to me now, she sat down in the chair beside me. Reaching for my hand, she held it in hers. "I can only guess their intentions, I do not know for certain, you see?" I nodded.

"Its possible they were there for Marek. So long as he is alive, he is a threat to the mutineers that cast him out... he could, one day, reobtain his throne. However, I find this a terrible waste of resources. They could easily kill him without drawing so much attention and taking the lives of innocent humans. With that in mind, I think it's unlikely Marek was the cause of that ambush."

I felt a sense of relief. I knew it was not Marek's fault, but I also knew he didnt not think the same. He would listen if Naevia claimed it.

"The only other viable option I can assume is that the pack, or a specific one within, wants your Kingdom."

Oh. Is that all? Well, hell.

Not that sarcasm was the best reaction in light of this recent discovery but I felt as if I should have already known this. It made sense. So much sense, that I really couldn't feel a reaction. No anger, so sadness, no... nothing. There was absolutely nothing. Shouldn't there be, at least, even a tiny bit, of something?

Nope. I got nothing.

"So werewolves want to rule the land?"

She laughed as though I was too naive.

"Of course! But it's more than that. The Holy War cast them into the shadows. They became just a story to scare little children, not to be taken seriously by adults... an imaginary nightmare, if you will. To bring themselves into the light would force fear and panic. Humans would ultimately succumb to their rule to avoid death."

I furrowed my brows, "But the Catholic church would send their armies. They would slaughter werewolves into extinction."

She stared into my eyes, turning very serious, "Yes, if it was just one Kingdom, maybe the Church would have a chance. But if they extended their reach, if the blood was shed over all of Europe..."

"They would rule the earth," I finished her thought.

She only nodded.

Well, this just got more complicated.


Marek and I had left Naevia's hours ago. We walked in silence. I wasnt sure if he could hear my thoughts, they were a jumbled mess. Even I had trouble deciphering them. I needed his help, his insight.

I sighed.

"Marek?" I had stopped walking some time ago without realizing it, lost in my own thoughts. He had been watching me, curiously. He titled his head, still looking at me.

"I need to apologize for last night. I shouldn't have reacted in such a way. You're my friend and I love you. I am sorry."

You were overwhelmed. I am not upset with you.

I nodded. We walked a few more feet and I stopped again. He pretended not to notice and carried onward.

Lots of ground to go. Shouldn't waste time.

"Do you know why they attacked us? My Castle?"

Now quite a bit ahead of me, he stopped, turned around and trotted back. His eyes met mine.

Only guesses.

"Which are?" I asked, slightly agitated.

He sat now, as proper as always. His ears flattened against his head and he yawned, letting out a small whine.

Kill me. Mate with you. Take over kingdom then rule land. Many lands. All lands.

I really disliked when his thoughts were choppy sentences. If I had him talk to me more, would he form a better speech pattern? I should test that theory.

"Mate? With me? Why me?"

Lots of reasons. You are my soul mate, this makes them angry. You are also Queen. Very powerful. The Shifter has already claimed you to the rest of the pack. They will not harm you. For now.

Ah-ha! A way in... if they wouldn't harm me, I can return to my Kingdom and fight.


Well, of course. Of all the thoughts I had in my brain, he hears that one!

"Wait, the Shifter has claimed me? What do you mean?"

You met Shifter.

"WHEN?" I shrieked.

Aiden. Shifter.

I gasped. No! Hell no! Aiden? Ugh. My stomach churned. I heard Marek laugh inside my head. I ignored him. My father had unknowingly promised me to a werewolf! It's bad enough it was Aiden but underneath all that was not just a deceitful, conniving weasel but a murderous creature that haunted people's nightmares and went bump in the night.

"Did you know? This whole time... who he was?"

Yes. I did not know he was from my pack. I was too young to remember him.

"He could have killed you! Many times!"

No. Bigger plans than me. I am more like fly buzzing in face. Not concern.

"We really need to work on your English, Marek." I chuckled. He snorted. Same old stubborn dog.

"We have to go back. We have to do something. You know this. They wont allow us to run forever."

I know... but first, we train.

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