Sebastian The Traveler

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Chapter 23 - Sebastian

I smiled watching Chase and Avery meet for the first time. He didnt know what had gone on between her and I but I could tell he liked her.

He was gonna be pissed when he found out she wasnt technically single.

But then there was Gina.

Fuckin' Gina.

Gina and I had been a thing in high school for all of maybe a month before she decided to tongue some other dude. I broke it off. She couldnt let it go, "No one dumps me!" She had screamed. Yeah well... theres a first time for everything, ho.

She had been obsessed with me ever since, the only guy that ever rejected her. Thinking back, I guess I was pretty mean to her afterwards but she just would not stop calling me--she was like a fucking bill collector! She went to all of my games, she would "randomly" bump into me when I was out with friends and no girls would talk to me. Not a single one. She was crazy.

If I had been able to swat her hands away from me, I would have. And then I would have ripped her a new one for talking to Avery like that.

Luckily, Chase had told her everything I had once relayed to him about how I felt toward Gina.

Reliable Chase.

I could tell Avery seemed uncomfortable. It bothered me I had zero ability to do anything to help her.

But had I actually seen her become a bit jealous? That made me smile.

They talked a little more. Chase asked if she wanted to get a bite to eat sometime.

Good Ol' Chase.

Avery smiled but politely declined as she was "kinda seeing someone."

Ha ha.

Chase understood and told her he would "see her around." Yeah. I bet he would. Probably purposefully too. And, I also bet, he would visit me at the hospital more often now.

Ah, well. I still loved the guy.

We had been best friends since kindergarten. He was more like the brother I never had. But he was more interested in girls. I was more interested in baseball. He was harsher with his speech. I was more considerate. He preferred video games. I preferred the outdoors. Other than that, we were basically the same person, completing each others thoughts and sentences, laughing at the same jokes... sometimes dressing alike. It wasnt intentional, we just had the same style.

I watched Avery come to my bedside. She took my hand into hers.

I felt the tingle again.

Suddenly, Dr. Kawaski appeared in the doorway. He greeted Avery. She smiled.

"Hey Dr. K. Um, one of Sebastian's friends said there had been some changes..."

Dr. Kawaski had been my doctor my whole life. He was a tall man, with thick salt and pepper hair. He had a kind face, reminding me of an older uncle type--someone who wasnt really authoritative but cool to share your secrets with as he wouldnt betray your trust by telling your parents. I had always like him, he was a straight forward man.

He smiled at Avery.

"Yes. We're seeing small increases in brain activity that haven't been there all these months. It's very encouraging, Avery."

He grabbed my chart, thumbing through the recent pages, "Actually, it looks like we have higher activity today than yesterday. This is very good."

Avery looked down at me and smiled. I could see her eyes filling with tears. Happy tears. I loved happy Avery.

"If it continues at this rate, he should wake in a few weeks," Dr. K grinned at her, "I'll go call Carolyn to inform her of the good news."

Avery nodded, petting my head gently.

I felt that too.

I didnt think I was doing anything different. Nothing that should have started to wake me up. I didnt travel or people watch anymore. I just spent all of my time with Avery.

Was Avery the reason my prognosis had changed?

I'm not sure but I know I didnt plan on changing my routine anytime soon. If she did have something to do with my health improving then it would continue to do so.

Doc left.

Avery caressed my face, leaning in close. "I'll see you tonight," she whispered. "I love you, Sebastian."

And then she kissed my lips. My real lips.

It was like an electrical current ran through my spirit. I touched my mouth, shocked. Like, literally...

She turned and walked out the door, closing it gently behind her.

Real me's fingers twitched.

I felt weird. Nauseous. My head started to hurt.

Looking down at spirit me, I noticed I was fading. The color was slowly draining from my being. I was becoming more transparent.

I started to panic. What was happening?

All I remember was waning light.

Then there was only darkness.

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