Warrior of the Damned

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My heart skipped.

He must have been atleast 6 foot tall... maybe inches more. He had darker skin, short black hair, a strong jawline outlined an oval face, covered in stubble. His eyes fell on me, into me. Searching for acceptance from me of this new body he was now sporting. He had thick, black brows that sat perfectly over his ice blue eyes. He was Marek. His eyes would always give his identity away.

His arms and chest were toned and muscular, as if he had been molded from a statue. He wasnt as burly as Aiden but he didnt need to be. He was wearing black pants, what I now realized was what Aiden must have thrown at him.

My face had given away the shock I was feeling as Aiden now commented, "Oh, she hasn't seen you like this before? I'm disappointed in you, Marek, keeping such a secret from your dear friend." He held his finger up, wagging it from side to side, "Tsk. Tsk."

I saw sadness in Marek's eyes. It was at that moment, I knew. No shadows casting doubt. No werewolves to make me second guess. Our bond was more than just friendship. More than just companionship. I loved him. He was my soul mate, my reason for being, the key meant to unlock my mourning heart. He was the One and Only. With every fiber of my body, I knew, like a light in the dark, I was in love with him.

And it took my breath away.

My gaze left Marek finally, turning my attention back to Aiden, "Why are you doing this?"

He laughed and opened his arms wide, "She wants know why I'm doing this!" Addressing the werewolves behind me. I heard snickers from the back of the room.

"Princess, you must have atleast an inkling by now," pointing at me, "I want what you have, obviously! WE, want what you have," he stressed. "And oh! I forgot!" He covered his mouth with both of his hands, I suppose for more of a dramatic affect, "We no longer have to wait for your parents' passing," he smiled, "I expedited that for you. You're welcome by the way."

I spat at him.

He smirked, "You will marry me and we"--he motioned to the whole room with his hands--"will rule the world!" He grabbed my hands, holding them in his. I tried to pull away but his grip was too tight. "Think about it Adaleen. I will help you get the revenge you've so desperately wanted all these years. They will bow to us! They will beg us for mercy! You and I, we will be the swift hand of the God they so pathetically worship!"

I would have my revenge one day, but not like this. Not with him. I gave him a hard stare and finally spoke, "I will not." He sighed and dropped his hands from mine. "You disappoint me Addy, why cant you see the big picture here? I am laying the world at your feet! What must I do to convince you to change your mind?"

He put a finger to his lips, thinking. He then turned his glare to Marek.

Marek never took his blue eyes away from Aiden's, but spoke to me for the first time since taking a human body, "Addy," his voice the same soothing sound I had first heard in my head the night of the ambush, "whatever happens, do not relent."

My eyes widened, remembering Marek's gift of foresight. He must have known what was about to happen. I sure didnt.

Aiden swung his arm, a rock hard fist connecting with Marek's left cheek. He fell to the ground. "Aiden!" I screamed, pleading, but he ignored me. His big shoulders moving up and down with his heavy breathing, towering over Marek, "Do you think, Warrior, if I dispense of you... permanently this time, she would change her mind?"

Fear rose inside my stomach. I would not lose Marek. I couldn't. Aiden kicked his big foot into Marek's side as he was still on the ground from the punch to his face. I watched in horror as Marek turned his head to look at him. And he laughed. I frowned. Oh yeah, laugh right in his face, Marek, that'll make him stop!

"You must be unfamiliar with Damned Law, Aiden. If you want it, you must kill for it. That is the wolf way."

"Of course," Aiden smirked.

Do not relent, Do not relent, do not relent... His words just kept playing over and over again in my head. What do I do? The only thing in this world I love was still alive at this very second. I had to keep it that way. I couldn't save Frick. I couldn't save Naevia. How could I save Marek? His death would also be mine, as I couldnt breathe without him. I couldnt live. I couldn't allow this to happen.

"No, no, no, no, no," I cried, "Aiden, please! I'll do it, I'll do whatever you want, just dont kill him!" Relenting was my last resort. If it kept Marek alive, I would do it. I would do absolutely anything and everything to be able to continue looking into those beautiful blue eyes.

Aiden laughed at me.

Marek growled.

"Wow, that was almost too eas--" before he could finish his taunting, Marek lunged at him.

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