Sebastian The Traveler

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Chapter 22 - Avery

A week had passed. I saw Sebastian every day and then again every night. We talked a lot in my dreams, getting to know each other. He spoke of his fondness for Tom Petty and Dave Matthews Band... how he was at a Dave Matthew's concert with friends and they drank too much. So much in fact, that one of them projectile vomited into a group of girls two rows in front of them. He laughed, remembering.

He talked of his baseball scholarship and how it had paid for his Bachlors in Architecture. He had alot of friends on that team and he missed them. He had a lot of friends in general actually. I got that he was pretty popular which wasnt surprising to me. He was adventurous, outgoing, smart and witty, and very charismatic. I had a hunch I knew which parent he acquired that from.

He was active and loved the outdoors. He spoke of bond fires, white water rafting and mountain biking. He still loved biking, even though it was the cause of his current situation. He vowed he would do it again once he was better.

He told me he was good at drawing, which lead him to architecture as a career. He promised to show me his sketchbook the first chance he got. I was impressed he had a passion for art. We were kindred spirits in that sense.

We were total opposites in every other aspect though.


I made my rounds quickly today. It was Friday and Carolyn had invited me over for dinner again tonight. I kinda missed them and I was trying to make the day go faster. I saved Sebastian's room for last.

I was surprised to find a guy sitting in the chair by his bed. I had never seen anyone but Carolyn and me visit Sebastian, which did seem odd since he obviously had a ton of friends.

He had long legs, I assumed he must be very tall, dark complexion with short black hair. He had big brown eyes and a round face.

"Oh! I am so sorry, I didnt know anyone else was in here," I smiled, "I'll give you some time..."

"Nah, that's okay," he replied, "I was actually getting ready to leave." He eyed me. "Are you that girl that took Carolyn's place?"

"Uh, yeah, Avery." I stuck my hand out and shook his.

"Chase." He said affirmatively.

I stood there for a second, silent. He was studying me, like something under a microscope. It made me uncomfortable. "So... are you one of Sebastian's friends?" I asked.

"Hell no!" He laughed, "That asshole"--he nodded to Sebastian--"is my best friend!"

I chuckled.

Suddenly a short red head flung the door open and ran to Sebastian's bedside, grabbing his hand and caressing his face.

I raised my eyebrows at her aggressiveness. A pang of jealousy filled my chest. Who was this? More importantly, why was she touching my Sebastian?

"Sup bitch?" Chase spat.

She hung her head, exasperated, now realizing she wasnt the only one in the room. She didnt turn to acknowledge him, only gritted her teeth and said, "Chase."

Chase looked at me now, "Avery, this is Gina," introducing her as she had no intention of doing it herself.

She glared at me, "Who's she?" Obviously asking Chase, like I wasnt in the room.

"She took over for Carolyn."

Gina rolled her eyes. "Of course. Even on his deathbed, Sebastian still attracts the desperate skanks."

I felt my cheeks redden. A fire raged inside me, "What did you just call me?" I balled my fists.

She opened her mouth to speak but Chase wasnt allowing it, "Just shut the fuck up Gina. I dont know why you insist on still coming here. I've told you over and over again, anything you thought you had with Sebastian was completely one sided."

She shot him a hurt look, "You dont know that..."

"But I do... Psycho."

She turned her attention back to Sebastian, stroking his face, "He's dying. He needs me."

Chase rolled his eyes, "Uh, first off, no. He doesnt need you. He never needed you. Secondly, he isn't dying you dimwit."

I watched them exchange looks. Chase was stone cold faced, Gina was confused.

"What?" She asked.

"Doc says he is actually getting better. His brain waves have become stronger over the last few days. They're hopeful he'll wake soon."

My heart stopped. He was getting better? I couldnt catch my breath. He'll wake soon...

I was excited. But I didnt want to give Gina any ammunition. If she opened her bratty mouth I would throat punch her.

And I needed this job.

I smiled at Chase, "That's great news."

He grinned, "Yeah it is!"

Gina huffed.

Chase returned his attention to her, "Dont you have somewhere else to be? I saw the corner of Gray and Main Street looking rather desolate and lonely."

"Fuck you, Chase."

"You wish, slut." Chase smirked.

I stiffled my laugh. I liked Chase. I could definitely picture why him and Sebastian were friends.

Gina's face scrunched up in anger but she didnt shoot an insult back. She didnt say a thing actually. She just stormed out.

Bye, bitch.

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