Sebastian The Traveler

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Chapter 9 - Sebastian

I sat beside Milo as we watched her ready herself for a night out. She had an hour before she had to leave but we didnt want her to go. Milo more so because he wanted companionship. Me, because I was afraid she would find someone else.

I realized now I took the painting too far. It had scared her, which wasnt my intention. But it effected her so much, she rethought her life--her seclusion, her every day boring routine. My little plan had backfired, exploding in my face like an atomic bomb. I should have thought it through better. But I was desperate for her to know I was here, with her. She could find me outside of her dreamland. Now she would find someone else, someone she could see without having to close her eyes.

Milo looked at me and meowed. "I know buddy, I know. Dont worry though, I'll stay with her." Milo purred and curled up beside me, closing his eyes.

Dont ask me, I have no idea when we switched from indifferent to friends. Insert eye roll, here.

She walked out of the bathroom and my jaw literally hit the floor. She was wearing a one piece black off the shoulder mini dress and heels. Her exposed shoulder appeared petite and delicate, just waiting patiently to be kissed. Her shapely legs looked soft and visually longer due to the heels ...I wonder what those would feel like wrapped around my waist... The dress clung to her form as if it were tailored especially for her, defining every curve so flawlessly, I craved to run my hands over her body, exploring every inch outside and in--WHOA! Hold up...

What in the actual hell?...

Was she really going out dressed like that?!

Fuck me.

I was going to have to keep a very close eye on her now...

I sighed as I followed her down the stairs. It wouldn't be fair of me to deny her opportunities to meet other men. And dressed in that, it was a sure fire thing that she would snag a million of them tonight. And if they made her happy, what right did I have to ruin that? I mean, we were not a couple. We never could be and that was the cold hard reality of it. She was human. And I was... this. Me wanting to be with her did not change the fact that it wasn't scientifically possible to do so. I would forever be the other man, living in her dreams, having to share her with the man she would eventually sleep next to every night. That is if she didnt push me away once she found love. That thought hurt the most. But I wouldnt deny her that opportunity to find it, I would just have to keep my jealousy in check.

Fat chance...

I watched her greet two girls. Twins? Tessa and... Tia? Tasha? Teri? I dont know. Both raved about how hot she looked, talked to her about picking up guys, blah, blah, blah... I didnt like them.

They had long black hair, too much makeup, thin build and less than desirable outfits--atleast to me. Short skirts and low neck lines. They reeked of slutiness. If they were on the hunt for a relationship, this wasnt the way to go about it. If they were just out for a one night stand then I believed they would succeed.

Avery was much classier. She wore only eye makeup, just enough to accent her blue eyes. It wasnt caked on and I liked that. Her skirt was a bit longer than the T's, as you couldnt see her ass cheeks peeking through in comparison. She really did look good.


We walked about five blocks, down some steps into a Ritzy club. It was dark and the music was loud. I scanned the room, trying to get a sense of the men. My three companions had definitely been noticed. They took their seats at a round booth, laughing and giggling and Avery seemed to be having a good time. I sat beside her, on top of the booth chair, my legs hanging by her shoulders as I definitely wasnt going far from her tonight.

They ordered drinks as I kept my eyes on the guys in the room. I could tell a small group of them were talking about the girls, as they kept glancing at them and leaning in to whisper to one another. Which one would get enough liquid courage inside them first?

They waited too long.

I eyed a man who slid into the booth beside Avery. The T's were all smiles but Avery looked skeptical. "Hi ladies, I'm Mark." Mark? What kind of douchie name is Mark? I didn't like him either. I crossed my arms over my chest and studied him. Wall Street type. Dark blue suit, no tie, the shirt underneath was open a few buttons too low. He had slicked back, short, dark hair and a clean shaven face. Good looking dude, I suppose? I had never gauged men before.

As the night went on, I noticed he was slowly scooting his way closer to Avery, leaning in and whispering in her ear. She smiled politely but appeared over all to be very uncomfortable. This was definitely not the guy for her.

The two T's went to find their prey on the dance floor. But before I could plop down on the other side of Avery, Mark excused himself, claiming to be headed to the restroom.

He was lying, of course.

He reaked of lies. She didnt see it, but I did. I had seen enough in my travels and men at that age could be very deceitful. I was curious, so I followed him. He rounded the corner behind the booth Avery now sat alone in, walking up to a group of other men dressed the same. All the same. All douchebags. "So?" The short one asked Mark. Mark grinned. They all cheered and high fived him. "I'll slip this in her drink and then we're good to go!" He indicated towards the little blue tablet in his hand and they all laughed.

Oh, hell no.

I walked back to Avery with Mark. I was disgusted. But more so, I was pissed.

He bought them both drinks and sat down beside her again, arm around her shoulder. I decided to sit cross legged on top of the table, facing them, maybe a foot away from their faces. This kind of behavior from a human would make anyone uncomfortable. Fortunately, I wasnt human and no one could see me.

Mark pointed to something across the room, drawing Avery's attention away from her drink. The blue pill was held between his thumb and index finger as he attempted to drop it in her glass.

Fuck that!

I flicked it out from between his fingers. It hit his chest and fell onto the floor by his feet. His face flushed with annoyance, but I wasnt done yet. Not even close... "Pardon me, I dropped something... one second." He bent toward the floor, intent on picking the pill up and trying again. But he was just stupid enough to hover his douchie face over the table a little too long, allowing my hand to slam his head into it. Hard. His nose instantly started gushing blood, bent in a south easterly direction.

"Oh my God! Are you okay? What happened?" Avery asked, startled. He swatted her hand away and told her to fuck off as he ran to the restroom. For real this time. She watched him leave, bewildered.

Fuck YOU, Mark.

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