Sebastian The Traveler

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Chapter 11 - Sebastian

Milo had given me the courtesy of using his pillow. But he stayed between Avery and I like a barrier. Apparently, he had determined that a friendship with me still had limits.

Avery was quiet the rest of the day. She seemed lost in thought. The only thing that seemed to break her from trance like state was the cat. Everytime Milo moved unexpectedly, her eyes would snap to him, concern taking over her features. I couldnt understand her worried displeasure as he was just being a felinw. The relationship between him and I was no longer what it had been. He was mostly used to my presence and no longer growled or hissed at me. Mostly, he purred.

Later in the evening, she went to her easel and started painting. I was confused at first as this was not like the landscape she had done prior. It took a while before it became obvious as to what she was creating.

I studied the finished product after she went to sleep. Even though I knew exactly what it was, I was still shocked. The colors were bright this time. Yellows and reds, greens and browns. Blues. Very little gray and black.

I couldnt stop looking at it. Had she done this from memory?

Oh my God, Sebastian... dont be stupid. Of course she did. She couldnt exactly see you!

Still, I never expected this.

I blinked a few times, trying to comprehend what was going on. What she had actually created...

Blue Eyes.

My eyes.

She painted my eyes.

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