Sebastian The Traveler

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Chapter 25 - Sebastian

Mom had finally returned with a huge bacon cheeseburger and large fries from Jenny's Bar. My first real meal in six months! The smell made my stomach growl and I couldnt get it out of the bag fast enough.

She laughed at me.

"Jenny says 'hi' by the way." As soon as I turned 21, I had gone Jenny's Bar. The atmosphere was great. It was a small whole in the wall but everyone knew everyone. It was homey. I hustled a couple games of pool there from time to time.

I nodded, a mouth full of beefy goodness. I didnt want to talk, I just wanted to eat.

"So, what happened with Avery?

I looked at her, surprised. I stopped chewing, forcing the chunk of sandwhich down my throat.

"Who?" I asked, confused.

"Avery, 'Bastian!" She seemed annoyed, "Cute little blonde girl?"

Oh. That's what her name was... pretty name.

"Is that what her name is?" I asked nonchalantly.

Mom's mouth dropped, startled. Her brows furrowed as she studied me, "Are you saying you dont remember her?"

I shook my head and chuckled, "No, but I wish I did--shes gorgeous!"

My mother frowned and excused herself. Something about making a phone call...

I really wished I could remember. She seemed hurt that I didnt recognize her. I felt bad, I didnt want to hurt her feelings but I couldnt lie to her. I really had no clue who she was.

"BRO!" Chase yelled from the doorway.

"Sup buddy?" I grinned.

"You look like shit, man." He joked.

"Uh-huh, so you're saying I still look better than you," I joked back.

He laughed and we did our stupid handshake we made up in 5th grade.

He plopped down in the chair beside my bed.

"When you breaking out this hell hole?"

I sighed, "They wont let me leave until tomorrow."



"Its cool though, man. Theres a party tomorrow, I know everyone is wanting to see you."

I thought for a minute. I didnt want to commit to any plans. I just wanted to go home. Sleep in my own bed. Just chill out. "Yeah, maybe. We'll see."

"Hey, you see Avery today? I wanted to ask her to the party tomorrow."

Avery. He knew Avery? How come I didnt? I felt an instant sting of jealousy.

Where did that come from?

"The blonde chick?" I asked, nonchalantly again, as I had done with my mother. If Chase was interested in Avery I had no right to stand in his way. But at the same time I felt this strange urge to lay my claim on her. I didnt even know her but damn... I wanted to.

"Yeah, man. Shes hot! Dont ya think?"

I shrugged, "I guess." Which was a lie, she was hot. No... she was beautiful.

Chase hit my arm and grinned, "I bet those sponge baths were rockin, huh?"

I laughed, "Whatever, man." Had she given me a sponge bath? Ugh, I hope not. That's embarrassing.


I tossed and turned. I couldnt sleep. Avery was in my head. Scenes playing through my dreams that I couldnt place...

A meadow with yellow and purple flowers. She smiled at me. Her air was gently blowing in the wind. I wanted to touch it.

A dark place surrounded by walls made of brick. She was in my arms, looking up at me in awe, "Avery," she said.

A beach at sunset. Her eyes sparkled. She was laughing at something I said. I loved her laugh.

My bed. She was in my bed with me, staring at me. Eyes full of concern. She was beautiful. I wanted to kiss her.

"Fuck!" I screamed and kicked my legs, frustrated. I wanted sleep. This girl was not allowing it.

I was getting pissed off.


I fell into my bed. Relieved to be home. Everything was still as I left it. Mom hadnt touched any of my things. Not that she needed to, I was a pretty tidy guy.

I rolled on my stomach, hugging my pillow. I had missed my bed.

Suddenly an unfamiliar scent filled my nostrils. It was yummy. Like candy and it totally did not smell like me. I sniffed it a dozen more times, savoring the delicious smell.


I stopped, staring at the pillow in shock.

I had dreamt of Avery in my bed.

Had Avery actually been in my bed?


I ran down stairs. Mom was in the kitchen cooking steak and potatoes. Her back was to me.

I slid down in the chair at the dinner table, "Mom?"

"Yeah, baby?"

"Can you tell me about Avery?" I was ashamed I had to ask. I had avoided attempting this conversation since I first figured out my mother knew a girl I didnt.

She came and sat down beside me, concern and sadness in her eyes, "Of course, 'Bastian. What were you wanting to know?"

I gulped. I wasnt sure how to answer that. I didnt know what questions to ask specifically.

"Mom... I keep seeing her. In my head. In my dreams. It doesnt stop. Why wont it stop?" I wasnt embarrassed to whine to my mother. To beg. She was my mom and I didnt have to put on a tough facade with her.

She smiled at me, knowingly, "Ah, I see."

"I'll explain what I know, but you might find it a bit... weird."

I sighed, preparing myself for whatever "weird" meant. I had to break free of this girl.

I needed sleep.

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