Sebastian The Traveler

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Chapter 13 - Sebastian

I hadnt visited her dreams last night. After the painting, I couldnt. I needed to go somewhere to think. I watched her, angry this morning--upset with me. She expected to see me and I could understand her feelings as I had promised her I would always be there and then I wasnt.

However, once we returned from the park, she seemed happier.

Girls are so moody.

And then a thought occured to me: was my presence in her life messing with her mind? It was the last thing I had ever wanted to do and I needed to make a decision. Do I stay or do I go? What would be more beneficial for Avery?

I had Traveled last night. A hospital in Chicago. When I felt too lonely, hospitals were always a good place to go as there were plenty of my kind there to converse with. I didnt do it often, ya know, hospitals and such. The emotions in those places were too sad. Too thick, like wading through black tar.

Walking the halls, I saw very little Others. But as with everything in life, there are seasons of drought. Apparently, this was a less plentiful time for my kind. Part of me was happy for this as I was glad when someone was able to move on--not to be trapt between two planes like myself. On the other hand, I had wanted someone to talk to. Someone who saw me. Someone who understood what this existence meant.

Peeking my head into endless rooms, I finally found an Other. I walked in, hoping to speak with her, but quickly realized now was not the time.

She stood beside her body in the hospital bed, watching the scene before her. Her human body unconscious and unmoving. She looked sad.

A doctor sat beside the bed. He was young, probably a resident. They way he was looking at his patient... well, I felt for him. I was very familiar with that kind of longing and I knew he had a tough road ahead of him. What I wasnt sure of was whether he realized his connection to this patient yet or not.

Her Soul Spirit made eye contact with me. I smiled at her sympathetically. She returned the gesture with a faint one herself. She knew the connection to the doctor. She knew they were mates. Soul mates. But her hands were tied as she couldnt communicate with him.

I took her hand in mine and forced my thoughts to her. I know it's odd, spirits communicate telepathically. Who would have thought? But I told her about Avery and what I was doing and how she could do the same. She smiled at me gratefully.

I prayed they would have a happy ending. As long as her Soul Spirit could reattach to her body, I was certain her and the doctor would find love. Someone here should be able to achieve that. It wasnt an option for me.

I didnt want to leave Avery. I was in love. But love also meant doing what was best for the other person even if it meant suffering for yourself. That whole if you love something, set it free bullshit. Well, okay, it wasnt bullshit. It was quite true. Unless you were the one having to do the setting free and then it was bullshit. Pure, undeniable painful bullshit. I didnt know if I even could let Avery go, but maybe it was best.

I had decided I would say my goodbyes the next time she fell asleep. But her mood today confused me and I started to rethink everything. She was hurt this morning. She was happy this afternoon. She was just... confusing.

I would see how this move worked out for her and then I would decide. Colorado was my favorite place to visit, though I'm not sure why. There wasnt anything particularly special about it. Sure it was beautiful, but so were a lot of other places. I just loved Colorado above the rest. And now Avery would be there.

Colorado would forever be my favorite.

I would visit her tonight. I would keep her with me as long as I could, not knowing when this time would permanently end. I didnt wait for her to fall into a deep sleep this time as it never gave me long enough with her. As soon as her eyes closed and her breathing steadied, I jumped in.

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