Warrior of the Damned

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..."Second in command is the Enforcer"...

..."He enforces pack law"...

The second stone was the Enforcer. He was right below the Warrior. Patch was the Enforcer! Patch was the traitor.

I was quite proud of myself for fitting in that missing puzzle piece. But my pride dissipated into anger. I would make him pay for what he had done. I would send him back to the hell pit he crawled out of. If Marek couldnt finish it, I would.

He was the one that left Marek to die. He was the heartless wolf that cast out a small pup. And his pack allowed it. Marek could regain his place among his clan but he would have to kill the traitor first.

They were now on opposite sides of the room, ready to charge each other once more. Marek didnt spear him like Aiden. This time, he slid past him on the cold stone, gripping his mouth around Traitor's ankle, pulling him to the ground. He shook his leg violently as I had seen Naevia do to Beval. Traitor yelped. Marek did not let go.

Traitor clawed on his side, curling his body toward Marek's head. Marek didnt let go but instead backed up, around and around in a circle, avoiding his teeth.

Traitor swung his big claw at Marek's face. Marek dodged the paw, jerking his head in the opposite direction, ankle still in his mouth. Traitor cried out in pain but then flipped his body around and kicked Marek's head with the foot not in his strong jaws.

Marek flew backwards, letting go of the ankle. He shook his massive head, willing the pain away. Traitor stood now, putting very little weight on his bad foot. I'm sure it was broken.

He pushed off with his one good ankle and lunged at Marek, jaws snapping, blindingly and desperately trying to land a bite. Anywhere.

Marek was pushing back at Traitor's chest, holding those teeth at bay with his paws.

Traitor was inching closer and closer. Marek was losing this battle. He was spent after two different scuffles, his well rested opponent had the advantage. And Marek knew it.

He looked at me, eyes sad and apologetic.

...the rain was pounding the Castle, loudly. Lightning lit up my room. A booming clap of thunder shook my bed. Marek whined, eyes focused on my window. I patted his little puppy head, "Marek," I cooed, "I'll let you in on a little secret." His eyes looked to me, head cocked to one side. I whispered to him, "I'm scared of storms too." He placed his little paw on my arm, watching me curiously. "But I have you now. And as long as you're beside me, I'm never scared. And as long as I'm beside you, you have no need to be scared either." He licked my face and cuddled up next to me, underneath my arm...

Panic over took my small frame. I frantically weighed my options.

He told me to stay in the chair, "it's very important" though I didnt know why.

..."Warrior. Visions. Know."...

What do I do?

Traitor was overpowering him now. Marek closed his eyes, awaiting the inevitable.

But the sudden change in momentum made him yipe. Traitors face fell upon Marek's shoulder. Marek opened his eyes, startled. Confused as to what had just happened.

Traitor was no longer shoving his slobbering face to Marek's. He was no longer doing anything. And he never would again.

The weight upon Marek's chest was limp. Dead. He pushed the werewolf off him and stood up, examining the body, trying to figure out how his skull hadnt been crushed by Traitor's fangs.

He turned back to human form. His head hung, staring at the crumpled body in front of him. He turned his face, looking over his shoulder at me. He smiled, knowingly.

He had finally spotted the cause of Traitor's demise. A single arrow protruded from the side of his head. My arrow.

Marek ran to me, lifting me into the air with his strong arms, spinning us around. He was grinning.

He gently let me slide back down to my feet and then he kissed me.

My stomach fluttered. All faded away once more. As long as his lips were on mine, nothing around us mattered. I smiled on his lips. He chuckled, "I love you too, Addy. I always have."

But then his demeanor instantly changed. His smiled faded and he looked to the wolves. They were no longer in werewolf form. I hadnt noticed them transition back. Marek's lips were the only thing I had been focused on. He walked toward them, down the steps and stood before them. All was quiet.

One by one, they extended their front legs down to the floor and bowed their heads, eyes still focused on us. On me.

I collapsed onto the throne, exhausted. I didnt know what was happening but I did know I couldn't handle another battle. I was worn too thin. Too many emotions over such a short period of time had finally taken its toll on me. I leaned back in the chair, placing my arms on the rests.

Marek now turned back around to face me. He didnt step any closer to me. Instead, he took a knee and bowed his head as well.

I looked to him, confused. His eyes met mine, his mouth curling into a devilish grin.

"My Queen," he addressed me, "the army is now at your disposal."

Realization finally set in. My body trembled with anticipation. I had killed the Pack Leader. Marek had willingly allowed me to replace him in the hierarchy. I was the Alpha now. And with a horde of werewolves at my side, I had unknowingly acquired the tools to enact my revenge on those I had wanted to make pay for their sins so long ago.

My grievances would be avenged.

A wicked smile slowly spread across my face.

I'm coming for you, I thought.

For all of you


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