Warrior of the Damned

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Aiden was too slow to react.

Werewolves were snarling and snapping their massive jaws.

Marek knocked him to the ground, on top of him, throwing punch after punch. Aiden was trying his best to block them with his forearms--some he did. Most landed. Aiden, soon realizing he was in trouble, caught Marek's right fist with his left hand and rolled himself over and on top of Marek.

He didnt allow Aiden a chance to swing that massive fist, as he hooked him with a right handed punch to the side of his temple.

The pack was now barking and howling, as if they were cheering them on.

Aiden fell backwards, stumbling to his feet. He was swaying dizzily and holding his head. Marek propelled his body up right, using only his feet, going straight toward Aiden's abdomen. Punch after punch sent Aiden keeling over in pain.

Suddenly Aiden turned, back facing Marek and kicked him high in the chest. Marek went flying, landing hard on his back on the stone floor. Roars erupted from the werewolves, egging Aiden on.

I caught sight of the white one with the black ear. He was watching intently. I couldnt tell if he was allowing them to sort out their differences or waiting for his chance to intervene. I prayed it wasnt the latter. Pack leader, Marek had said.

Aiden ran, full force, straight toward Marek, his hands landing on Mareks arms and gripping them tight as if doing a handstand. When his legs flipped over Marek's head, Marek's body came with him, slinging Marek, feet over head, into a nearby table beside the throne. The table split in two with the force. I heard Marek groan. He was stomach down between the two pieces of broken table.

"You sure about this, boy?" Aiden sneered, "Are you willing to sacrifice yourself for her?" Silence had befallen our furry audience as they awaited Marek's fate.

Marek looked to me, his eye was bloodied and starting to swell shut. Full of fear, I wanted to plead with him to give up, knowing very well his pride would never allow it. Instead I mouthed the only thing I could think of in that moment.

"I love you."

One side of his lip curled up into a smile and he rolled, end over end, into a standing position. His fists were balled and primed to continue the fight. There was a new look of determination on his face.

Aiden looked surprised at his new found motivation, I'm guessing he thought he had Marek beat. Realizing he needed to move quickly, he ran to Marek to finish the job.

I watched anxiously has Marek ran to him as well. I expected them to collide into each other, the force throwing them both backwards into the air. However, a split second before they were bound to impact, Marek bent his shoulder down and speared Aiden, right in the stomach. Aiden folded in half and yelped in pain. He crumbled to the floor. He rolled on his back, staring at the ceiling, trying to figure out what just happened.

Marek towered over Aiden's body. He raised his right fist, high in the air and as he swung it down, the momentum brought him to one knee. His fist hit dead center of Aiden's chest and I winced as a heard a loud crack. Aiden's body went limp, all his life force now gone.

Marek stood and stared down at him. The room was still silent.

Marek raised his head and looked directly at me as if he had just remembered my presence. He turned and walked purposefully toward me, blue eyes never leaving mine.

He walked into me, cupped my cheeks in his hands and kissed me. It was deep. And it was passionate. I forgot the dangerous creatures behind him as everything around me faded away. In that moment, it was just us. His lips against mine. I melted into his body and he wrapped his arms around me. The intensity of the kiss softening.

He finally pulled his mouth away from mine and leaned his forehead against my forehead. His hand reached up and caressed my face and brushed my hair over my ear.

But our moment of bliss was short lived as a group of angry werewolves started to growl.

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