Sebastian The Traveler

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Chapter 21 - Sebastian

I was thankful to my mom for insisting Avery not drive home.


There was a girl in my room.

Avery was in my room. And I felt strange... hot, excited, nervous and tingly. I never let a girl in my room before.

Of course, I never felt for any girl what I did for Avery. She was special. She was an exception.

I watched her walk around my room. She started at the dresser, by the door, inspecting my baseball trophies from high school. She laughed at my wall posters... super models. I mean, I did have a typical guy's room. She seemed amused by it.

She stopped at my desk staring at a wall of pictures above it. Pictures of me with friendse, with family, me in my baseball games.

I liked pictures. I had a lot of them. They captured moments and memories you could never recreate. They were reminders, a snapshot in time. Good times. Her eyes scanned them and she smiled, touching my face in a few of them.

She glanced out the big windows as she walked by them. I remembered I had a great view of the backyard, mountains in the distance. It was quite breathtaking at sunset. There was a window seat beneath them and sometimes I had fallen asleep there. At night, you could see the stars as we were far enough away from the bright lights of the city that it didnt pollute the view.

My bookshelf was on the other side of the windows. I kept a few books... Classics like The Great Gatsby, The Wizard of Oz, and Of Mice and Men but mostly it held sports magazines, a model car dad and I built when I was in junior high, my baseball bat and glove, and some DVDs and cds.

She took her shoes and pants off, choosing only to sleep in her tshirt and underwear. I admit, I didn't look away this time.

She was climbing into my bed. In a tshirt and underwear. Avery. Half naked. In my bed.

I felt dizzy and sweaty.

Wow, I really need to get a grip. What is happening to me?

She pulled the covers up around her and nuzzled her face in my pillow, taking a deep breath in.

Uh... when was the last time I washed that bedding? I couldnt remember...

But she smiled, so I guess my scent was okay.

She flipped off the light. Hugging my pillow, she closed her eyes.

I crouched down by the bed, infront of her face and watched until she fell asleep. Should I meet her tonight? She had seen me, the live me. Well... half way alive me. Did she really need me to enter her dreams?

Ah, fuck it.

I was in my bed with her.

"Am I dreaming?" She asked.

"Yes... apparently you chose my room as The Middle this time," I chuckled.

She laughed at me.

"Did you know? Like, that you were here? In Colorado Springs?"

"No. I was as surprised as you. I had just always thought of myself as a spirit... a ghost. I couldnt imagine being anything else. But I remember now...

"How is this possible, Sebastian?"

"I'm not sure..."

"Are you scared?" She whispered.

"I'm scared I wont wake up, that I will never reattach to my body. I'm terrified I will forever be stuck in your dreams... never able to actually live a normal life... with you. "

She kissed me.

And then I was outside her head again. Why did that always happen after a kiss?

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